New In (25)

I do these new ins so rarely that I end up creating too long posts. So grab a drink or something, before you start reading. You can always just skip to what interests you. I have been trying out a lot of new products and some have quickly become my new favorites. There's a bit of everything in these new ins.

Catrice Eyeconista Lash Millionizer Volume Mascara

I heard few people raving about this new Catrice mascara and since I always buy Maybelline Lash Sensational, I wanted to try something new. This is similar to Essence pink mascara - the volume one. I feel like it's not too wet and it gives nice amount of volume. The wand reminds me of Maybelline Lash Sensational, since it's curved as well, but the bristles are more far apart, hence why you'll get more volume and not as much definition as with Maybelline. I had it transfer on my upper lid on those extra steamy hot days, but now it seems to work fine. 

AHC Ultimate Real Eye Cream For Face

After some research on the internet about best Asian eye creams, this one came up. It's apparently very well known, loved and has won several awards. It should brighten and diminish wrinkles. I am not fussy about eye creams, all I want is a texture that will moisturize my under eye area and something that won't feel heavy or clog my pores. And that one does just that. It's light enough, yet still gives me a nice moisturized base for makeup.

Nivea Straight Forming Spray*

I was a bit confused as to what this product actually is. It's basically spray for straightening your hair with light dry oil. It doesn't contain any alcohol and should prolong hair drying time, so you have time to style your hair. It should be used on dry hair to restyle them. I also use it as hair spray to tame small hair. I tried it only once and it definitely doesn't make my hair as sticky or hard as regular hair spray. It just adds some moisture that you can style your hair again. It doesn't feel heavy on hair as well. I think this is nice to use, because it smells good and it could be useful for restyling your hair, if you want to straighten them again, but it's not necessary product in my routine. I will definitely try it again on freshly washed hair, when I will want to strengthen them.

Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream - 23 Natural Beige

This is my favorite BB cream and I usually get it in shade 21. Original comes in red packaging, but thsi one is LE packaging from their Line Friends collection. How adorable is this bear design? I saw it being on sale and since I always wanted some darker shade for when I get a bit of tan, I got it in shade 23. Which is still very grey based as most Korean BB creams, but I usually mix this formula with other foundations anyway, because I like how it turns any formula to a more wearable texture and looks less obvious on the skin, yet still gives me enough coverage. If you want something that looks still very natural, but gives good medium coverage, then this is definitely something to try out.

DM Sun Dance Lip Balm SPF 50 Sensitive

Every summer I try to stock up on my SPF products and among these is also SPF lip balm. Usually I use it when I'm on holiday, but I'll occasionally use it, if I am spending day outside as well. This is a cheap, but really nice lip balm from DM. It has high SPF of 50, but doesn't leave white cast. It has that basic balmy transparent texture that melts on the lips. 

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation - NC13

I have Pro Longwear Concealer in NC15 and I always thought I'll be NC15 in their foundations as well. But then, when I was swatching them, I realized I should go for NC13. That being said, it still dries down a bit darker and it doesn't match my winter complexion perfectly. I tried it only once, so this is just my first impression. For some reason, I always have way too high expectations of MAC products and then they disappoint me. It's very good coverage, which I like. It looked nice in the beginning, but as my sebum started to show through, it just looked a bit obvious. Maybe I applied too much. I'll have to try it out more to form an opinion about it.

Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer Brush

I already have 102 and 110 Zoeva brushes which have the same shape, but are bigger and meant more for face products. When I saw that they also have smaller version for concealer, I knew I had to get it. I like it for blending concealer right in that hollow of my under eye and when I want to apply concealer on smaller areas. It has soft bristles as most Zoeva brushes and I find their quality to be really good for the price. 

Primark PS...Head Band

These kind of head bands are very popular in Asia and I've seen some in our online stores too. It's basically a soft material head band that is shaped like bunny ears. Bunny ears have wire in them, so they actually stand up. You tie it around your face and it holds your hair back for when you need to either wash your makeup off or apply skin care. It's also super cute and it was very affordable.

Primark PS... Eye Pigment - Bronze

I don't like working with pigments, because they are a hassle to get out and honestly, I think you can get nice eyeshadows anyway. But I saw these in Primark and they were so cheap that I wanted to try one out. Bronze is in fact not bronze, but more of a golden shade. It applies well, if you wet the brush, but shine is not as intense as I expected it to be. It's more of a satin sheen. But for the price, it performs well. 

