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Today I'm talking about some new affordable drugstore launches as well as some new to me products that have impressed me. There are also some of the usual repurchases.

Ebelin LE Metallic Glam - Powder Brush and Smudge Brush

I love this metallic design paired with marble and dusty pink. It speaks to my soul. This is limited edition and I bought it in Austrian DM, but I've seen it here in Slovenia too. Handles are aluminum and bristles are synthetic. It seems well made, but lightweight. 

Powder Brush has such a nice tapered shape. Bristles are super soft and because of the shape it doesn't pick up too much product, but it blends everything lovely. I prefer to build my face product up instead of applying too much at first try. This is perfect for bronzer, powder or even blush. I use it for bronzer now, because it makes it blend out well with no apparent edges and doesn't apply too much of the product. The shape reminded me of Zoeva 101 Luxe Face Definer which is on my wishlist, so I was happy to get a somewhat similar shape at drugstore price.

Smudge Brush is one of those wider short shaders that are great for smudging out your lower lash line or eye pencil when creating a smoky eye. I use these kind of brushes for my lower lash line, because it applies eyeshadow precisely and quickly. The shape is very similar to Zoeva 226 Smudger, the bristles are just a bit longer and maybe a tad softer. It blends nice. 

Those two are definitely one of the softest brushes I have tried from drugstore. The shape is interesting, they don't shed and the handles seem fairly well made for that price. If you're looking for something similar in shape, I highly recommend it. Just keep in mind synthetic soft bristles don't pick up as much product at once as you may want to.

I got them on sale. Powder brush was 2.95€ and smudge brush was 1.45€. I believe in Slovenia I saw powder brush for over 4€. 

Henna Cream For Eyebrows - Brown

My friend actually brought this color to me and she wanted me to color her brows. After I did it, I thought that this looked kind of nice. So I bough one for myself. My natural brows are cool toned, more grey based and they are much sparser at the end than in the middle. So I always wanted to color them to make them look fuller. 

You get two parts of cream that you mix like with any color and you also get a plastic spatula on one side and a sparse comb on other, so you can brush product through the brows.

Brown is actually a really nice natural looking brown. It's not red toned nor too warm, just the right shade for brunettes. I like that, because my hair color is much warmer than my natural brows, so it matches well. I leave it on for about 10 minutes and the results may not seem all that impressive, but it's just enough for my taste. My brows are more visible even when I don't put any makeup in them, so I like that. I mean the cream still doesn't stick to those sparse parts of your brows, which is normal. It just clings to the brow hair. It doesn't sting or irritate my skin at all. It also won't last a long time, especially if you clean your face every day and use acids. But you get a lot of product, so you can easily do this once or twice a month and it would last you probably a year.

I got it for around 2€ in Tuš drogerija. 

Essence Easy To Polish Manicure Helper

So this is supposed to be something like those liquid latex that you apply over your cuticles to protect them from nail polish. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't say how it performs. But this kind of product is nice, if you like doing nail art, maybe ombre or stamping. I'll definitely report about it on my IG stories, when I try it for the first time.

Dove Sensitive Skin Micellar Water Shower Gel

I actually purchased three of these so far. It's apparently micellar shower gel, whatever that means. That it cleanses your skin? Yeah, I bet, every shower gel those that. Putting aside exploitation of the new popular word micellar, this is actually lovely shower gel. I got it because it said it was for sensitive skin and it's definitely more sensitive skin approved than those regular perfumed shower gels. This one also has a scent, but it's very soothing, almost a bit soap like. It's more of a creamy white shower gel, so it glides on the skin nicely and leathers well. It doesn't feel as drying on the skin as some others and my skin isn't irritated after I used it.

Tetesept Totesmeer Badesalz (Dead Sea Bath Salt)

I sometimes get those scented bath salts for presents and because I love taking baths, I looked up slightly bigger package. Usually dead sea products work great with my sensitive skin and so does this one. There is no scent to it, so it's very natural. It's supposedly for dry and irritated skin. It contains dead sea salt, magnesium, panthenol, almond oil, glycerin and urea, all the ingredients that you want for sensitive skin. Magnesium is also great for relaxing muscles. So far I like it, it's nothing special, but I just love these kind of extra product for pampering. 

Essence LE ho! ho! ho! Highlighter Brush 01 santa's little helper

This is another one of those super soft synthetic bristles brushes. I just love a soft brush, what can I say. It's part of the holiday Essence limited edition. I mostly got it for the cute design. There are small candy canes and hexagon silver glitter in the handle and they float in the water. Now if this isn't a nineties throwback, than I don't know what is. I think that this is one of those collectible pieces that any beauty lover would adore. It's not just pretty, it's also useful.

