Review: DermaluxLash Growth Serum

I was lucky enough to have won DermaluxLash serum in a giveaway. I have never before tried any of such lash growth serums, but I was always curious. Usually, the price was the one that threw me off. These products are not cheap, but let me tell you, I am planning on buying it again. That's how good it was.


It comes in paper box. Lash serum tube is gold and it sits on velvet like fabric. In the package you also get sort of a paper ruler that lets you measure your lash length. This means you can actually track your progress. 

In it is 1.5 ml of product and it usually costs a little over 40€. I believe I saw that they once had 1+1 sale and I hope this comes back, because I want to get it. 

As far as I know, Dermaluxlash is made by Slovenian company called Medilip, so I am not sure how available this is outside of Slovenia. In Slovenia you can get it online on Medilip, in most pharmacies and in Müller. That's only places I have seen it so far. Please, correct me, if I'm wrong. 

It has a long brush tip applicator that almost looks like an eyeliner, but longer. It's easy to brush it close to your lash line and spread it evenly.


It has a liquid formula, but I never had problems with it being too runny and getting in my eyes. I usually took most of the product off the applicator to apply smaller amount on. There is no added fragrance. 

DermaluxLash serum is lash growth serum that promises longer, thicker and stronger eyelashes within a few weeks. It says to use it on clean skin and apply it close to the roots of the lashes. You should avoid it getting into the eyes. It says to apply it once a day, preferably in the evening. Once they grow and you want to maintain the length, you can use them every other or third day. 

It also says most common side effects are itchy eye and redness. It can irritate eyes, dry them out and make eyelids red.


I started using this in February 2018 and just now got around to writing a full review. In the beginning, I felt a bit of sting on my skin. It might have been that I applied too much of it or my skin was just a bit more sensitized and it was irritating it. Then after a while, I didn't feel that anymore. I have to point out that I used this serum every other day or even every third day and not every day like it says on the packaging.

I started using it in February 2018, but wasn't consistent with it. I forgot to apply it a lot of days and I started using it more frequently in May and June, which shows on my photos. I was measuring my lashes, but not as consistently as I wanted it to. I hope you can still see the results. It's obvious that my lashes got much longer and also a bit thicker.

I used serum less frequently than it is recommended and I still got great results, it just took a bit longer, about two months. I think that if you use it once a day, you should see results in about a month. That being said, I also used very little product at once, which meant that I used this lash serum for about 6 to 7 months (from March to September 2018). That justified the price to me and I plan on buying it again as soon as there's a good deal on it, like 1+1. 

Here are some more photos of before and after. I intentionally applied more lash serum at the outer corners of my eyes, because I wanted that winged out look and it definitely gave me that. When they were the longest, I skipped eyeliner all together, because my lashes were so long that I didn't need anything black to make them look thicker. Because I have hooded eyes, at one point my lashes started touching my brows, especially when they were curled and coated with mascara. 

My skin started to look a bit red around my lash line, which can happen. Personally, that didn't bother me, because it wasn't too obvious and I always wear eye makeup anyway. Lashes also seemed to have been curling up more than usual. I liked that natural curl it gave them, but still curled them with eyelash curler anyway before applying mascara. I can't say how strong my lashes felt, but they definitely didn't fall out as much, which was to be expected.

My lashes back in August 2018

Based on my experience, this lash serum definitely works. It grew my lashes much longer as well as made them look a bit thicker. I first thought that there was no difference, until I took a look at my measurements. I was so happy to have my lashes so long, because it meant my lashes looked thicker without any mascara. With mascara they looked insane. My only concern would be recommending this serum to those that have very sensitive eyes or skin around them. If you're one of them, maybe take a look at possible irritating ingredients and definitely start slow with the use and apply as little as possible at once.  But I am quite shocked that this type of product works, because I always though it was just a gimmick. 


  1. Rezultati izgledajo izjemni :). Sem ga že imela na wishlisti dokler nisem videla cene, čeprav jaz ga verjetno ravno ne rabim, ampak saj veš, firbec :D

    1. Mislim, da ga ti res ne rabiš :D. Jaz sem bila pa prav vesela kako dolge sem imela. Le čakam na kakšno akcijo, pa nisem še nič dobrega našla. Se mi zdi vreden ponoven nakup, ker sem res počasi porabljala :).