Review: L'Oreal Infaillible Longwear Shaping Stick Foundation - 100 Ivory

I get these urges every now and then and I try a new foundation. It usually ends up badly, because most of them don't turn out well for me. This one didn't either. It just didn't mash with my combinations skin and I so wanted it too. It would be lovely to have a good stick foundation, because it applies so easy and quickly. 


It comes in a plastic tube with transparent cap. This is stick foundation, so you just screw the botton and it comes out. I usually just use it straight out of the bullet. In it is 9 grams of product and I think the price was around 10€ (but I'm not sure and I can't find it online anymore).


When it touches the skin, it just melts and glides on easily. I almost get that oily feel on the skin, because it looks very sheeny from the start. 

It has light to medium coverage. At first it's light coverage, but you can build it up a little, Keep in mind it will start looking more cakey the more you apply. You can however achieve a good medium coverage. 


You can get it in 12 shades. I got the lightest one, because I really wanted light enough foundation for winter time.

100 Ivory is actually fairly light and has slight warm undertone. On me it oxidizes to a peach undertone. No surprise there, all L'Oreal foundations seem to do that on me, so I avoid them all together. I gave it another chance with this one, but I think I'm quitting on L'Oreal foundations from now on. 


It stays tacky to the touch, so I have to powder it. It looks dewy from the start and t just gets worse through the day. I have combination skin which can get pretty oily on t zone and this look horrific after a few hours. It almost looks like foundation doesn't adhere to my skin. I found it applied better with a sponge than a brush. But it started separating after just few hours and in got into all fine lines. On me it looked like it just sits on top of the skin and doesn't do much more than that. This was probably the worst foundation I have tried in a while, next to Maybelline Fit Me Poreless foundation. 

On the bottom photo I just wanted to show how it looked like on me after a few hours. You can see it separated and just sits on top of the skin, especially around the nose where I get oily. 

This is just not foundation for my combination skin. It looks sheeny and dewy from the start and although it glide on the skin well and is fairly light in tone, it just becomes a grease fest after few hours. It just sits on the skin, looks very oily, separated, gets into fine lines and in general looks like it's not part of the skin. I hated it and I feel like cream or stick foundations are just not for me. I would say this might be nice for dry skin, but I also think it might look obvious over dry patches. I have read some great reviews of it though, so it might just be my combo skin that disagrees. 

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