Bristles are tapered and super soft. I especially like this for applying highlighter in a more spread out way, like and all over glow. This blends product nicely, so there are no harsh edges. You will need to build up softer highlighters, but those strong metallics get picked up really well. This can also work for powder, blush or contour.

It costs around 3€ (in Austria).

Red Cherry Eyelashes

I hear good things about Red Cherry lashes, so I took a chance and ordered some from Ebay. I plan on using some of these on me and on others as well. They seem very soft and I intentionally picked styles that have invisible band, because those are easier to wear, bend to your eye shape and easier to glue on in general. Some seem a bit longer than I expected. I like a more natural lash. But for the price, these seem much better quality than some drugstore options. 

Syoss Salonplex Intensive Recreation Treatment

This is hair mask for chemically treated and mechanically stressed hair. I got it because the texture seemed really thick and usually I like these kind of formulas. It's indeed a thicker white cream that sticks to the hair well. It has that what I describe as hair salon scent, somewhat luxurious. This actually makes my hair nicely smooth and they seem to be a bit nourished as well. It's nothing close to Joico treatments, but for a drugstore product this is descent. Better than I expected. I would like a bit more moisturizing effect, but I love that it gives you that softness  that you can actually feel while you're washing it off. It feels very much like those silicon smoothing masks. 

Joico K-Pak Clarifying Shampoo

This one is a repurchase. I've had it before and I like it. It's one of those regular shampoos that just cleans your scalp well. My hair feels very clean after I use this. Not too stripped down, but definitely that kind of clean that you need to put conditioner on to give back some moisture and smoothness. I feel like sometimes I get so much buildup in my scalp and roots that a good clarifying shampoo is necessary in my routine and so far this is the one I like. If you have any suggestions for drugstore versions, I'd love to know. I haven't seen any shampoo in our drugstore being marketed as clarifying. 

Another repurchase. This is my favorite heat protecting spray and I repurchase it all the time. It makes my hair smooth and silky plus protects it from heat.

Catrice Prime And Fine Dewy Glow Fixing Spray

So this is a primer, fixing spray and refreshment all in one. I would use this as a dewy fixing spray primarily. It's a liquid that contains small golden pink shimmer

It comes in a plastic packaging with a spray pump. It splatters heavy drops. This is definitely not going to give you that super fine mist. In it you get 50 ml of product and it costs 4.69€.

It gives your skin a bit of that pinkish sheen from that tiny shimmer. I think this is nice to amplify the glow that you already have on the skin - so highlighter and such. On it's own it's not as impressive, but it definitely gives dull skin a bit of sheen which makes it look slightly healthier. I prefer it on top of highlighters which really gives you even more glowiness. It could also be a nice primer for dry and dull skin to just amp it up a bit.

It has fruity scent to it.

Cezzane Skin Conditioner High Moist

Think of this as hydrating essence. I had Hada Labo version before and it was fine, but I heard that this is unscented version and I assumed it would work better for my skin.

There is in fact no scent to it, which I love. It's very liquid white texture that feels just slightly thicker than water, but gives you lovely hydrating lightweight feel. It's perfect for oily or combination skin, because it's super lightweight, but delivers hydration. It will work on dry and normal skin just as well.

You can use it in a toner step and put moisturizer on top, or just use it on its own on a hot summery day. I love layering it up with a few layers and then skipping moisturizer or applying oil on top. It really helps to hydrated and prevents those dry patches or dehydrated feeling of the skin.

Along with hyaluronic acid, it also contains ceramides which are great for strengthening you skin barrier, which is especially important if you have irritated skin.

This bottle is absolutely huge and you need like three drops for your whole face, so you can use this on the body as well. I love it for my hands, it helps with eczema dryness. You get 500 ml of product for around 15€ on Ebay. 

Balea Body Scrub Coffe & Coco

I got this as a gift. I believe this is limited edition, but I'm not sure. It's definitely more coffee scented than coconut. Coconut is somewhat of an artificial scent. It's a regular sugar and coffee scrub. For me personally it lacks finesse. I'm missing some sort of oil base to it, which would make this more pleasurable to use. Now you're just rubbing dry ingredients on your skin and to be fair, you can easily make this at home. But, if you know some coffee lovers that like a rough peeling, this might be right up their alley. 

