August 2019 Favorites

This month I mostly used products that are staple in my routine and have been for years. I had very little time to experiment. There are just a few new products. I also fell in love with another TV series. 

This has been my favorite sun cream for my face ever since I first tried it. It's one of those typically chemical sunscreens from Korea, which means it starts off a bit white, but soaks into the skin completely. It doesn't leave any white cast on my face, plus it's not too matte nor does it look dewy. Now that it's so hot outside here, I only use this as my morning skin care. It's my moisturizer and protection in one. It also has nice refreshing citrus scent. I have gone through a few tubes of this already.

I have so many eyeshadows that once I hit the pan on any of them, that's when I know this is a real love. And Subtle Blend is one of my favorite bronze shades out of all the palettes and eyeshadows that I own. It's go that perfect medium brown base, but it has that golden sheen to it, though it's still very much bronze. Some eyeshadows tend to look too golden, but this one is just the right shade of bronze. It's basic eyeshadow look that is perfect for summer and will suit literally everyone. I usually pair it with a matte brown eyeshadow in the crease or just use a bit of bronzer in the crease and then apply this shade all over the lid.

Coloured Raine Eyeshadow Chocolate + Avon Mark Magix Prep And Set Spray

These two are in my favorites in combination. Thanks to Katie Jane Hughes I have my new favorite routine for eyeliner. I spray Avon setting spray onto Chocolate eyeshadow and mix them together with a small angled brush. That creates creamy texture that glides on the lid and basically works like a cream or gel eyeliner. Once setting spray sets, which can be quite quick, it leaves behind smooth texture that is dry and very pigmented. It acts just as an eyeliner would, there is no smudging and it stays in place. Obviously it's not waterproof. But I was surprised at how well this lasted on me and it didn't transfer at all. Usually I applied setting spray only on my brush and that didn't give me that really pigmented creamy result. So try spraying it on the actual eyeshadow. But be prepared that it may form a layer on top, so you might need to scrap off top layer, if you want to use it as an eyeshadow later.

This is my new I-can't-live-without product. It has become part of my daily routine and I have bought so many of these already that it's my new staple. Usually I'll apply powder to my brows to fill them in and make them all look the same color. Then I use this pencil to outline bottom part of my brow. That gives me the precise edge that I like.  I also fill in any bold spots that I have, where the powder doesn't want to stick to. It's so pigmented and with one swipe you get a lot of color, so you don't need to spend hours applying it and going over one line. Plus the tip is so small and precise. The only problem is that it's very creamy and soft, so I use it up really quick. 

Nothing worked on my lashes anymore. They looked so poor, sparse and just not that visible. I must have gotten spoiled with Dermalux which made my lashes so long and denser. But once I stopped using it, they went back to the usual self. So I saw this mascara on sale and grabbed it. I already used it before, and just as I thought, it did the trick. This is definitely the best mascara, if you want  your lashes to look thicker, have more volume and in general look much more obvious than what they actually are. It's the only mascara that adds thickness, but also doesn't make them look too clumpy. But it's too expensive and it dries out quickly, so I only buy it when it's on sale. 

Lisa Eldridge Plush True Velvet Lipstick Colour - Velvet Ribbon

Let's talk about luxury, shall we. This is another level of sophistication in my book, since I don't have almost any experience with luxury makeup. It's definitely the most luxurious packaging of the lipstick that I own. Packaging is gold metal, it's heavy and has magnetic closing. It feels expensive. When you take a look at the actual bullet, you see the artistry in it. It's named velvet for a reason, because the bullet has an actual velvet design on it. It's a bit mind boggling, because it actually looks like velvet, though it's obviously not. It's only outer layer of the lipstick. Velvet Ribbon is a classic neutral red. Some may say it's cool toned, but I find it to have a hint of warmth to it too, which makes me like it even more. It's that kind of shade that would look good on every skin tone. Texture is creamy and it feels very comfortable. It doesn't look dead matte like liquid lipstick, it's what I call comfortable matte finish which still looks like your lips, but there is no apparent shine to it. It sticks to your lips well and it's very long lasting. Pigmentation is amazing. You can do one swipe and you're good to go. I love Lisa Eldridge and I knew I wanted one of her lipsticks, because I trusted her expertise that she'll make and amazing product and I was right.

Nivea Deo Beauty Elixir Deomilk Anti-perspirant - Sensitive

Nivea came out with new anti-perspirants that combine the usual anti-perspirant ingredients with their body milk. Their body milks are legendary and I love all of them, so getting those nourishing ingredients in the anti-perspirant format is just another plus. I have Sensitive version and it's so nice. Scent is typically soft powdery and the actual product is transparent and leaves no white marks on the skin or clothes. It feels very comfortable, there is no stinging or any irritation. I also feel like it sort of nourished the skin or at least doesn't further aggravate it, especially after you have just shaved your armpits. I really like it and have been using it ever since I got it.