Spa Bella Microfiber Hair Turban

You've probably already seen these somewhere. It's a softer microfiber material that should be more gentle on your hair than regular towel. It has a shape that covers your hair and then you twist the front and tie it around button in the back. That way you get perfect think hair turban. It also promises to tame your frizz and shorten your blow drying time. I am not sure about these claims, because I have naturally thin hair and I don't need that long to dry them anyway. I honestly, didn't see much of a difference. But actual hair turban is so useful. If you've ever tried to walk around the house with regular towel twisted around your hair, you'll know it's not that easy. It keeps unrolling and falling down. This however, stays in place like nobody's business and you can do other things with no problem. So just for that, I find it to be good investment. Plus it doesn't damage your hair as much, because the material is very soft. 

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - 218 Devil Wears Nada

I found this one in TK Maxx and it was obviously very affordable. I already have a few Sally Hansen nail polishes and like them all. This one is also nice. It applies good and I mostly just got it for the shade. It's beautiful light nude shade that goes with everything. There can never be too much nudes.

Elf Makeup Mist & Set

I had this spray a long time ago and I didn't write review of it, but I remember liking it. It's especially nice for winter, when my skin is drier. This is that basic makeup mist that should also prolong the wear of your makeup. I like it for the setting part, because it gets rid of powdery finish on your skin and I also feel like it moisturizes a bit. So I prefer it for winter. This is also nice to wet your brush with for when you want to intensify eyeshadow colors. 

NYX Lip Liner - Nude Beige and Mahogany

NXY is one of those brands that I would love to explore more of, but it's not available in any of the physical stores in Slovenia. In Austrian Bipa I saw huge stand of their products and I couldn't resist. They had very affordable prices. I got two of their regular need to sharp lip liners. Nude Beige is one of those more taupe toned browns that will give you that almost contoured definition. Mahogany is like a deeper mauve shade with some brown in it. I've tried both and I like them. It's creamy enough that it applies nicely, but doesn't feel slippy. So far, I think these are nice. 

NYX Micro Brow Pencil - Taupe

This has been on my wishlist for so long. Everyone compares it to Anastasia Beverly Hills one. Currently I use Essence Micro Precise Eyebrow Pencil the most. This one by NYX has harder texture which doesn't apply too much color, which is in a way nice, because it looks more natural. But it can be hard to build up where you have no brows. I love that it comes with a spoolie on one side. It has tiny tip that allows you to be really precise with application. Shade Taupe is brown with a bit of grey tone in it. It's a bit more brown than I thought it would be, I expected it to be more grey. I like it, but I would almost prefer a bit softer formula. 

NYX Gitter Primer

I haven't had the chance to try this one out yet, but it seems to be a sticky primer that glitter should adhere to better. I got it mostly for those loose glitters that I would love to try out, but didn't yet. Although I doubt this is any different than regular eye primers. 

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

I made another stock up of this cream, since I use it for my hands. It's just a very basic ceramide cream that doesn't feel greasy, but it gives my hands nice protective layer that doesn't feel irritating, since it's not just a regular perfumed hand cream. You can also use it on the face, if you have very sensitive skin.

Paese Linea Automatic Eyeliner - Black*

I also received a few of Paese products to try out. First is this eyeliner. It has that creamy no need to sharpen formula that is good for smudging out. It's black, but not as intense as I hoped it would be and it contains small silver shimmer. It stays on well, but will still transfer a bit on my upper lid.

Paese Foil Eyeshadow - Antique*

This is a very creamy eyeshadow. It reminds me of Colourpop Super Shock Shadow formula, but a more metallic or rather foiled version. This applies best with fingers and gives you that proper metallic foiled look. It looks gorgeous on the eyes, but because it's so cream, it can migrate. I have it in the shade Antique which is bronze brown. 

Paese Silky Matt Lipstick - 700*

I already have two shades of these lipsticks (707 and 714) and they are all in those pink tones. 700 is a bit lighter than both my other shades. It's that slightly dirty pink. Very wearable shade though. I like this formula, but would actually love to own any other shade apart from pink, since I now already have three. It's a bit mousse like and it doesn't dry down as quickly and become dead matte. It's one of those more comfortable matte liquid lipstick formulas. 

Paese Serum Vitamin C 10%*

I haven't tried this yet, because I tested some other skin care before that, but I will start using it soon. As far as I can see from ingredients it's oil formulation. Vitamin C is ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate mixed with lots of oils and squalane. At the end of the list there are also some other vitamin Cs. It comes in a bottle with dropper and I'm not sure how stabilized this is. It smells strongly of citruses. 

