Review: Paese Products Part 2

I know Paese a little, since I have already reviewed a few of their products, so I was excited to try out some more. Some have previously really impressed me and even made their way into my yearly favorites like their Paese Rice Powder which is probably one of my favorite powders I have tried so far. Now let's see which other products have impressed me this time. 

Paese Hydro Base Under Make-up

This is again one of the stand out products that I immediately fell in love. It's a base for under the makeup, but it's more like a skin care and base product in one. It should moisturize the skin, prepare it for makeup, strengthen it, regenerate and extend the life of makeup. They say it contains some active ingredients as well as peptides. 

It comes in a heavy glass looking pot with white plastic top. It also has protective plastic on top that makes it easy to travel with. In it is 30 ml of product and it costs 26€.

It contains silicons that give you that smooth base as well as some humectants that feel fresh and moisturizing on the skin.

It's a thin and lightweight white colored cream that spreads with ease. It feels like a burst of water has been put on the face and at the same time it gives you that smooth base to apply makeup on. I love how fresh this feels on the skin right after applying it on. It also absorbs nicely, so it's not greasy looking, but it definitely feels moisturizing

Finish on the skin is like a slight sheen, but it's well absorbed so you can put makeup on right after it. It feels lightweight on the skin and I didn't have any problems with it feeling irritating, although it does contain fragrance. Scent is actually very pleasant sort of floral and fresh, but I could do without it in a product that almost acts as part of skin care. 

I feel like my makeup never looks dry with this base underneath. I have combination skin, but I like moisturizing skin care, although I try to avoid it on my oily parts. This will not work as a moisturizer on dry skin, but it's a great base to add additional moisturizing layer as well as smooth skin out. Obviously, if you have problems with silicons clogging your pores, you should avoid it. My makeup stays on fine, I didn't notice it being prolonged nor disappear any quicker. 

Paese Artist Mosaic Bronzer

This is a bronzer that should give you that sun kissed look - suntanned and brightened. Paese says that the natural shade is suitable for any complexion and that the powder has golden tan without orange tint. They also say you can build it up or sheer it down.

It comes in this bulky shiny black packaging that looks lovely. Inside you also get a mirror as well as white sponge that acts as a protection. Packaging is well made. In it is 9 grams of product and it costs 19.90€

Bronzer has a lovely marbled design. You can see a mixture of grey based brown, warm bronze and pops of golden shimmer. When you blend it all together you get a golden bronze shade which because of its warmth has a bit of that orange tint to it. It has shimmer in it, so it has quite a sheen on the skin. In fact it could even be a highlighter for darker skin tones. 

Mosaic Bronzer is actually very similar to theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer. It can be bronzer on darker skin tones, but on lighter skin tones it can look too warm. You can use it as an eyeshadow, blush or a shimmery topper on top of your regular bronzer. theBalm has much more pigmentation and the sheen seems more uniformed as well as more metallic. Paese bronzer seems to be sheerer in formula and some shimmer chunks may look more dimensional. It's not as uniformed. 

It's actually a bit dark on me now. It would be more suited for darker light to medium skin tones. Pale skin, especially cool toned, would look way too yellow and orange with this. I have warm yellow undertone so it doesn't look weird on me. It's just a bit too dark. 

Formula is kind of wet and almost feels buttery under the fingers which means it applies smoothly, although shimmer particles may dust around your face, if you use a very fluffy brush. It doesn't look patchy. 

Pigmentation is good, but on the sheerer side, so you can definitely apply it lightly just as an overall sheen or build it up to a much stronger color. I like that it's a bit sheerer, because it looks more natural and can be used as a blush topper or a shimmery topper for bronzer. 

It has a descent staying power. I still noticed it on my skin at the end of the day.

Paese Artist Eyeshadow Base

This is your standard eyeshadow primer that is creamy and should prolong the wear of your eye makeup.

It comes in a small transparent plastic pot with white plastic top. In it is 5 ml of product and it costs  10€

Formula is that typical silicon smooth cream that looks light beige, but actually blends out into nothing. If you apply it heavier it does cover a bit, but it's more of a wash of color. It gives you that smooth base for eye makeup.

Eyeshadows stick well to it and they stay on well. There is no creasing or noticeable fading of color. It works just fine.

Formula is similar to my other eyeshadow primers like Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer and Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original. Avon Eyeshadow Primer is a bit thicker and much more opaque.

Paese Artist Glitter Eyeshadows - 004 Shimmer Brown

This is the only product that I was a bit underwhelmed about. It's not bad, but I just didn't find it to be exciting enough. Paese has a lot of different eyeshadows as well as some pigments. I actually couldn't find this one on their online shop, so I'm not sure if it's discontinued or may just be available in the physical store.

It comes in a black plastic pot with a transparent see through top. In it is 3 grams of product and I assume the price is somewhere from 7-9€.  

004  Shimmer Brown is darker matte taupe brown with small silver shimmer chunks. The shimmer is actually small, but sparse. It looks better under the artificial light. This would be great product to wear on a night out, because little shimmers reflect light well. 

