Review: Colourpop In-Nude-Endo Highlighters, 143 Shadow and On Board Glossy Lip

I always say, I'm not buying from Colourpop anymore, because of the customs, but then I'm tempted again. Colourpop is just one of those brands that I love and would love to buy more, if they had European shop. They really need to do that asap. Anyways, I got a few more bits from them, when they had a sale going on. I never buy full price for Colourpop products, because the shipping is expensive enough.

Colourpop In-Nude-Endo Pressed Powder Highlighter

I've been hearing only great reviews of this highlighter palette and I wanted something that had a nice variety of colors in one palette for a while. I heard this being compared to Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit and Hourglass Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette. It's definitely an amazing formula and lovely shade range.


It comes in a cardboard pink packaging with gold metallic details. Closing is magnetic. It's sleek and fairly slim.

In it is 19.5 grams of product (3.25 grams in each pan) and the price is 18$.

In the shade

On direct sun


In the palette you get 6 shades. They have a nice range for different skin tones, there's maybe just missing something for very deep skin.

Glad You Came - warm pale champagne. It's warm toned, but gives you almost that cooler silver sheen on the skin.
On The Loose - warm light gold. It almost has a bit of peachiness to it and the shimmer in it is a bit chunkier.
Fine Line - neutral light champagne with intense cool silver sheen.
On Tempo - cool light rose with silver sheen. It also has hints of gold in it, but in general gives off cool sheen.
Morning After - warm light peach with rose gold sheen. This one also has a bit of those chunkier shimmer in it, but by no means it looks glittery. None of these do.
Losing Sleep - warm medium bronze with gold sheen. It has a bit of peachy undertone to it.


All of these shades have a more creamier formula that you can feel once you swatch it with fingers. On Tempo and Losing Sleep are on the next leave of creaminess. These two feel almost like creams and have the best pigmentation with just the slightest touch of a brush. The least pigmented is Morning After, because it also feels the driest. But in general, these have great pigmentation.

These highlighters are apparently formulated without the glitters that a lot of highlighters contain. That gives these shades that glossy look. As far as the shine factor goes, the most reflective is Fine Line, because of its cooler silver sheen that reminds me of Flexitarian. Next would be On Tempo which also has that cooler sheen that just shines brighter than any gold ever could. Glad You Came is much more subdued and doesn't have that crazy metallic feel to it. Morning After also looks very subtle. It has the most subdued sheen. On The Loose has great reflection, but because it's golden is not as bright. The same goes for Losing Sleep which also has that warmer gold sheen.


I honestly can't tell a difference between Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Moonstone and Colourpop Glad You Came. They look identical as far as the shade and tone goes. Moonstone is slightly less pigmented and by that I mean that it looks sheerer on the skin. But just slightly. Moonstone also seems to have just a tad bigger shimmer in it, although both of these give off sheen without any chunks.

I also compared Colourpop Fine Line to Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Flexitarian. Fine Line is definitely the closest you'll get to that famous Flexitarian sheen. Fine Line is obviously more pink toned in the base and it's not as shiny as Flexitarian, but they both have this cooler silver sheen to them that just shines bright.

From left to right: Glad You Came, On The Loose, Fine Line, On Tempo


They are very long lasting. At the end of the day, I still have pretty much the same intensity of glow on my face. 

As far as the shades goes, I can wear 4 of them on my face. It may look like a darker palette, but it's still very wearable for my about NC15 to 25 skin tone. Morning After and Loosing Sleep are the only two shades that are too dark to be used as highlighters on me, so I usually wear them as an eyeshadow or you could use them as a blush topper. 

Glad You Came

On The Loose

Fine Line

On Tempo

Crease: Nabla Caramel
Lid: Morning After
Inner corner: Glad You Came

Crease: Nabla Caramel, Colourpop Yes, Please! French Kiss
Lid: Loosing Sleep
Inner corner: Fine Line

I am most impressed with these because of the fact that they look almost glossy on the skin. I like those highlighters that don't have crazy pigmented base, but have really reflective sheen. And most of these look like that. As you turn towards the light, the sheen on your skin follows and almost looks like glass, but without the muddy base. I am very impressed with this palette and it's definitely hyped up for a good reason.

Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow 143


You can buy Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadows in pans or in actual white plastic compact. I prefer pan version, because I have their empty magnetic palette in which I store them. 

You get 1.5 grams of product and the pan costs 4$, while compact is 5$.


Colourpop has a huge range of shades and there's definitely something for every taste. They also have different finishes.