OPI Nail Lacquer - Now Museum, Now You  Don't and Sun, Sea and Sand in my Pants*

I love both of these shades. Formula however, is more of a regular nail polish. It's not that smooth to apply it evenly, but if you put some effort in it, it can look good. Red shade has that copper tone to it and it looks metallic on the nails. Mustard yellow is my favorite. But it's that kind of shade that you'll either love it or hate it. I love it. It's such a unique yellow that is perfect for summer and even fall. They both stayed surprisingly well on my nails, which was a big plus. 

Coloured Raine Eyeshadows - Glamour, Moments, Chocolate, Who, Me? and Gingerbread

Beauty Bay had these single pan eyeshadow on sale and I couldn't resist. I was eyeing some of Coloured Raine eyeshadow palettes too, but I wanted to first try singles and add to my magnetic palette collection of singles. I like all the shades that I chose. In general, these are very well pigmented and I was surprised how easily these blended out, especially mattes. Glamour is unique silver with gold sheen. Moments is that perfect fall mauve. Chocolate is purple toned darker brown that I use to darken outer corner or even as eyeliner. Who, me? is that perfect everyday shimmery lid shade, because it's red toned coppery metallic shade. And Gingerbread is that perfect warm orange toned brown that is great for either in the crease or just all over the lid. If these are any indication of quality that is in their eyeshadow palettes, then I would love to own some of those as well.

Joico K-Pak Color Therapy - Luster Lock Multi-perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray, Shampoo and Conditioner

Joico is my favorite high end hair brand. I especially like their K-Pak range which is designed for damaged hair. I also use Color Therapy line, because I obviously color my hair. Every once a year I splurge and get all the usual picks that I like. This time, these three came in a pack. I already know and love shampoo and conditioner. They leather well, clean my hair and make it ultra smooth and shiny. This time I also got that daily shine and protect spray in the package. It's a leave-in product that you could use daily. It's got pH 3.0 - 4.0 and it should protect hair against fading, damage and make them stronger, shinier and softer. It's duo phase product that I shake before I use. I believe it contains some oil as well, but first in the ingredients list are silicons and keratins. It makes my hair so shiny and soft. I also adore the smell. It smells like an expensive hair salon treatment. This is worth investing in, if you want something for the daily and you have colored and damaged hair.

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Extra Volume Conditioner

I actually bought a lot of Pantene products recently and I forgot to include them all in my new in. But I'll report back, if they impress me. Their conditioner was so nice, that I got a lot of their other products as well. I believe this one was on sale somewhere and I decided to try it out. So far, I've only tried it out once and it was nice, sort of like their regular conditioners, but I don't remember seeing much difference in volume. Although, this is just my first impression. I have to try it out more. But so far, I think Pantene is the best drugstore hair brand I have tried in a while.

Morphe M513 Brush

Morphe is one of those brands that I am on the fence. I hear a lot of raves as well as not-worth-it comments on it. As I was ordering some other products, I saw some of Morphe on sale and I decided to just throw in one of their blending eye brushes. You can never have enough of these, am I right? But I was a bit disappointed. I believe Zoeva has better quality brushes, because I have washed this one a few times and it doesn't hold the shape as well as Zoeva brushes. It's still soft, but not as soft as Zoeva. I am probably going to stick with my Zoeva brushes from now on. 

Labellino Caring Lip Balm - Grapefruit & Maracuja*

From Labello I got such a cute PR package perfect for summer parties. I have to say, things like that are so cute and make me want to throw a pool party - if I had a pool though! It's their new scent of Labellino. Summer edition smells like grapefruit and maracuja, very fresh and tropical. It has peach packaging and peach toned lip balm that leaves very faint peach tint which almost looks transparent. Formula is balmy, but not sticky or heavy. I like this shape and packaging, because it makes it so easy to apply. I even took it with me on the beach. It's fun and smells great, but don't expect any major moisturizing from it. 

With it I also got some fun summer props. Among them were also yellow colored pineapple glasses, which are so cute! 

Avon Attraction Sensation Eau de Parfum*

It wasn't that long ago that I finished my Avon Attraction Rush perfume, which was my favorite at the time. Meet my new favorite, their new version called Sensation. This is sweet oriental fragrance that isn't too heavy, but spices it up with leather note in it. It has some florals too, but to be honest those fade first. Main notes are plum, jasmine, cashmere wood and bold leather. Together it creates such a sexy, just sweet enough and oriental based fragrance with a kick of leather. I adore it. Packaging is also really cute and I love that purple pink shade. Avon perfumes are all very affordable too.

