Review: Catrice Luminice Highlight & Bronze Glow Palette - 020 Feel Gold

Catrice is again renewing their standard stand with some new products. They do these revamps about two times a year. I had the chance to try some of the new products out. Part of their newest products range are also two Luminice Highlight & Bronze Glow Palettes. I have the more golden one named 020 Feel Gold.


Both of these palettes have gorgeous design. One is grey marbled with metallic rose gold details and this one is black with metallic gold details. I absolutely love both designs. They are eye catchers on your desk. It has that cardboard packaging with magnetic closing that I find most convenient and travel friendly. Inside you'll also get small mirror which is nice.

In it is 12.6 grams of products and it costs 7.29€. This palette is already available in some stores that carry Catrice products, because it's part of LE called  Goldenlight and it will also be available on their standard stand as soon as new Catrice products hit the stores. 


These are powder formulas, but ones that have that wet feel under fingers which means they are very pigmented and swatch like a dream. All three shades have slightly different finishes and tones.

Soft Highlighter has that not too pigmented base and a very natural sheen like shimmer that doesn't look shimmery. It gives you that proper skin like sheen. This will look best on light skin tone.

Highlighter is very pigmented metallic shade that can quickly look too much, if you apply it heavily. Or if you like that kind of look, go for it. It has the biggest shimmer in it that gives it that metallic shine, but doesn't look chunky on the skin, just more obvious as a lot of metallic highlighters do. It will look best on light to medium warm skin tones.

Bronzing Highlighter is in between both of the previous ones. It's not as metallic as Highlighter, but has more of that shimmery base than Soft Highlighter. So it's that typical shimmery highlight, but in a very peachy way. It has peachy golden sheen, but definitely more peach toned than golden. I would consider this more as a blush not a bronze shade. It will look best on medium skin.


In this palette you get two highlighting shades and one highlighting bronzer. I believe that in other version there are two highlighters and one blush.

Soft Highlight - light champagne beige shade with tiny shimmer that just gives it a sheen.
Highlighter - light shimmery yellow gold that has more chunkier shimmer that looks metallic.
Bronzing Highlight - medium peach toned bronze shade with peachy gold sheen.


theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer - light champagne with cooler silver champagne sheen. It's one of those neutral tones that will suit warm, cool or neutral skin tones, but mostly fair to light skin.
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Moonstone - pale champagne gold.
Catrice Soft Highlight - light champagne beige.
Catrice Highlighter - light metallic yellow gold.
Catrice Bronzing Highlighter - medium peachy bronze.
theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer - medium orange bronze shade with gold sheen.


Because they are so pigmented, they apply lovely. You don't have to build them up at all. One swipe is enough, but if you want stronger base or more shine, go in with another swipe. They last well on the skin too, but then again, most highlighters do on me. 

Catrice Luminice - Soft Highlighter
Catrice Luminice - Soft Highlighter

Catrice Luminice - Highlighter

Catrice Luminice - Highlighter

Catrice Luminice - Soft Highlighter as highlight and Bronzing Highlighter as blush

As soon as I saw the packaging it reminded me of L.O.V. highlighting palettes and I hear only good things about those too. L.O.V. is sister brand of Catrice, so I am not surprised that Catrice is stepping up their quality. This is very nice highlighting palette. Packaging is gorgeous as well as useful. If you like warmer highlights, you'll like it. I feel like the shade range is suited for light skin tone mostly. I can see first shade being your winter shade, middle your summer and the last one as a blush topper or bronzer topper, if you like that. Formula is lovely. It applies well, has great pigmentation and lasts well on the skin too. I have to say, this is one of those Catrice products that I'll definitely use a lot. I already took it with me on a  short trip by the sea and it worked out lovely. I had all the shades I could possibly need in one palette.

*Product was sent to me. 

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