I went off of using corticosteroid creams which I had for my hand eczema. To be honest, I got sort of addicted to those creams. It's the only thing that helps you look "normal". Corticosteroid creams are a types of steroids. They are used topically on the skin and usually make your skin look healthy withing just few uses. But they can also create addition. It has come to the point where I used those creams every third day, because my eczema would come back that quickly. You're supposed to use those creams for only a few weeks and then quit. But I pretty much used them all the time. Once I started to read on side effects and what it can do to your body, I found myself checking a lot of those boxes. So I quit using them all together. A few first weeks were terrible. I wanted to cry every morning, because I woke up to another twenty new inflamed dishydrotic bubbles that wouldn't go away. I also had very red skin, which is another side effect. So I decided to change my diet as well as introduce some new routines and skin cream in my routine. Nothing helps with the itching better than this spray from Bioderma. It's a milky white liquid that coats your skin. First of all, it makes your dry flakes look much better (and more presentable in a society), feels hydrating and stops the itch. It also has some ingredients in it that should repair your skin barrier. It was a life saver, although quite expensive. My eczema isn't all that better, it has good and bad days, but I'm working around it.

I love this fragrance so much. I literally haven't used any other fragrance this month and I already have about third of it left, so I am slowly getting into my saving mode. This is one of those oriental fruity fragrances that smells lovely sweet, but with a kick of oriental power. It's perfect combination of sweet and strong, but in a sophisticated way. 

Capricorn Necklace

I stumbled upon this necklaces in Müller. It was on sale and cost only 4€. On the packaging it says it's gold coated, but the price makes that hard to believe. I did wear it about five times already and it didn't become darker. The color is still the same which is rare with me and my skin. I sweat a lot and most of cheap necklaces oxidize very quickly. This is one of those two in one necklaces. It has shorter chain with a basic round circle and longer chain with capricorn in a circle. I absolutely adore stackable necklaces and I love everything astrology related. This was such a nice find. In the future I want to invest in more sustainable pieces of jewelry. I always wanted this types of necklace in stainless steel version, but it's so hard to find gold colored stainless steel and especially more dainty styles. If you know of any good brands, I am up for suggestions.

Euphoria TV Series

I wouldn't have known about this TV series from HBO, if it wasn't for YouTube. Every beauty guru is trying to recreate at least one of the makeup looks from this series and I think I might do a look too. Makeup in the series is refreshingly playful and almost a bit juvenile. At least in the first episodes. Then it sort of turns high fashion runways mixed with music festival. I really like all the glitter and rhinestone looks. Series is following teenagers from high school and presents how they deal with drugs, sex and violence. To be honest, I find it kind of sad for today's youth. And I know I sound like a grandma now, but I think our high school was easier, because there wasn't as much pressure and no one recorded every mistake you did and sent it viral. Production of this series is on point. Filmography is a lot more interesting than anything I've seen in a while. There are some fun shots that help create perfect vibes to match the scene. I am hoping new season comes back soon.


  1. Kok sem bila jezna, ko je imela Tuš Drogerija -50% na Paradise maskaro! Mi smo edino mesto brez Tuš Drogerije in sploh nimamo možnosti koristit kuponov za popust in njihovih dostikrat odličnih akcij, DM pa Müller sta pa tako škrta glede tega. Sem šla zadnjič čez moje objave in sem videla kako lepe trepalnice mi je naredila. Saj sem še jezna, da se hitro posuši, ampak za pol cene bi mi bilo lažje preživet :D

    Od Lise šminke pa mene ne ganejo. Charlotte Tilbury in ona totalno pretiravajo s cenami, pa naj bo ne vem kakšna kvaliteta. Konkurenca med poceni kozmetiko je huda, zame Colourpop Mate X zmagajo.

    Sem razmišljala me Dove in Nivea Deo Beauty Elixir Deomilk, pa sem vzela prvega, ker še nisem vedela, če so od Nivee ok. Bo moj naslednji nakup :)

    1. Ja to je pa res nerodno. V bistvu ima samo Tuš drogerija zadnje čase neke omembe vredne akcije. Tam mi ponujajo -20 ali 30 v Müllerju. Mene s tem ne kupijo. Ravno zaradi tega, ker se maskara hitro suši, je ne bi nikoli več kupila po redni ceni. Zdaj mi je samo žal, da sem vzela samo eno :D. Ne vem kdaj bo spet akcija. Upam, da k vam tudi pride Tuš drogerija, čim prej.

      Jaz sem jo itak kupila čisto subjektivno, ker mi je Lisa tako zelo všeč. Saj pri tako dragih izdelkih moraš vedno vzeti v zakup, da plačaš več za vse drugo, embalažo in v tem primeru dizajn na sami šminki. Odstopanja v ceni so vedno veliko večja kot v sami kvaliteti izdelka.

      Jaz nikoli ne zgrešim z Nivea deodoranti. Nisem še naletela na nobenega, ki bi me razočaral. Jaz bi Dove mogoče tudi vzela, ker kot znamko asociiram bolj z nego :).