L.O.V. BLUSHment Blurring Blush - 10 Be The Game Changer*

I already own one shade of these blushes and it's 30 Beautiful Minds Empower Other. Natalija, which handles PR of L.O.V. saw I had these on wishlist and sent me one of the shades that she found. I was so happy. It's one of the best drugstore blush formulas. It's baked, has nice pigmentation, some added sheen and it applies like a dream. 10 Be The Game Changer is that proper vibrant pink with cooler gold silver sheen. It looks like a proper flushed pink that you would get from being out in a cold too long. I have been using it a lot and I usually don't like pink blushes, but this formula makes it so nice to enjoy. 

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation - Y225 Marble

This is every makeup artist's beloved foundation and I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. I found Escentual, which is British online store that sells these. You can also get this foundation on Feelunique, but this shade was sold out for so long that I couldn't wait no more. On the contrary to MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, I get the hype about this one. It's got a more liquid formula that blends like a dream. Coverage is lighter than I expected, but you can build it up to a proper medium. It definitely looks very natural and photographs lovely, which is so be expected from an HD formulation. It's not too matte nor does it look dewy. It's just got that very natural satin finish. This is great foundation for those that don't need a lot to cover and just want lovely base that will photography well. Y225 is actually a pretty good match to my skin tone. It's warm yellow toned, but not too dark. Perfect for light warm skin tone. 

Catrice Crystallized Amethyst Eyeshadow Palette - 010 Raise Up Your Voice*

I was surprised by another package from Natalija, which also sends PR from Catrice. I already made a list of new Catrice products that are coming in stores and that I would like to try out and she sent me some. This Amethyst palette was such a lovely surprise. I was most surprised to see some shades in it that I don't already own. I actually have small amethyst crystal at home, because I love purple. I already tried some of the shades in this. Shimmery metallic shades have really nice pigmentation. Mattes are also pigmented, but some apply better than other. It's a mix of neutrals and brighter colors and mattes as well as metallic finishes. You can create very wearable as well as more colorful looks. 

Catrice Blush Box - 020 It's wine o'clock*

First of all, design is so cute. Catrice has in general step up their design game. Their new packaging is all so cute and definitely catches my eyes. This is blush that contains several different tones, but once you mix it all together you get a very wearable pink shade. I already tried it a few times and really like it. It applies lovely and contains small shimmers that give you such a nice sheen on the cheeks. 

Catrice Eyeconista Lash Millionizer Mascara Waterproof*

I've mentioned me trying regular version of this mascara and since I thought it was nice, I also wanted to try waterproof version. I usually don't wear waterproof mascaras, but this summer my regular formula started to smudge on me. It was just so hot outside and I was sweating like crazy. I already tried this one and it definitely hold on better than regular formulas. It's pretty similar to regular formula, so it gives you that volume and makes your lashes look thicker. I find it to be less wet than regular formula, which means it holds my lashes up better. So far I really like it.

Catrice Luminice Highlight & Bronze Glow Palette - 020 Feel Gold*

This one is another winner in my book. I put in on my wishlist purely because of the design. It's so darn pretty. But I realized product in it is just as nice. You get three highlight shades, but one is supposedly highlighting bronzer. One highlighter is softer with very small shimmer and it's the lightest, more of a champagne gold shade that doesn't look too warm. Second highlighter is very metallic and contains bigger shimmers which can look chunky, but it's one of those in your face highlighters. It's slightly darker and more yellow toned gold. Third is another more subtle highlighter and it's a peachy bronze shade. I wouldn't use this as bronzer, because I prefer matte bronzers, but it looks great as a blush or blush topper. These all have wetter formula that is very pigmented and they blend well. I really think this is one of the better highlighter formulas in drugstore. It reminds me of their LE highlighters, which are all very nice. 

*PR products


  1. Nisem rabila nobene pijače zraven, sem vse prebrala v eno :D Si mi podaljšala wishlisto in sem zaradi raziskovanja izdelkov v objavi našla še nekaj dodatnih stvari, tako da je Pinterest zdaj primerno zapolnjen :)

    AHC krema mi je takoj padla v oči. Bom sicer počakala, da vidim, če se pri tebi obnese na daljši rok, ampak sem si jo zapisala. Anti-wrinkle trditev me najbolj zanima, čeprav opažam, da ima pri meni Eucerin vitamin C + Nuxe + masaža nekaj minimalnega učinka, lahko pa da se mi samo tako zdi. Sem zaradi tvoje objave našla zdaj še eno zanimivo od Niveje z vitaminom C in zelo spodobnimi sestavinami.