004 Shimmer Brown is that typical matte dark brown base with chunky shimmer going through it. I find that brands often times include these kind of shades in their palettes, although I am not a fan of this look. I compared it to theBalm Nude'tude palette in the shade Sophisticated which is slightly more warmer yellow toned taupe brown and instead of having silver shimmer, it has yellow gold shimmer. Lots of brands do these type of shades. Some other examples: Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette - shade Infusion, Zoeva Caramel Melange Palette - Edible Gem and Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar - Cocoa Chili.

Formula is drier which means it has a lots of kick up as well as some fallout. Because it contains small shimmer, those might also fall down. However, it sticks well to the eyeshadow base.

Pigmentation is average. It's no way near Zoeva or Colourpop eyeshadow quality, but you can get a descent color payoff. If you apply it with a brush, it can look like a sheer wash. Patting it on with fingers makes it much more opaque and intense. 

It stayed on my lids well, didn't crease up or fade too much. I'd say it has an average longevity. I did however use eyeshadow primer underneath, like I always do, because I have oilier lids. It's not a bad product and if you prefer drier eyeshadow formula and have the patience to build it up slowly, it works fine. I just prefer more creamier and wetter eyeshadow formulas. 

Paese Brow Couture Pomade - 02 Blonde

Brow pomade that is waterproof, highly pigmented, has matte texture and is easy to use for defining and filling in brows. 

It comes in a muted glass like pot with a plastic black top. In the box you also get a mini slant brow brush which is actually nice. I love using it with this pomade, because it's narrow and thin enough. I just wish the handle would be longer, since it can be hard to hold it. Plus I'm always afraid of loosing it. 

In it is 5.5 grams of product and it costs 13€, currently it's on sale for 10.40€.

This is another one of those surprises that I really liked. Formula is spreadable, but just hard enough so it doesn't slide all over the skin or brows. It has lovely movement as well as glide

02 Blonde is probably the most perfect shade for my natural brows. Actually, my natural brows are even more grey, but I like to add some warmth to them since I have warm hair color. It's a light grey based brown, so a taupe and it almost feels like it has yellow or even olive undertone to it. It's the closest match to my skin tone as well as brows that I have had so far, so I am loving it.

Finish is definitely matte and the pigmentation is great

It sets well on the skin and doesn't move through the day. It is waterproof as they mention it.

Paese Silky Matt Lipstick - 714

I already own one shade of these lipsticks, so I knew I'll like this one too, because the formula is lovely. Paese describes it as velvet texture, smooth application, long lasting, good pigmentation, matte finish and non-drying feel on the lips.

Lipsticks comes in a square transparent plastic packaging with matte black top. It has a flat fluffy sponge applicator that is actually a bit longer, but applies lipstick nicely. It holds just enough product.

In it is 6 ml of product and it costs 11.99€.

Formula is a smooth not too thick cream that just glides on the lips. It covers them in one swipe. Pigmentation is great

Depending on how thick your layer is, you will need to wait longer for it to dry down to a complete matte finish. It can be up to one hour. I like this, because it's similar to Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor. In the beginning it looks a bit creamy with some sheen, but it does dry down to a matte finish. If you blot it down, you almost get that powdery matte lip stain look which is fun too. 

Shade 417 is light pink that has more of a fuchsia undertone, but is still in that nude range. It's not too vibrant.

Compared to 707, it's much lighter. 707 is darker and has more of that berry mauve base to it. It's more brown based and seems warmer. 

Next to it I also swatched some other shades from my collection.

Avon Mark Plump It Lipstick in Mad For Mauve - is even more fuchsia toned, slightly cooler and also a bit lighter.
Avon Mark Epic Lip in Blushing Beauty - is the closest to 714. It's juts slightly lighter, but the general tone is almost the same. 

It's such a creamy and comfortable formula. It never feels drying on the lips and has good staying power. Scent is somewhat artificial and not all that pleasant, but it doesn't linger on the lips.

You can get Paese products in their online store or in BTC Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Hydro base impressed me the most. I like how fresh it feels on the skin, that is moisturizing and provides a smooth base for makeup. I also really liked brow pomade. The shade is one of the most perfect for my personal preference and it's so easy to apply plus it really stays on.

I knew I'm going to like their silky matt lipstick formula, because it's great for drier lips. The shade is fine, although I would prefer something more peachy or red like 702 or 708. However, 714 is one of those shades that would look good on most skin tones. 

Eyeshadow base is nice, although you can get similar product by other brands at a more affordable price. Mosaic bronzer is also nice, just a bit too dark for me. I do prefer something more matte, but this is great as a topper. The formula is really smooth. Eyeshadow was sort of meh for me. I just prefer something more creamy and much more pigmented. I think those of you that prefer dry formulas would like it.

I am very impressed with Paese as a brand. Some of their products positively surprised. Like that Rice powder that I can't stop talking about. I am slowly using it up and now I am curious about their Bamboo transparent powder since it's geared more towards oily skis and my oily T zone can get really oily in summer time. I might try that one too. They've also added some nice looking powder highlighters - I have my eye on Arctic. Have you tried any of their products and do you have any recommendations?

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