November 2019 Favorites

This November was all about skin care. As the weather gets colder, skin needs become higher plus add atopic dermatitis to this and it seems like all I have been buying lately is new skin care to manage my skin. Hence why there is so much of it in my favorites. My makeup is yet again very minimal, because I just don't have time for anything more complicated.

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane

Since it's that time of year again, when the sun doesn't hit my face anymore, I've started using retinoids again. This is a good cheaper and mild alternative for those of you that have a bit more sensitive skin. This is a pretty oily formula that actually sinks into the skin well. It doesn't feel too greasy, but I find it just nourishing enough for this time of year. I also don't get any stinging or irritation from it, but my skin appears clearer, smoother and more even toned, when I use it regularly.

These cream eyeshadow sticks are quite popular for Kiko lovers and I too have once invested in many shades, but for some reason forgot to use them. Now I have started to use them again, sort of as a colorful creamy eyeshadow base for powder eyeshadows. I apply this all over the lid and then apply shimmery powder eyeshadow on top to set it. It's very quick and easy eye makeup look for in the morning when you don't have much time. Plus, because you have a cream base, it sticks to the skin well and stays on, especially now in colder months, when my lids don't get that oily. This shade is that neutral bronze shade that will suit everyone.

This is one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes in my stash. Color range is just right up my alley. Subtle Blend is one of those perfect shimmery bronze shades that I use all the time and now put on top of that Kiko eyeshadow. It's flattering color that looks good with any makeup and it's so easy to achieve. This is that perfect basic warm palette that features such flattering shades. Mattes are perfect for the crease and shimmers for the lid. Quality of eyeshadows is also nice, pigmented and stays put well. 

Inglot Freedom System HD Sculpting Powder 505

I can see why everyone raved about this particular shade as being the best for fair skin. It's that grey toned, but very light, contour shade that will suit fair to light skin tones. It's so light that this would be too light for me in the summer. For the winter this is very subtle contour that I can build up a bit, but in general can't overdo, which is one of the reasons I like it so much. I can pick up a brush and apply it without the worry of it being unblended or heavy looking. It's smooth formula that blends out well and looks very natural matte. 

I've talked extensively about Flexitarian in many posts, so I'll be short. This is actually one of the most reflective highlighters with invisible shimmer and since it's very stark and on the cooler side, I wear it mostly in the winter, when my complexion is the palest. It gives the skin such a reflective sheen that I have to use it sparingly. It's one of the best highlighters I have in my collection. Formula is creamy to the touch, but it acts like powder on the skin and you can apply it on top of powders. 

Benefit Gimme Brow Brow-volumizing Fiber Gel

This came in a set with their Roller Lash mascara and Hoola bronzer. I bought the set, because it was the same price as if I bought only Hoola bronzer and I thought it was a better deal. I got one full size mascara with it and one mini brow gel. Gel turned out to be better than I thought. Shade 3 is actually more of a medium brown and because it has tiny brush, you can really coat every single lash. I usually use softer and lighter pencils and this brow gel coats my natural brows and makes them darker. It adds texture to my otherwise flat brow and more dimension. I really like this product. 

I've talked about this lip oil many times as well and this is my second tube of it. It's more like a thicker lip gloss with a very smooth glide on the lips. It's not oily, rather nourishing and soothing. It sticks to the lips so well and stays on. Plus it has a nice sweet scent and it definitely nourishes my lips so I think of it more as a nourishing lip balm, but in a more liquid form. I use it through the day instead of a lip balm, because it stays on the lips longer. You can get it in two shades and one is shimmery, but I prefer this transparent glossy look.

