October 2019 Favorites

This might be my first monthly favorites that I don't include any new products. It's been that kind of month that I just used a lot of my staples that I know work for me. Plus my makeup is reduced to a much simpler routine, since I don't have as much time in the morning for it. But these are truly one of my all time favorite products that I constantly go back to. 

Cezanne Skin Conditioner High Moist

I am loving this essence type of product from Cezanne. It's a very liquid milky white product with lots of caring ingredients like creamides and hyaluronic acids. It's my favorite type of essence that I apply right after cleansing my skin or over toner. Despite being liquid, this actually gives the skin hydration and makes it feel nourished. You can layer this on and use instead of moisturizer in the summer. Now I use it under moisturizer and it works like a charm. My skin isn't dry, looks nourished and I love that it has no fragrance to it. Very gentle and effective. I almost use up this huge bottle and have already repurchased it. 

I believe you can see which is my most used shade in the palette, because I already hit the pan on it. It's the lighter contour shade that I usually just mix with the darker one. I've come to love some light contour under my cheeks again and I use it daily. This is light and subtle enough that I don't have to worry about blending it out perfectly. Usually I use bronzer on my cheeks anyway, so it all blends well together. 

Since I've used up my Physicians Formula Bronzer, I have started to go back to this one by The Body Shop. I've hit the pan on this one as well, so I'll have to consider buying another lighter one in the future. This is one of those fairly light bronzer shades that you can't overdue. I feel like I have to build it up quite a lot. It's matte and the shade has a bit of that redish undertone that actually looks fairly natural. It suits my winter complexion and I love the packaging. 

If I knew how much I would love this powder, I would have bought a backup when it was on sale. This is truly one of the best powder highlighters that I own. It is described as powder and you may put it in the Hourglass Ambient Lighting category, but for me this is highlighter. It has fine enough shimmer that it looks sheeny and not glittery, but the sheen is quite intense sort of a light gold with peachy pink tone. It's the most sophisticated highlighter that I own and works great on mature skin as well. It applies like a dream and stays on well. 

I'll admit I'm so boring with my eye makeup looks these days. Usually I do a bit of contour and bronzer in the crease and call it a day. But when I want just something more that makes me look like I put more effort in it, but still did my whole makeup in 20 minutes, that's when I use Ladybird all over my lid. It's a fine glittery eyeshadow with sort of a nude ivory base and more silver glitter. Apply this all over the lid for that sheeny sparkly lids that almost look glossy. It's very creamy formula that is easy to apply with fingers. 

I must be boring you with my lip choices, but this is actually what I wear day to day. It's too cold for me to wear lipstick on daily basis, because my lips are so much drier again, so I prefer nourishing thicker lip glosses that also feel like lip balms. This is still one of my favorite colored lip glosses. Formula feels so comfortable on the lips and Mystic Sand is one of those goes-with-everything warm pink brown nudes. I only have about one eight of it left, so I'm contemplating how to get another one of these.

This one also fits in that ultra soothing and comforting lip products with color that almost feel like a lip balm. It's that sort of lip gloss type of a product, but actually feels like a very nourishing lip balm on the lips. Shade DEW You Care? is one of those warm brown nudes that will go with almost any makeup look. I absolutely adore this formula and I've heard it's getting discontinued soon, so you better get it quickly. I am planning on stocking up on these as well. 

Balea Med Creme-öl Körper Lotion 

Colder months kick my atopic dermatitis up again. I usually get dry itchy skin just on my back and only in the colder months. That's when I switch to much more nourishing and thicker body products. This is one of my staples for years. It's body lotion with allantoin from DM brand called Med, which I assume stands for medical. It's got a bit of scent to it which surprisingly doesn't bother my skin. It's a very thick white cream that is harder to spread, but it coats your skin with protective nourishing layer that feels moisturizing and soothing. In the ingredients list you'll find ingredients like sunflower seed oil, castor oil, allantoin and glycerin. It's fairly short ingredients list and I find that it doesn't further irritate my skin, but it keeps it well protected. 

Bepanten Balm

I'm sure this is called differently in other countries, but it's basically thick white balm with dexpanthenol - vitamin B5 which is hydrating, moisturizing ingredient that helps to heal skin. It's sort of a universal balm that is used for dry, flaky and wounded skin to promote its healing faster. I tend to use this on my lips every night, because they are always dry. I also used it a lot on my eczema on my hands, because my skin is either constantly peeling or cracking and getting wounded. This is so occlusive that it keeps moisture inside and makes me able to move my fingers without them cracking again. If you have any very dry parts on the body, like lips, this can work wonders. 

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