143 is the most perfect matte warm medium purple. It has the perfect amount of warmth to it and it looks amazing on brown eyes. I suspect it would look amazing on green eyes as well. Usually, purples tend to be cooler, but this one is just warm enough. Finish is obviously matte.


It has a drier formula, but the pigmentation is great. Obviously, you'll need to build it up to look completely opaque, because purples are notorious for being hard to formulate, especially mattes.


I always use eyeshadow primer underneath any eyeshadows. This one stays on the lid well and I didn't notice any creasing. The vibrancy also stayed nice through the whole day. In terms of blending, I didn't have any problems either, but then again I love using transitional neutral shades in the crease anyway to make the process easier. 

Crease: Nabla Caramel
Lid: Colourpop 143
Eyeliner: Clio Kill Black Brush Liner
Mascara: Avon Mark SpectraLash
Inner corner: Colourpop Glad You Came + Fine Line

Highlighter: Colourpop Glad You Came + Fine Line
Blush: H&M Brown Sugar
Lips: Catrice Foundation Lipliner 030 Addicted To Cafe Au Lait

Colourpop Glossy Lip On Board

Colourpop recently added a lot of new shades to their glossy lip versions and they also changed the applicator to a brush. I wanted something really sparkly for a while, so I got one of theirs.


It comes in a transparent plastic gloss packaging with silver details. The applicator is now short brush which applies product well, because it spreads as you put pressure on it. I didn't notice any splitting on my brush and I've had it for a while. I know this was a concern for many customers. There might be a bit more product on the brush and it's not as evenly applied as with a sponge applicator, but you can work with it. I like the brush, because I can get to the very edges of the lip.

In it is 3 grams of product and it costs 6$.


Again, Colourpop has a lot of different colors and finishes to choose from the Glossy Lip range. The latest added shades are super glossy and super shimmery.

On Board is sheer bronze shade with multicolored shimmer of blue, green and purple. Shimmer in it is tiny and once you apply it on the lips it reflect light so lovely.


Formula is creamy and extra glossy. It makes your lips look wet and glass like. You can feel a bit of those shimmer chunks, if you rub your lips together, but it doesn't feel like you're exfoliating your lips either. It's not goopy or super sticky, but it grabs onto the lips well and feels ultra comfortable. It also never dries out my lips. It must be due to the nourishing jojoba oils in it. It's probably one of the most comfortable lip gloss formulas I have tried so far.

I love that it has fudge scent to it. It smells so caramel that I almost want to eat it.


As any lip gloss formula, this stays on the lips fairly well for being a lip gloss. It sticks well to the lips, but doesn't migrate either. It also wears off fairly evenly.

You can get Colourpop products from their online shop. I only hate that they ship from US, so I have to deal with customs and the shipping is around 10$ to Slovenia, which is not cheap either. Look out for deals, they often have some nice sales going on.

I am more than pleased with my pick this time. Everything is of great quality and the price is not bad either, if you exclude hefty shipping. In-Nude-Endo highlighter palette is superb and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants a variety of shades and likes those super shiny, but not chunky or glittery highlighters.

143 eyeshadows is by far the best matte warm purple I have seen so far and I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear out of it. For being purple, this is actually very pigmented formula and it wears well. I am also loving On Board lip gloss. I already used more than half of it which speaks volumes. Is super glossy, very shiny and the formula is just extra comfortable on the lips. 


  1. Great post! I'm loving the idea of the custom magnetic eye shadow palette, since I hate getting shades I don't use. Loved the highlighters on you!

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

    1. Right? I wanted one of these magnetic palettes for so long and then I finally just got it. It makes it so easy to slowly build your shades up and you can always buy shades from different brands too :). Thank yoi <3 :) The quality of those is really something else for the price.

  2. Se še vedno uspešno izogibam nakupu iz Colourpop, čeprav me mikajo senčila in tudi tale highlight paletka. Swatchi mi izgledajo super :)

    1. Mene pa vsakič potegnejo, ko imajo kakšne akcije :D. Jaz bi itak tista single pressed senčila vse pokupila, če ne bi bilo poštnine. No ne vse, ampak imajo pa res lep nabor odtenkov, ki si jih želim. Potem pa vsakič ta poštnina in pošteno preplačam. Pa še gledam, da ne presežem zneska. Highlight paleta je zagotovo hit, če imaš rada res sijoče zadeve, ampak da niso tako očitne na koži kot večina teh drugstore osvetljevalcev. Ta formula jim je res uspela :).