    Nivea sprej bom pa zagotovo vzela. Sem sicer videla kup reklam na Instagramu s Katjo, ampak me niso pritegnile, pri tebi pa prvič vidim, da ima to olje notri in of course kot nekdo s suhimi lasmi, moram to nujno sprobat. Bom vzela straight ali pa curl, še ne vem. Mi zveni kot mešanica med got2b oh my nude Tame it softly sprejem in lakom za lase.

    Škoda za Mac puder :/ Se spomnim ko sem začela raziskovat mejkap koliko hypa je bilo okrog tega pudra. Jaz isto veliko pričakujem od Mac-a, ampak nisem že leta nič kupila zaradi cen.

    Kako sem lahko zgrešila te bunny ears v Primarku. Rabim nekaj takega. Zdaj uporabljam kar očala, samo se mi vedno ta del pri nosu zaplete v lase :D Sem pa vzela turban za lase iz navadnega frotirja, ker sem se spomnila, da si vzela ti iz mikrofibre in ni nič posebnega. Drži super zaradi gumba, ampak je pa bolj majhna za moje lase.

    Si videla neko novo linijo za volumen od Pantene v Müllerju? Vsi so za volumen, ampak prilagojeni tipu las, tako da imajo tudi Repair Volumen ali nekaj podobnega in nekaj drugi vrst. Ampak količinsko manjši in dražji za mililiter. Sem pa do zdaj navdušena nad Pantenom in sem res vesela, da sem našla tako dobre stvari za neko normalno ceno. Samo balzam morajo začet prodajat v kakšni litrski verziji zame :D Sem dala mami za sprobat celo linijo, pa je ona še bolj tečna kar se tiče kvalitete (njen naprimer Schwarzkopf Blondme ni nič posebnega, pa je meni kul) in pravi, da je odlična.

    Ta verzija Labellina mi zveni super. Grenivki in tropskim vonjem se težko uprem, edino kar me drži nazaj je da Niveja labele niso ravno presežek. Bi imela v bistvu samo zaradi vonja :)

    Avon Attraction me že itak zanima od prej, isto velja za L.O.V. blush ker tale odtenek mi tudi izgleda lušen :) Pa dodala sem na wishlisto še Catrice Eyeconista vodoodporno maskaro in It's wine o'clock blush ker mi že v embalaži izgleda lep. A mogoče veš kdaj bodo nove stvari? Nazadnje ko sem bila v drogeriji dva tedna nazaj še znižanja ni bilo pri nas.

    Super objava in nič predolga :)

    1. Hehe, zate vem, da rada prebereš tudi kaj daljšega. Večina pa samo malo poscrolla :D.

      Mislim da z AHC kremo ne moreš zgrešit. Jaz sem jo našla dokaj ugodno na Ebayju. Meni je najbolj všeč tekstura, ker je dovolj lahka. Zaenkrat nekih groznih rezultatov ne vidim. Bom pa itak počasi spet začela retinoide dodajat v rutino, se mi zdi, da takrat vidim več efekta z gubicami. Niveaina krema za okrog oči? To pa še nisem videla. No..jaz sem vedno skeptična pri Niveinih kremah. Vse ostalo super, ampak skin care, pa me sestavinsko ravno ne navduši.

      Ravno včeraj sem konkretno preizkusila ta Straight spraj od Nivee. Sem si zravnala lase - lahko vidiš še na mojem IG storji, v modri obleki. So bili lasje res čisto ravni cel dan. Pa danes niso nič trdi ali "lakasti". Dejansko je res neka taka mešanica vlaženja in hkrati holda. So še vedno dovolj mehki. Sicer, če imaš bolj suhe lase kot jaz, boš spodaj še vedno rabila svojo normalno rutino.

      Jaz imam očitno res visoka pričakovanja od MACA. To pa samo zaradi tega hypa okrog te znamke.

      A ne? Res so luškane, pa še tako poceni so bile. Eh v Primarku je nemogoče najti kaj. Kupiš samo tisto kar slučajno vidiš. Meni je prevelik. Ko kaj iščem, itak nikoli ne najdem :D. To pa verjamem, da ti je premajhen. Meni paše, ker jaz imam itak malo las, ampak je pa res bolj na majhni strani velikosti :D.

