Review: Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick - 02 Flaming'rose

I already own two shades of Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick and I adore their matte formula. Recently I got another shade that was gifted to me by lovely friend Astrid. It's called 02 Flaming'rose and it's probably one of my favorite pinks. So wearable and would suit many skin tones.


All of their lipstick come in a plastic packaging with the color that is in the actual bullet. It has minimalistic colorful and black design. On top it's square and on the bottom it comes into a circle. It closes very securely, to the point that you have to really pull it to open it up. 

In it is 2.4 grams of product and it costs 13.99€.

Bullet has that tear or petal shape which makes it very easy to apply it on the lips precisely without needing additional lip brush. I love this shape. 


Formula is this lipstick's forte and one of the reasons I could almost forgive it its steep price tag. It has ultra smooth and creamy formula, but without it feeling waxy or heavy. It applies so smooth that it almost feels like a highly pigmented lip balm.

After about 2 minutes it dries down to a complete matte finish. The finish is almost as matte as with matte liquid lipsticks. 

Pigmentation is good, but if you want a full on opaque look, you have to apply at least two coats. Make sure to get into all those little cracks. It's so creamy that you'll want to slide it all over the lips a few times anyway.


Another win is that these lipsticks feel so comfortable on the lips. I have generally very dry lips and have to pick and choose when to wear a matte lipstick, but I don't have any discomfort with this formula. It feels very lightweight on the lips and so comfortable. It never makes my lips any drier.

Formula is long lasting. It has minimal transfer, but it will survive drinking and even some eating. 

Scent differs among shades. This one has that sort of powdery sweet floral scent. I don't notice it once it's on my lips. 


Bourjois originally had 12 different colors in this range, but they've just recently added four new shades, so it's now 16 in total. New shades are more brown based peaches, browns and pinks. I really like the fact that Bourjois adds more unique shades to their range, especially lots of nudes. 

02 Flaming'rose is light muted pink. It has that brown base to it that makes it very wearable and kind of muddy looking. It makes the pink less vibrant and therefore one of those my lips but better shades. On my skin tone it leans slightly more warm toned, because my yellow skin tone makes any lipstick more peach toned. 

This is actually one of those rare pinks that I enjoy wearing on daily basis, because it's not too pink and not too vibrant. It goes with so many makeup looks and I feel like this shade would suit many different skint ones.  


I tried to find similar shades in my collection. There is no actual dupe, but there are a lot of similar shades.

Avon Shine Burst Stick Rose - this is a glossier pink version for those that like these kind of colors, but want something more transparent. It has that muddy pink base to it, but it's much lighter and more pink toned.
Avon Mark Plump It Lipstick Rose Kisses - another more pink toned version, a bit brighter, but also has that brown muddy base to it.
Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick Pure Pink - it's probably the most similar in tone, but it's lighter and has just a bit more of that pure light pink base to it. Although it's not a proper pink either.
Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick 02 Flaming'rose

I swatched all my three shades next to each other. You can read a review of 06 Abrico'dabra and 12 Brunette here.  Now I have a pink nude option for spring, bright peach for summer and a redish brown for fall. I still have my eye on those new brown shades (especially 15 and 16), but I have so many other similar lipstick shades that I probably won't buy these. At least not on that full price tag. Maybe, if there's a discount. 

I think this is one of the best regular matte lipstick formulas besides Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipsticks. It glides on like butter and dries down to a matte finish. On the lips it feels lightweight, comfortable and never makes your lips any drier. I love the color selection too. Bourjois is one of those rare drugstore brands that offers more nudes than some other brands. My only problem is the price tag. I think it's a bit much for a drugstore brand. You can get Avon lipsticks for around 4€ and they are great quality. The only difference is they are not as ultra matte as Bourjois and may be just a tad less comfortable on the lips, but still more comfortable than many others. 


  1. Kako ti paše! <3 Res krasen odtenek, ga imam tudi sama na wishlisti :) Ga bom kupila enkrat ko bo popust in si bom zaželela nekaj novega, ker za zdaj se še igram s tistimi šminkami, ki sem jih kupila za BD. Formula teh je pa res izjemna.

    1. Hvala :) <3 So redke roza, ki so mi všeč, ampak ta mi definitivno je. Jaz bi tudi počakala na znižanje, absolutno previsoka cena, če kupiš po polni ceni. Res je odlična formula. Sploh glede udobja me vedno znova preseneti.

  2. Tako hvalite te šminke, da si bom morala eno nabavit, sploh zdaj ko imajo popuste :D Mene odtenki prej niso ravno pritegnili, ampak ti nude pa mi izgledajo super, najbolj me zanima tisti peach odtenek :D

    1. Vsaj eno ;) Zdaj se ti splača v DMu, sploh če imaš še kaj drugega nagledanega. Vsak izgovor bo zdaj dober :D. Verjetno misliš odtenek 15, tak peachy rjav? Sem ga swatchala v trgovini in je res čudovit. Malo me spominja na Avon Mark Plump It Cantaloupe odtenek, ki je en mojih najljubših. :)

  3. hi, loving the flaming rose review and the dupes too. But I love their peach tatin, on which i did a review in case you would like to see. and thanks for sharing yours too. x

    Isa A. Blogger.