Review: OPI Nail Lacquer - Now Museum, Now You Don't and Sun, Sea and Sand in My Pants

I have never had any OPI nail polishes, but I remember this brand being very popular back in the day. It had one of the most unique nail polish shades in the time where there weren't new makeup and nail launches coming out every day. I received two shades from Lisbon collection, which was actually spring/summer collection of 2018


These come in glass bottles with black plastic caps. Cap has some texture to it, so it's easier to hold. They have longer straight cut brushes that work fine. 

In each is 15 ml of product and it costs around 13€.


This is one of those regular nail polish formulas and it's not as smooth to apply as most new nail polish formulas. I am usually not fussy about nail polishes, but I immediately noticed that these don't apply as smooth and evenly as most. Pigmentation is good, but you definitely need at least two, if not three coats to make it look even and completely opaque. They also need a bit longer to dry down completely. 


One thing that did surprise me though, was longevity. I found both shades to last really well on me, actually better than most nail polishes. I wore these without any major chipping for 5 days. 


In this collection there are 12 shades. A lot of nudes, reds as well as some pops of pink, yellow and blue. OPI in general has huge selection of shades as well as finishes. 

Now Museum, Now You Don't

This is one of those metallic finish nail polishes. It's red, but with a copper metallic sheen. The sheen is most prominent under sunlight. I am not a fan of metallic nail polishes, but this one has more subtle sheen than most metallic version I've tried, so I prefer it. Some metallic formulas are harder to apply, because you have to make straight lines, while painting on, or it will look uneven. This one didn't do that. 

Sun, Sea and Sand in My Pants

This is that type of shade that you'll either love it or hate it. I feel like there is no in-between. I love it! It's yellow, but with a mustard undertone, which means it has that muddy feel to it and is not as vibrant as most yellows. It's one of the most unique nail polish shade in my collection. Finish is creme. This will look especially good with a tan. 

As far as the formula goes, this is not the easiest nail polish to apply when you're in a hurry. There are far better formulas out there. But if you want this purely, because of the color, then I get it. I am definitely more than in love with that mustard yellow. It's one of the more unique shades in my collection now. Metallic red is nice too, but I don't reach for these kind of finishes enough. Brush works fine and you get a lot of product, but it's quite expensive. 

*Products were sent to me.

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