Review: Avon Attraction Sensation Eau de Parfum

Avon has launched many of my all time favorite fragrances and I always look forward to what they'll bring out next. I've said many times that they have one of the best and most affordable fragrances out there. It's just a bit harder to buy, which must be the main reason why many don't own them. Attraction is one of best selling ranges and they have recently added a new version called Sensation


It has warm purple and gold design. Glass bottle has trapezoid shape from bird's eye perspective and the cap is also part of interesting gold design. 

In it you get 50 ml of eau de parfum and the price is usually around 20€. You can buy it from Avon directly or their sellers.


Avon sells it as the fragrance that awakens all five senses. It comes in a version for her and him and they both share the same accord of bold leather. Fragrance was developed by Laurent Le Guernec.

I usually find notes on Fragrantica, but they don't have them for this version of fragrance yet. So I have found several pages with notes described and they all differ a bit, so don't quote me on this. But so far I have found it probably contains notes of spicy ginger (I don't smell it), oriental mandarin, plum, jasmine, orris, midnight freesia, cashmere wood and bold leather.  

Initially I smell sweet fruity notes - something like plum and mandarin, that turn slightly floral, but there's a strong note of bold leather present from the start. As it develops a bit it becomes much more oriental sweet with a stronger feel to it. The base seems quite sweet, which must be due to cashmere, but I assume there must be some musk or amber in it too. My nose is not the right source for describing notes, but I can point out general families like fruity and floral. 

I would describe this as oriental fruity fragrance. Florals are way in the back and I don't even notice them for that long. Oriental strong sweet base prevails which is exactly how I like it. Bold leather makes it so much more interesting and edgy in a way. Fruity notes give this stronger base some freshness, but still in a very sweet way.

This fragrance is most suited for those that like sweet and oriental fragrances with a stronger base. I use it even now in this hotter weather, but it's definitely more of a night time fragrance. It just depends on what you prefer. 


It's eau de parfum, so it means the longevity is good. It's not the most long lasting fragrance I have ever tried, but because it's oriental, it lasts well. I have noticed that stronger base notes give perfumes longer longevity.

As soon as I spritzed it on my skin for the first time, I knew, this will be my new favorite fragrance. And it is. I have been using it almost every day since I got it. I already used up one third of it, which says a lot, since I almost never finish perfumes. This and Avon Attraction Rush, which I have already used up, happen to be two of my absolute favorite scents from Avon. If you like oriental sweet perfumes like I do, I definitely encourage you to check this one out. 

You can also read what Original and Rush version smell like.

*Product was sent to me.

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  1. Pathetic - worst perfume I have ever purchased as it lasts for less than five minutes