Lovely Mateja sent me this awesome package, when she read my wishlist tag. Thank you again Mateja. I was really intrigued to try these products. 

Bath & Body Works Body Mist - Amber Blush, Sugar & Fig, Oahu Coconut Sunset and Twilight Woods

Let's tart with the one on my wishlist - Twilight Woods. Mateja already sent me tester once and this time she really gave me a deluxe sample so to say. This will definitely last me through this winter. It's one of the most likable scents that I've smelled in a while. And I know why. It has all the right notes - musk, woody notes, vanilla, coconut and then some. It's deeper sweeter scent, more woody than just sickly sweet. I love it. It's unique in its own way and perfect for colder months. Here's a review from Mateja

Amber Blush is another favorite at first sniff. Another one of my favorite parfume notes has to be amber. It's sweet, yet somewhat uplifting. Amber is combined with vanilla, musk and sandalwood as well as raspberries. This is a very sweet scent and I love it. For some reason it reminds me of Britney Spears Fantasy - in that kind of family. 

Oahu Cocont Sunset is completely different than I expected it to be. It's more of a floral coconut fragrance. In the beginning it's very creamy coconut and it actually reminds me of coconut milk, but a sweet version of it. It's the best in the beginning, but then floral notes start to kick in, which I'm not a fan of. 

Sugar & Fig is my least favorite from the bunch. I almost think of it as granny scent. Fig is the strongest note in this and for some reason I just don't like the scent of it. Shame really, because you can also smell that sweet caramel as well as vanilla and coconut, but the fig in it just throws me off. 

Bath & Body Works Ultra Shea Body Cream Twilight Woods 

This is body cream version of Twilight Woods scent. It's a thicker white cream that actually feels nicely nourishing on the skin. It's not too heavy nor does it feel like nothing on the skin. I'd say this is better for colder months for sure. It smells exactly like Twilight Woods Body Mist. Texture is lovely, I'm just not huge on heavily scented body products. I love the scent, they just usually feel a bit irritating. But I used this on my arms and I didn't get any redness, so that's a plus.

Luxurious Coconut Repair Shampoo and  Conditioner

I liked the shampoo. It's one of those shampoos that make your hair really smooth and silky. You can feel it while you're washing it off. I love those kind of shampoos that make your hair super soft and don't strip them of every moisture. It also has lovely proper coconut scent to it.

Conditioner was a bit of a let down. Texture is thicker, which I like, but the effect wasn't as moisturizing as I though it would be. I also didn't have that luxurious smooth feel on the hair, which I expect from conditioner. My hair just needed some more moisture. However, because of the texture, my hair looked slightly fuller, because it didn't make it super smooth. In winter months I do prefer something more moisturizing though. The scent is different from shampoo version. Conditioner smells more sour, like coconut water, which makes for a weird scent all together. But I could get past it, if it was more moisturizing.

Also read what Mateja thinks of it. She has thicker curlier hair, so opposite of me.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish - 550 Hunger Flames

I actually received this color in a PR packaged, but it came broken, so Mateja gave me hers. It's a regular creamy nail polish formula. Base color is more of a pink purple, but the sheen in it gives it a more blue purple feel. It feels more pearly when you apply two layers. I prefer these kind of polishes in a matte version, so I applied matte top coat over it and it looked amazing. However, you might want to wear it on its own as well.

It has rounded wider brush which makes it easy to apply nail polish in a quick way. It lasted average - about 3 to 4 days, although the small shimmer in it makes it slightly more long lasting and a bit harder to remove as well.

There is 14.7 ml of product in it and the price is around 11€.

The Library of Fragrance Eau de Toilette - Baby Powder

I had this fragrance on my wishlist as well and Mateja decided that she doesn't use it enough and sent me hers. She is just amazing. I have to say, this is one of the most unique scents I have tried so far. It truly reminds you of baby powder or baby skin care. It's that super soothing, cozy and powdery scent that is almost a bit odd, but so good in a way. It's definitely one of those perfumes that everyone will notice. I love the coziness of it. It's very strong in the beginning, but then it slowly becomes less intense. Not the most long lasting fragrance, but I don't mind that. Mateja has a review as well.

