Review: Inglot Freedom System HD Sculpting Powder - 505

My cousin was in Poland for a short trip and I seized the moment to ask her to get me some Inglot products, because I know they are half cheaper there. Inglot is in general harder to get in Slovenia, because we don't have it in any stores, I usually just buy it online.


Freedom System by Inglot allows you to buy shades, finishes and products that suit your needs and combine them in an empty magnetic palette. I love this kind of system, because it lets your personalize your palettes

Sculpting powder comes in a rectangular metal pan and you can put it in any metallic palette. 

In it is 5.5 grams of product and it costs 8€ (Inglot Poland). I believe Inglot is only available on Beautybay in EU, apart from physical Inglot stores.


It has a smooth formula that seems to be finely milled, but isn't super wet to the touch like some other formulas. Pigmentation is good, but the shade is so light, that I have to build it up to get more intense color.

Inglot says that it's an HD formula, which means it's meant for HD filming and will look good in high definition imagery too.


HD Sculpting Powder comes in 16 shades. I believe some are more of a highlighting/brightening powders and others are contours/sculpting powders

505 is a pretty iconic shade as its always mentioned as one of the best contour shades for fair to light skin tones. I have been waiting to try it for a while, since it's hard to find a good shade of contour on a budget. I can see why this one is so popular.

It's fairly pale grey toned taupe shade that actually mimics natural shadow, because it's grey enough, not muddy looking and doesn't look too intense on fair skin tone.

It's appropriate for fair to light skin tone. On my skin tone, it's almost too light, but I actually prefer it that way, because it means I can't really overdo it. If I want a more intense shade, I apply more and it looks slightly darker. If you apply it lightly, this will work on fair skin tone as well.


I compared it to all my so called contour powders and none of the shades I compared it too were that perfect of grey undertone than Inglot. Inglot definitely has the most grey toned and pale enough shade to contour with.

Deborah Milano Trio Contouring Palette 01 shade 1 - lighter medium grey brown
Deborah Milano Trio Contouring Palette 01 shade 2 - pale almost pink toned grey brown
Inglot HD Sculpting Powder 505 - pale grey taupe
E.l.f. Contour Palette Light/Medium Shade 3 - light warm yellow toned brown
E.l.f. Contour Palette Light/Medium Shade 4 - medium grey chocolate brown


It stays on the skin well and I still have it on at the end of the day. Obviously, staying power of products also depends on the base you have on, but in general I find it long lasting. It doesn't look patchy and you can blend the edges fairly easy.

On the last photo I contoured my cheeks, nose and eyes with it.

I definitely don't regret buying it, because it's actually one of the best shades of contour for fair to light skin tone I have tried so far. It looks natural, has enough grey tone in it and isn't too pigmented, so you don't fear it looking too harsh. It stays on well and blends fine which is all I can ask from a powder contour product. It also makes for one of the best nose contour shades, because it's so light. 


  1. I'm from Poland;).
    I love Inglot's cosmetics, pigmnents especially <3.

    1. Everyone recommended pigments to me too and I can see why. Inglot has some really good quality at a fairly affordable price. I'm sad, we don't have it here in Slovenia, but good for you ;).