SVR Cicavit+ Creme

I came across this brand when someone mentioned it in one of Facebook beauty groups, I can't remember who it was. But they talked about this cream and how it sped up healing process of the skin. Since I am currently dealing with atopic dermatitis on my back and severe eczema on my hands, I am constantly on a search for super gentle moisturizers that would hydrate and heal the skin. SVR is a French Pharmacy brand (and in general I have great experiences with those) that caters to very sensitive skin type. Their ingredients are formulated in a way to give just what the skin needs without unnecessary irritation and for all age groups. Cicavit+ is a cream for soothing and healing damaged and irritated skin. It should accelerate skin repair, reduce redness and promote healing without lasting marks and scarring. I love that this has no mineral oil in it - paraffin, which most occlusive creams have. It doesn't smell like anything either. It's spreadable white cream with just the right consistency. I have been applying it on my chapped and scratched hand skin and this definitely healed it faster. Obviously, it wasn't just that, because I also changed my diet and added some supplements, but so far so good. This seems to heal my skin well and I have already repurchased more tubes of these. 

SVR Topialyse Baume Intensif Anti-Recidive

That was another products by SVR that caught my eye, because it had no mineral oil in the ingredients list. This is lightweight and gentle moisturizer for sensitive skin. In fact it says it's for extremely sensitive, inflamed, eczema-prone skin. It should soothe dryness and itching. Its formula is made of only 20 ingredients to soothe irritation, strengthen skin's barrier and reduce scratching for up to 48 hours. If you ever had severe eczema, you'll know, there's nothing that helps with the itching, except something cold. This definitely didn't make me itch less, but it feels nicely moisturizing, without feeling suffocating on the skin and I love that it has a bit of that coconut feel and smell to it. One of the star ingredients is cotton seed oil as well as niacinamide, which I've grown to love for sensitive skin. I am truly impressed with these two SVR products and I might try some more from this brand in the future. 

Brush for Dry Brushing

My atopic dermatitis on the back and layers of clothing combined with dry air from central heating usually result in a very itchy skin. Dry brushing is the answer to a better blood flow as well as instant itch relief. Usually, you'll hear that scratching is bad for your sensitive skin and I completely agree, but dry brushing gives you almost the same relief, but without the damage. I love taking the brush before going into the shower and gently removing dry dead skin cells off of my back. It usually just flakes off, because it's so dry and it feels so ah-mazing! It gets your blood flowing as well and in general works well for your whole body. 

I've actually came up with my own cocktail for treating atopic dermatitis on my back, which is slowly moving up down my arms now. I swear, this cold weather is nothing but trouble for me. My cocktail includes combining three skin care products to hydrate, soothe and promote healing. I've actually healed my back really well and now I have only problem with my arms. With a diligent skin care routine, I hope I can keep it manageable as well. I use Cezanne lotion first, because it's the most liquid. It contains lots of ceramides which strengthen skin barrier and hyaluronic acid which hydrated the skin. Then I apply niaciamide which actually soothes the skin and gets rid of the redness. It's a milky serum that is very spreadable and it is combined with zinc. Zinc is also used in many moisturizers for sensitive skin as it can be soothing and calm irritation. I will say, on wounded skin, this may sting, so use it at your own risk. 

After niacinamide, I apply this snail mucin by COSRX which gives my skin another lightweight nourishing layer that feels ultra comfortable. Snail mucin is known for its healing properties and I definitely notice my skin healing up faster with it. I've also used it on blemishes and it worked wonders there too. This cocktail of those three products seems to be working for me currently. I might add some more occlusive balm on top, if my skin gets even drier in the future. 

Avon Far Away Glamour Eau de Parfum Travel Size

I was eyeing this perfume in Avon catalog, because notes sounded like something that I would love - black currant, orange blossom, Madagascar vanilla, praline and black musk. So I bought a travel size to test it out and I like it. It's that slightly more subtle version from my punchier sweet and oriental scents. This one feels a bit lighter, in that it's more fruity in the beginning, but the creamy notes give it that subtle elegance and almost powdery feel. I would say it's a creamy sweet vanilla fruity scent. Nothing revolutionary, but comforting and just sweet enough and cozy. 

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