Review: Maybelline Tattoo Liner - 900 Onyx

I first heard about this liner from Mateja and when I saw it in the store, I decided to give it a try. As much as I love liquid liners, it's sometimes too much work to put on. Sometimes I just prefer a pencil which smudges quickly, gives me just enough definition and I'm already out the door. This new Maybelline Tattoo Liner is one of the better ones from the drugstore that I have tried in a while.


It comes in a classic need-to-sharpen pencil shape. Cap is transparent and plastic. In it is 1.3 grams of product and I got it for 6.99€ in Austria. 


It's creamier formula that still has just enough hardiness to it that it doesn't just glide all over the skin. It says it's gel pencil and that's exactly it, it applies like a gel eyeliner. Creaminess makes it so easy to apply without any tugging and it's also good for smudging out. Formula is also waterproof

Pigmentation is good. The more you press it down, the more opaque it looks.


I believe it comes in many shades, but I'm not sure which ones do we get in Slovenia. I have 900 Onyx which is a classic black. It applies a bit creamy, but the finish is matte


I have oily lids and I always use eyeshadow primer for my shadows. But because this is creamier formula, it transferred a bit on my upper hooded lid. If you don't have oily lids or hooded eyes, you probably won't have problem with that. 

It applies so well on the water liner. Usually I don't wear eyeliners in the waterline, but I applied it on my upper water line here to test it out. It stays in place like nobody's business. It also stays well in the water liner and intensity doesn't fade. It didn't smudge either apart from the transferring on upper lid. 


I wanted to compare it to Avon Mark The Big Gel Paint Pencil in Blackout, because they seemed so similar. Avon's is even creamier, which means it will transfer more, but the color actually looks more pigmented in one swipe. 

I also wore them both on my upper water line. Maybelline on my right eye and Avon on my left eye. After whole day of wear I noticed that they both stayed in water line well, but the Avon's transferred a bit more on my upper lid, because it was creamier from the start. They bold held up well on water liner. I didn't notice any major difference. But Maybelline one will probably be easier to get than Avon's, because you can get it in most drugstores. 

I think this is one of those drugstore finds that will be quite popular. Gel liners vanished from drugstores in their typical pots, but now you can get this new generation of gel formula in much more useful pencil form. This is just creamy enough that it makes it a dream to apply. It stays in place and it's well pigmented. If you have oily lids or hooded lids, this might not be the best option for your winged liner, but it's a winner for the water line, because it applies like a dream, it's waterproof and stays put. 


  1. great review and comparison - thanks

  2. I wish to see how the colored ones look on eyes. Could you please do a review of those as well?