September 2019 Favorites

These months seem to be flying by lately. I have a few new projects occupying my free time, which I'll talk more about it in this post. As far as my favorites, there have been just a lot of staples and very few new products. I am finally using up some old makeup as well, which always makes me happy, because it means there's room for new. 

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

I ran out of my other exfoliating toners and this is the only one that I still have some, so I've come to appreciate it more. It's an AHA acid and quite a strong one for sensitive skin like mine. I sometimes feel a bit of sting, but nothing too irritating that my skin couldn't handle. Since I avoided any acids in the summer time, now I start to see the difference of using it again. It just creates a much smoother surface of my skin and doesn't dry it down. I like this, although sometimes it feels a bit too stingy for my sensitive skin. But it works good for breakouts. 

Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream - 21 and 23

Whenever colder weather strikes in, I switch to this BB cream. It's basically like a skin care and makeup product in one. You can use it without much moisturizer underneath, but it also gives you great coverage and looks the most natural out of all my other foundations. This will give you that natural sheen to your skin that makes you look healthy. Because the shades are a bit off for my skin tone, I always mix it with other foundations.

The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer - 01

No doubt, this is one of my all-time favorite concealers. It covers so well, but never looks cakey or too dry, even under the eyes. I don't find it to move or get into fine lines and the shade is fair enough for me. I really like that I don't need to pile this one. It covers under eye area so well as well as pimples.

L.O.V. BLUSHment Blurring Blush 30 Beautiful Minds Empower Other

This has to be my most used blush by now. It's just the perfect shade to match with anything. This goes with minimal makeup, with cool or warm shades as well as with bold statement lips. It's muddy mauve shade that will suit many skin tones and gives you that blushy color, but never looks too much. Marbled pattern contains some sheeny highlight as well, which gives your cheeks such a nice sheen. L.O.V. has one of the best blush formulas and these stay on like nobody's business.

Inglot Duraline

This is mixing liquid that you can mix with any makeup product and it creates liquid product. I have been using it with different powder eyeshadows and creating my own colorful liquid liners. It has been so much fun. This really creates that liquid formula that glides on like a dream and once it sets, it doesn't move at all. It creates waterproof film so you are got to go for the whole day. You need the tinniest amount, usually one drop is already too much. That's the only negative thing, you waste some product.

Ebelin Vegan Makeup Brush

I believe this was a powder brush, but I am not sure anymore. It doesn't say it anywhere on the handle. It's by DM house brand Ebelin and it was part of their LE vegan collection. It's one of the softest synthetic brushes ever. Slightly tapered bristles remind me so much of Ecotools Angled Blush Brush. I bought it quite a few months ago and ever since then I have been absolutely loving it. The shape is perfect for applying bronzer to slightly contour with it and make it blend along the way. I regret not getting more of them. 

Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist - Twilight Woods

Ah, it's finally fall and time to bring out all my sultry, woody and heavier scents. Twilight Woods is body mist and as such doesn't have that strong staying power, but it still lasts better than such products. It's that slightly oriental woody scent that is just heavy and sweet enough to transition you into colder months. I absolutely adore this scent.

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Nice

Batiste describes this as strawberry-rose-vanilla scent, but I sense some woody creaminess to it. It almost borderline smells a bit oriental and I love it. It's not too sweet either, just enough. Batiste are my favorite dry shampoos, because they really get rid of any greasiness that's on my hair. Recently I bought two new scents - Nice and Naughty, and so far I have been loving Nice version. 

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo

I have bought so many Pantene hair products lately. Mostly just shampoos and conditioner. They are cheap and I love their quality. This has turned out to be a great shampoo for my thin hair. It does what is says, cleans well, but doesn't weight them down. Too nourishing shampoos tend to make my hair either oily too quickly or make them look heavier than they are. And this one is just a nice everyday shampoo. Their products also always smells very fruity sweet, which I don't mind. 

Silver Crest Professional Ionic Straightening Brush

This is Lidl brand and they often times have some hair tools that are much cheaper. I never payed any attention to their products, but this brush caught my eye. Because I have been straightening my hair almost every day, it was getting really damaged. I am obviously not a light sleeper and my hair gets all wavy and tangled through the night. I want it to look a bit more uniformed in the morning, but without damaging it too much. This is where this brush comes in. It applies heat only on one side of my hair, which is less damaging, and gets it just straight enough to look more presentable. This won't give my fine hair pitch straight look, but as long as I can straighten out some waves and curls, I'm fine with it. It was worth the price.

David Jones Handbag

I was looking for new bigger handbag, because my old one was pretty much distressed beyond the point of saving. I'm usually the type of person that prefers small bags, but sometimes you just need something bigger to carry all your things with you through the day. I found this one in Bags & More. At first it looked a bit too vibrant brown and I wasn't sure about the color, but now I love it. I have been seeing brown all over clothing and accessories store and it's basically my favorite color for fall. If most prefer grey, I love brown. It also has a lot of compartments which sometimes makes it easier to store product and obviously find them later on. It came with the scarf, but I might change it for some leopard print one. 

New project - apartment

I have also started a whole new project in my life. I call it sort of our tiny apartment. Maybe I'll talk more about it in the future, but let's just say, it's been really fun getting it all together. I love interior shopping and decorating. There has been a lot of that in the past month and probably will be in the future as well. It's a small space, scratch that - tiny, and that gives me a whole new challenge on where to put everything to have it most functional, but also look good. Maybe I'll share finished result with you as well, if you're interested in something different than just beauty.


  1. Ta Misshina bb crema je že tako dolgo an WL, verjetno od tedaj, ko sem jo prvič zasledila na tvojem blogu :)

    Sama sem si tudi nakupila Pantene izdelke haha :D Zaenkrat imam dva balzama in masko in sem navdušena :D Sem pa tudi ugotovila, da ima Dove odlične šampone za suhe lase :D

    In jaaa, itak nas zanima tvoje stanovanje, sama tudi obožujem interior design, na začetku sem celo razmišljala, da bi šla študirat nekaj v tej smeri. To je razlog, da še vedno gledam Zoelline vloge, ker je res kraljica v extra dekoririranju :D

    1. Jaz sem najprej kupila mini verzijo in priporočam tako za prvi nakup. V primeru, da ti ne bo ustrezala. Meni je res zelo všeč. Sem kupila ziher že 4 tube. Nekako najbolj naravno izgleda od vseh podlag, a ima vseeno izredno dobro prekrivnost :).

      Se vidi, da bereva Matejo :D. Dove pa nisem nikoli imela. Razen tuš gelov.

      Meni je interior dizajn zelo zanimivo področje, čeprav ne bi rekla, da imam kaj veliko pojma o tem. Mi je pa vedno všeč če na obrazu, ali v sobi z nekimi kombinacijami. Če je prostor majhen, je pa izziv še toliko večji. In seveda majhen budget :D. Moram pogledat kakšen njen video, si mi dala idejo :).