      Videla. Tista nova embalaža mi je takoj padla v oči. Tako chic izgleda :)! Me je pa ravno cena malo zmotila. Se mi je zdelo takoj dražje in kot praviš manjše embalaže. Zdaj imam kar zalogo in moram najprej to porabiti, potem sem pa že imela namen kupit nekaj iz te nove linije. Jaz sem se kar dolgo držala stran od Pantena, ampak me je pa zdaj res presenetila kvaliteta. Če moram komu priporočit kaj drogerijskega, bom od zdaj naprej gotovo priporočala Pantene. No vidiš, še mama odobrava. Potem ima ona še bolj neukrotjive lase kot ti :D.

      Meni so tudi dokaj osnovne. Jaz se po pravici ne spomnim, da bi kupila Nivea labelo. Ko pa dobim, jo pa uporabim, ker je na mizi in mi je lušna. Je pa res bolj taka za vonj in videz, ni ravno ekstra vlažilna.

      Avon parfume itak skoz priporočam. Pa saj sama veš, da so nekateri res super. Tale L.O.V. odtenki bi ti zagotovo pristajal. Malo punčkast skoraj, ampak res tak pravi roza odtenek. Če je meni všeč roza, potem mora bit zanimiv :D. Catrice Eyeconista bi ti mogoče tudi bila všeč. Ne morem trditi, da je od začetka tako suha kot od Essence I love extreme modra. Meni se zdi, da je malo bolj mokra. Ampak vseeno manj kot navadna verzija. Je pa res pretežno za volumen. Catrice blush me je pa takoj spomnil na našega Trend It Up 050 favorita. Nekaj podobnega. Sicer bolj roza odtenek, ampak res tak zelo nosljiv. Večini bi bil všeč. Pri nas so že znižali Catrice zadeve. Jaz že vidim, da je kar veliko tega kar gre iz prodaje zmanjkalo. Glede na prejšnje izkušnje z našim Müllerjem pričakujem, da bo čez teden, dva že zagotovo novo na policah. Ampak glede na to kar slišim od drugih, imam občutek, da pri nas vedno hitrej dobimo te novosti kot drugje po Sloveniji. Mogoče se mi pa samo zdi tako.

      Hvala <3 :)

  2. Ja, Niveja je običajno sestavinsko brezvezna, ampak ta Q10 + C krema za oči in sleep cream izgledata kul. Na Amazonu tudi vidim pozitivne izkušnje :) Menda imajo tudi sheet maske, samo že vidim kako bom razočarana ko jih pri nas zihr ne bom našla.

    Sem videla cel outfit na IG - obleka ti tok paše! Tale sprej res zveni nekaj zame :) Samo ne vem če naj ostanem pri safe varijanti in vzamem istega kot kot ga imaš ti, ali na tvegam in vzamem curl.

    No, zdaj moram pa sploh vzet Catrice blush če je podoben 050 :) Ja, vi imate nove stvari vedno prej kot mi. Ko sem videla pri tebi na IG, da imate že znižanje sem ravno prišla iz Müllerja kjer je bilo še vse business as usual.

    1. Celo! Tega pa nisem vedela. Sliši se zanimivo.

      Ah jaz bi kar curl vzela na tvojem mestu. Lahko pa sestavine preletiš. Dvomim, da se tako zelo razlikujeta :D.

      Zdi se mi malo bolj roza, ampak recimo da podobna družina odtenkov. :) Zanimivo...potem pa sem imela prav. Opažam to, ker me vekrat kdo vpraša kje najdem kaj znižano. Pa potem ugotovim, da so pri nas res hitrejši kot drugje po Sloveniji. Mogoče je to vpliv drugih držav tukaj, pa gre vse za isti trg.

  3. Nameravaš slučajno pripravit kakšno podrobnejšo objavo o MUFE podlagi ob priliki? Sicer ne nosim več pudrov, me pa tale vseeno zanima, ker bi ga morda kupila v prihodnosti za kakšno priložnost. Že par let ga gledam, pa se ga zaradi barve in finiša ne upam kupit na pamet, ker je res drag. Bere se pa idealno, še posebej, če samo bolj izenači in ne prekriva preveč.

    1. Definitivno. Samo ga hočem dobro stestirat. Ker ga do zdaj še nisem veliko nosila, pa tudi v teh vročih dneh težko ocenjujem podlage. Ko se malo shladi bo bolj realna ocena na meni :). Res je, cena je kar tam tam, da bi na pamet kupoval. Meni se je ob prvem vtisu zdel res tak zelo nosljiv. Ni tako prekriven kot sem vajena, ampak zato toliko bolj naravno izgleda na koži.