Review: Avon True Luminous Blush - Rose

I have been talking about this blush ever since I got it and I'm not a fan of pink blushes, so you know this one must be special. It's just one of those shades that instantly lifts up your complexion, but isn't too bright nor too dark. Just perfect pink for spring and summer.


I am not sure if this is some sort of Limited Edition blush, but I suspect because of the packaging, that it is. It has that classic black plastic packaging with purple design on it. You open it up by pushing small button and it closes securely. It also has lovely flower pattern embossed in the product.

In it is 10 grams of product and you will usually get it for around 8€. I think the price is a bit steep, but look out for some good deal, Avon often times has much lower prices. 


It's drier formula that doesn't have any wet slip to it. Pigmentation is good. I personally prefer less pigmented blushes, because I want to build them up slowly rather than applying too much at once. But this one has just the right amount of pigment that you don't need to dip again. Finish is matte and it looks almost a bit diffused on the cheeks.

It has play-doh floral kind of scent. 


As far as I know this is the only shade of blush in this range. It's called Rose and it's medium vibrant pink, but with a dirty undertone. It's that perfect medium pink that isn't cool nor warm and it's vibrant in color, but somehow still muted, because of the slight brownish base that is actually more visible in the pan than on the actual cheek. If you apply it sheerer, it's more rosy and the more you build it up, the more fuchsia pink it gets. 

I think this is one of those universally flattering pinks that will look good on warm, cool and neutral skin tones anywhere from light to medium skin.


Avon True Luminous Blush in Rose is much more vibrant pink than I am used to. It has that fuchsia undertone to it. Trend It Up Powder Blush in 050 is another one of my favorite pinks, but that one has shimmery sheen to it and it looks much more baby pink in comparison. It's also warmer. 

It is impossible for my camera to pick up blush and I still don't understand why. I have very rosy cheeks in person and on camera it looks like I have nothing on. On my warmer skin tone it can pull a bit warmer, keep that in mind.


This lasts on my skin better than most of my blushes, although it's not the most long lasting one I have. So I would say it's pretty long lasting and it applies well too. I didn't have any problems with patchiness, but obviously, drier matte formulas need a bit more blending to look even than those shimmery ones. 

I am a massive fan of this blush mostly just because of the color. I like a bit of a sheen with my blush, but this one is matte, although it looks sort of soft focus almost diffused on the cheeks. It's a much brighter pink than I am used to with almost fuchsia undertone, but still enough muted to work on my skin. It applies descent and it stays on the cheeks well. I think the shade is definitely its win. It will suit many different skin tones. If you need or want something similar in your collection, this is a good choice, if you can get it at a lower price.


  1. Ładny kolorek, ale nie jestem fanką Avonu.

  2. Odtenek mi izgleda izjemno podoben Rimmelovemu Maxi Blushu 003 Wild Card. Mogoče je slednji malo bolj topel. Lušen odtenek in lepo ti paše, čeprav kot praviš ga kamera je prikaže tako živega kot je :)

    1. Očitno jaz s svojim fotoaparatom res ne znam prikazat rdečil. Na tvojem blogu npr imaš vedno bolj očitne odtenke. Ali pa se jaz tako bojim preveč nanesti, ker potem nočem iti taka ven :D.

      Nisem fan roza odtenkov, ampak redki me presenetijo. Zagotovo mi je tako všeč, zato ker je malo zamolkel. Taki odtenki so mi vedno všeč :).