Review: Catrice Blush Box Glowing + Multicolour - 020 It's wine o'clock

Continuing with Catrice new launches, here is another new at their stand, their Blush Box Glowing + Multicolour glowing powder blush. I have to say I haven't had many of Catrice blushes before, but they seem to be a favorite and it's because of great formula. This one is no exception. 


It comes in plastic packaging with rose gold color. Top is transparent so you can see the shade. It doesn't close with a click. There is no little part that would click and hold the packaging together, so I am confused as to how I would travel with this. Because it doesn't have magnetic closing either. So it doesn't close securely. But the packaging itself seems more bulky than usual and a bit better quality.

In it is 5.5 grams of product and it costs 4.39€.


It has one of those wetter formulas, even though it's a powder. Wetter textures usually have more pigment and this one is really nicely pigmented. You don't need to keep reapplying it, it all depends on how intense you want it to look. 


It comes in two shades. One is more peachy and one more pink. I have shade 020 It's wine o'clock which is medium warm muted pink. In the packaging you see three different shades - pale peachy beige, warm medium pink and warm medium mauve pink. When you apply it all together you get very wearable pink with a bit of that mauve undertone, but still pretty warm toned. 

It also has intense sheen, which is not shimmery or metallic. It looks very natural and gives your skin that healthy look. Sheen is more of a champagne color


Catrice Blush Box 020 It's wine o'clock - warm dirty pink
L.O.V. BLUSHment Blurring Blush 010 Be The Game Changer - vibrant Barbie pink
Trend It Up Powder Blush 050 - muted mauve pink


It applies like a dream. You don't need to keep piling it on, one swipe is enough. The more you build it up, the darker and shinier it will look. It wears just as lovely. I have been wearing it for 13 hours and it was still on my cheeks at the end of the day. Intensity fades a bit, but that happens with most blushes anyway. I'd say it's long lasting.

I swear my camera has something against blushes. Every blush looks so vivid in real life, but on camera it looks like I have nothing on. It just washes it out, especially on my profile photos. But I hope you can see that it actually looks so pretty on my full face photo.

I am positively surprised by a lot of these new Catrice launches. They seem to be really nice quality. This blush is definitely one of the better ones I've tried in a while. Formula is easy to apply and blends out lovely. It's nicely pigmented and the shade itself is so wearable. I can see this being liked by many, because it's such a universally flattering pink. It also wears lovely and stays on well. I kind of want the other peachy version called 010 Dolce Vita as well now. If you want that sheeny blush that doesn't look shimmery and has nice pigmentation, then definitely check these two out. I'm assuming these are going to sell well and they'll eventually add more shades. 

*Product was sent to me.


  1. Ne vem zakaj na meni ni tega glow efekta :/ Ampak ok, saj je že barva sama zelo lepa :) Kvaliteta je odlična, morda je celo malo preveč pigmentiran, itak pa se lepo zabriše. Meni isto fotoaparati ne poberejo blushe, sploh ko sem imela temno rjave lase in je bil vedno močen kontrast zato za na slike nanesem klovnovsko količino blusha, da se kaj vidi, ima čim bolj belo ozadje in spete lase :)

    1. Mogoče je čist odvisno od čopiča. Jaz sicer uporabljam takega z redkimi ščetinami na koncu, tako da je vse skupaj bolj fluffy nanos. Je pa res, da je moja celotna koža zadnje dni skoz glowy, ker se tako mastim :D. Ampak to je fotografirano takoj po nanosu. Odtenek je res lep in pigmentacija odlična. Zdaj bo to en moj najljubših roza odtenkov.

      Očitno bi jaz tudi mogla pretiravat, ampak vedno fotkam ko kam grem, pa potem ne upam :D.