Deborah Milano Extra Cover 2 in 1 Foundation and Concealer - 01*

I was sent this foundation in shade 03 and it was way too dark for me. Deborah Milano Slovenian PR team read my review and actually sent me another shade which would fit me - shade 01. Thank you again. I have to say these kind of acts speak volumes to me. It means the brand representative actually read my review and care for it. Anyway, I finally have the shade that fits me. I was worried that it would be too dark for me, but it's not. It's actually quite light. The shade could be a bit more yellow for my personal liking, but it's more of a neutral to slightly cooler rosy toned. This changes color as soon as it starts drying on my face. You can say it oxidizes as it's setting, but once I blend it into the skin, it's not darker anymore. It also doesn't turn darker as the day goes on.

It's a thicker foundation that has good medium coverage. You can build it up to almost full coverage. It has fat sponge applicator which makes it quick to apply on the face, but not the most hygienic. It sets into semi matte finish. It says it's pore minimizing and it definitely doesn't sit in the pores at all, which is lovely. It's still noticeable on the skin, because it's thicker and has good coverage. I am surprised by the fact that this actually wears nicely. It doesn't get oily too quickly, doesn't look cakey and it actually stays on the skin for the whole day with minimum fading. It also doesn't look patchy and products on top blend well. So far I really like it.

You get 30 ml of product for 15€, which is descent. 


Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation 010 Light Beige - light neutral to warm.
Revlon Colorstay Foundation 150 Buff - fair to light warm.
Deborah Extra Cover 2 in 1 Foundation And Concealer 01 - light neutral to slightly cool.
Deborah Extra Cover 2 in 1 Foundation And Concealer 03 - medium warm,

Deborah Milano Fluid Velvet Mat Effect Liquid Lipstick - 51*

This year metallic lipsticks are very popular and this is in fact metallic finish. Most people don't like them, me included. But, this version in red is special. If there's one color that I like in metallic finish, it's red. 

It comes in a transparent packaging with black matte top. It has curved sponge applicator which hugs your lip and makes it really easy to apply. You don't need additional lip brush. 

This is somewhat of a liquid thinner formula that glides on the lips smoothly and dries to a matte metallic finish in seconds. I noticed that I need two coats to make it even, but that also makes it thicker looking. Thinner coat definitely looks better with this metallic finish. 

Shade 51 is classic medium red and it has somewhat of a pink sheen. It's stunning, just metallic enough and still very wearable. On the photos you don't really see that lovely sheen that you can see in person. 

That being said, it's a bit drying formula on my dry lips. I think this will work best on those of you that don't have problems with dry lips. It's very long lasting and transfer proof. If this wasn't drying on me, I would love wearing it, especially this party season. 

I believe these cost around 7€. Mateja has a more wearable nude shade and she loves it. If you like proper matte liquid lip and you don't have problems with dry lips, you would love this. They have it in regular non metallic finishes as well. But this red is a stunner for upcoming party season. 

Labello Crayon Lipstick - Coral*

This is Labello's latest release. It's colored lip balm that gives you the look of a lipstick. It contains natural oils.

It comes in a crayon shape. You twist the bottom and it comes out. The cap is transparent and pen is in the color of the actual product. In it is 3 grams of product and it costs 4.99€

Formula is in fact like a colored lip balm. It has smooth glide on the lips and gives you quite a lot of color. More than the usual colored lip balms. It has shiny finish, but the base almost looks like a stain. 

It comes in three shades - Coral, Red and Black Cherry. I have Coral which is in fact a proper coral, so mix of pink and orange. This is the perfect summer shade. You will love this, if you want a good amount of color, but comfortable feel to the lips. 

It's not as nourishing as proper lip balms, but it's very comfortable on the lips. It also offers a good amount of color which sticks to the lips well. Obviously, this isn't going to be long lasting. But it's a great colorful option for on the go.

It also has the most yummy fruity sweet scent. It reminds me of something, but I can't say of what exactly. It's so good, I want to eat it. 

Nivea Care Soothing Cream*

This is new universal cream from Nivea. It is targeted for sensitive and dry skin on your face, body and hands. It's apparently water based with lightweight waxes and aloe vera. It should nourish the skin, calm irritation and not leave any oily feel on the skin.

It comes in white and pink plastic pot. There is 200 ml of product in it and it costs 5.30€

It has firm, but lightweight white creamy texture. Cream is super smooth and glides on the skin with ease. It almost turns more liquid as you start massaging it in. You can feel slight nourishing layer on your skin, but it's not greasy, just nourishing. It also leaves slight sheen on the skin. 

I actually really like this cream and mostly use it for my hands as well as on my body. It actually moisturizes and gives you that nourishing layer on top of the skin, but is still lightweight enough. Not the best for very irritated skin, but will work on sensitive skin better than most perfumed creams. 

