Review: Manhattan Brow Pro Micro 24h Precision-Stroke Pen - 002 Soft Brown

If you've ever been into natural, yet bushy looking eyebrows, you must have seen brow pens gaining on popularity. I think one by Glossier is especially popular. I've wanted one of these super precise brow pens, because I thought it would make my brows look thicker, yet still natural. Sometimes regular brow pencils can look unnatural and too harsh.  However, it seems hard to one that is well saturated and has fine enough tip to look like realistic brow hairs.


It's plastic black pen with brown cap that has thin 0.2 mm felt tip. My first problem was the tip, because it didn't get saturated as well as I thought it would. You really need to store these type of products upside down, so the product can travel down the tip easier. 

Tip is fairly thin, but it's still not as thin as my natural brows. I think brush tip would be nicer. If you apply too many strokes, it can quickly start to look too filled in and flat. 

In it is 6.30 grams of product and it costs 6.49€.


It's one of those sheerer formulas, which I prefer. You can't really have marker like intensity for something like your brows. It gives you that sort of lighter color strokes and it isn't runny that it would streak into fine lines.


I found it in Bipa and it came in three shades, one warmer light, one medium brown and one dark brown.

002 Soft Brown is brownish grey which for some reason has slight olive undertone on me, might be due to my yellow to olive undertone.


Manhattan Brow Pro Micro 002 Soft Brown - briwnish grey color which looks a bit olive on me. It's the most cool and the most grey shade.
Essence Micro Precise Eyebrow Pencil 02 light brown - grey brown. It seems to be the most neutral.
Catrice Slim'matic Ultra Precise Brow Pecil 030 Dark - brown with a a grey undertone, but it's warmer than Essence.
NYX Micro Brow Pencil Taupe - a bit lighter brown, also warmer with just a tint of grey to it.


This turned out to be quite long lasting. It didn't move through the day and it didn't fade either, because it sticks to the skin well. However, it's not waterproof and it washes off with water easily.

I think this is a descent drugstore brow pen. Formula isn't too runny and it actually sticks to the skin well. Saturation is always a problem with felt tips and it also means you can't make very realistic brow hairs. I would prefer it, if it had brush tip, because those are usually even thinner. The color is unusually grey for a drugstore range and even though it matches my natural brows (apart from a slight olive tint), I would need something slightly warmer to match my hair color. 

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