Nivea says that this has powdery scent and I agree. It's one of those soothing cozy scents

*PR products


  1. Ebelin čopič mi je izgledal zanimiv dokler nisem prebrala, da bolj slabo pobira barvo. So pa res zelo lepi, sploh za ceno :)

    Cherry trepalnice so videt zelo lepe, sploh #swp :)

    Cezanne je odličen pa zelo sprejemljive cene za tako količino. Ga uporabljam vsako jutro in zvečer, in je tako vlažilen že skoraj kot krema.

    Balea piling je čisto predrag za to kar je. Vsak lahko doma zmeša sol pa kavo za isto stvar in morda celo doda kakšno olje, da ne drgneš s suhimi delci. Vonj je edini selling point pri tem, za tiste, ki imajo radi kavo.

    Me veseli, da ti so ti bili izdelki zanimivi za preizkušat :) Twillight Woods je itak moj najljubši, drugi je pa že Sugar in fig, ampak na meni ne voham čisto nič fige. Zanimivo, kako parfumi dišijo drugače na vsakem posamezniku. Amber Blush mi pa zdaj zelo paše, ker je tak lušen topel vonj.

    Potem tudi tebi ne paše Luxurious Coconut balzam. Meni je premalo in isto mi diši preveč po kislem. Maska je boljša, ampak tudi ni nek presežek, pač s salonskimi se te cheap drogerijske zadeve ne morejo primerjat. Šampon je pa čisto sprejemljiv, ker ni toliko pomemben.

    Baby Powder je res nekaj posebnega, tak pomirjajoč vonj brez sivke ali kamilice, kar je zelo redko. Jaz sem itak čisto v BBW meglicah, tako da raje vidim, da ga ima ti, ki ga boš uporabljala. Samo ne preveč šparat :D

    Lepo, da so ti poslali še svetlejši odtenek od Deborah. Meni je žal tudi 01 pretemen, pa itak mi taka formula ne ustreza, ampak se mi zdi pa dober za mastno kožo.

    1. Po navadi ti sintetični mehki čopiči vsi bolj malo izdelka poberejo. Kar je meni načeloma celo všeč za na primer blush :D. Je pa dizajn in oblika čudovita. Da sploh najdeš nekaj nestandardnega po obliki v drogeriji je že čudež.

      Izgledajo tudi precej mehke, čeprav jih še nisem nosila. Na sploh bolj malo nosim umetne trepalnice, ampak za kakšen dramatičen look pa bodo prišle prav :D.

      Točno to. Za ceno več kot odlično. Meni je zdaj super tudi za roke. Res izredno dobro vlažilno za nekaj tako lahkega v sami teksturi.

      Jaz sem si že želela dodat olje, ker mene to moti pri teh pilingih, če ni nekaj mazljivega. Tega res lahko komot narediš sam doma, pa še veliko ceneje je. Kava ni moj vonj, tako da pri meni še to odpade :D.

      Hvala še enkrat ;). Twilight Woods je perfekcija za ta čas. Meni pa je samo ta figa po glavi hodila :D. Parfumi so res taka stvar, da jo vsak drugače dojame, pa tudi drugače dišijo na drugem. Amber Blush je pa res popoln za zimo. Ker je za moje pojme že zelo sladek, tako da je zagotovo zame zimski vonj.

      Me je razočaral balzam. Sploh glede na šampon. Ker šampon mi je kar všeč. Čeprav sem več stavila na balzam, ker šampon kot tak mi niti ni tako pomemben kot balzam. Balzam gre itak zadnji na lase in naredi po navadi večjo razliko kot šampon. Jaz očitno že zelooo pogrešam moj Joico. Čakam, če bodo kakšne akcije po novem letu :D.

      Sem dobila nečakinjo in zdaj že tri dni nosim baby powder :D. Haha. Ampak je pa res nekaj posebnega ta vonj. Meni je izredno všeč. Ga poskušam ne šparat :D.

      Jaz sem nekako dvomila, da mi bo odtenek 01 dober, ampak dejansko ni pretemen. Sicer je absolutno preveč roza podton za mene, ampak pozimi to še gre. Itak imam samo obraz zunaj in roke. Pa tudi nisem tako zelo olivna kot poleti. Imaš prav, za bolj mastno kožo je super. Jaz imam zadnje čase kar odvečnega sebuma na t predelu in je ta ena redkih podlag po kateri nisem takoj sijoča. Presenetljivo dobra formula, tudi iz vidika prekrivanja.