Review: Paese Products

Paese is a Polish makeup brand (they have some skin care products too) that I didn't know about, until I got some products on one of the beauty blogger events. They actually gave us a good amount of makeup to test and make our mind up about the brand. I was intrigued by the quality packaging and simplistic design. As soon as I started using the products, I was impressed. So I decided to make a short review of all the products I got. I'll try to keep it short and informative, because there is a lot of products.

The basis of this brand is keeping it as natural as possible with vitamin complexes, oils, waxes, minerals and protective UV filters. Or so I've been said, I'm not an expert on ingredients, so I can't say. You can find the list of ingredients on their website for every product that you're interested in. 

Paese Mattifying Make-Up Base

It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with plastic top and a plastic pump. The pump works fine and you can control the amount of product that you want.

In it is 15 ml of product and the price is 15€.

It has a thicker transparent gel consistency that spreads on the skin with ease and feels almost a bit greasy (more than some of silicon based primers that I own). It has that typical silicon smooth feel to it and a velvet matte finish. It smooths the skin and preps it for foundation. I didn't notice it particularly hiding the pores, but it also didn't make them appear bigger. 

It's a mattifying base for oily and combination skin. At first it really does  make your skin look velvet matte, but on my skin it didn't prevent the oils to come through. I felt like my skin got greasy on my t-zone like it does if I don't use a primer. It's a nice smooth base for under foundation, but I wouldn't say it's mattifying through the day. At least it wasn't on my combination skin. Primers are usually used to prolong the wear of makeup and I guess it did that a little. 

It doesn't have any scent to it.

Paese Liquid Powder Double Skin Aqua Lightweight and Moisturizing Foundation - 20A

It comes in a glass bottle with a plastic black top. It has a lip gloss kind of sponge applicator, which seems nice to use, but it's not hygienic

In it is 30 ml of product and the price is 24€.

It has a greasy thin creamy formula. This dries on the skin really fast and you have to work with it fast. It really clings to the skin and gives you a velvet finish with a sheen. It's not sticky, but also not powdery or cakey looking. It gets a bit into pores, but doesn't emphasize them. It gets a bit into fine lines too, but feels almost moisturizing on the skin.

The coverage is underwhelming for me. I'd say it's light to medium coverage. You can build it up or sheer it out. For some reason it looked kind of patchy on me, which I hated. 

After a few hours my skin looked very dewy and it got really patchy looking around my edges, like on the forehead (which also made my bronzer came off), which looked like I was peeling off. Not a good look. The coverage also pretty much vanishes after a few hours

It comes in 6 shades from 10A to 30A and from 10M and 30M. I got the shade 20A, which looked fine in the bottle. It was a bit too dark for my NC15 complexion, but as soon as I got some tan, I was excited to try it out. To my disappointment this oxidizes like crazy. I was applying it on my skin and while I was applying it, it dried down on some parts to a really dark orange based color. It oxidized at least 4 shades darker than what it looked like in the beginning. Crazy. 

Shade 20A is a very warm yellow toned shade that looks orange toned once it dries down. Or it at least oxidized like that on my skin. I can't say, if it does on everyone. 

It has that typical clay like foundation scent, so no added perfumes

I swatched it next to other foundations and this photo was taken before it oxidized, because I wanted you to see the different undertones. 

Paese 20A is a warm toned shade that turns orange. Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation in 010 Light Beige is more of a neutral warm shade. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 51 Light Vanilla is a warm yellow toned shade with slight peachiness to it. EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation in 2.0 is the most yellow toned shade of these all and lighter than other shades (at least at first). L'Oreal Infallible 24h-Matte in 11 Vanilla is cool pink toned and darker than most other shades. ItStyle 24h Long Lasting Foundation in 04 is the darkest of these all and has a warm undertone. 

Paese 20A looks most similar to Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation in 010 Light Beige, but once it oxidizes it's very orange toned and a lot darker. I think this shade is more suited for medium skin tones, even though it looks really light in the bottle. 

On the bottom photo you can see how it started to oxidize. A real oompa loompa shade for my light skin tone.

I mixed this foundation with another lighter shade of foundation from my collection, because I just couldn't wear it on its own. It was way too dark. But I did test it on its own while I was at home. I also used Paese Rice powder on my T-zone.

Paese Rice Powder

It comes in a transparent plastic pot with a shiny black plastic top. It has a sifter with small holes. The sifter has that double system where you can turn it and close the holes to prevent loose powder coming out. If you turn the sifter to the other side, you open it and you can shake powder out. I like that, because it prevents it getting dirty and spilling all over the packaging. You can control the amount you want. It also comes with a powder puff, which feels very plastic and cheap. It's not one of those soft powder puffs, so I don't like to use it.

In ti is 15 grams of product and the price is 18€.

It's a white very finely milled powder that essentially works as a transparent powder. It means it blends into nothing. I'm not sure how these white transparent powders would look on darker skin tones. They might looks ashy. But they are great for fair and light skin tones. 

It has a subtle kind of floral scent. I don't know why, but I really like it. And I usually don't like my makeup to be overly perfumed.

They say it's recommended for dry and sensitive skin. It should absorb excessive sebum, prevent dehydration of the skin and keep the skin matte looking. It's smoothing, soft and with a velvet finish

I agree that this gives you amazingly smooth skin with a velvet finish. It doesn't sit into pores or lines and it gives your skin lovely natural matte look. I also feel like it absorbs sebum very well. It makes my skin matte looking for longer, but it also doesn't look cakey. It's very lightweight. I love it for under the eyes for a super smooth finish as well as on my oily t-zone as it keeps my foundation last longer and not get shiny as quickly. To me this is one of the stand out products from them. 

Paese Shimmer Pressed Powder - 02 Natural

It comes in a plastic shiny black packaging. It looks kind of 3D and well made. Inside you also get a small mirror and a puff, which is again kind of plastic feeling and rough

In it is 9 grams of product and the price is 19.90€

I am a bit confused by this product. On the packaging it says that it prism highlights or imitates the suntan, making the skin look healthy and relaxed. Highly ground pearl reflects the light, ensuring luminosity. It is multifunctional product for modelling the face, as it can be used as the blusher, brightening powder or bronzer. 

It's a finely milled powder with slightly wet texture and really good pigmentation. Shade 02 Natural is a peach based color with light silver sheen. There's no visible shimmer in it, it's so fine that it just gives a nice sheen to the skin. It looks incredibly natural

My only problem is the base color. It's kind of peachy like a bronzer, at times it looks kind of cool pink toned because of a cool sheen on top and I'm not sure what to use it for. They say it's basically a highlighter, bronzer and blush all in one. When I am very fair, this works more as a shimmery bronzer. But it has such a strong sheen to it, that it kind of looks weird to me, unless you really like shimmery powders for setting and bronzers. When I'm tanned I can use it as a highlighter, although it still has that visible peach base to it. I guess I can use it instead of a bronzer and highlighter all in one. Eventually you could also apply it as a shiny blush with peach undertone

I don't notice any scent to it.

I compared it to Essence Pure Nude Highlighter in 10 Be My Highlight. These two look almost exactly the same. Essence has just a tiny bit more of that silver sheen and looks just slightly more reflective or shiny. The shimmer in it is also just a tad bigger, but once on the skin, you almost can't tell a difference. Maybe Essence gives me less of that pigmented base and that's why I feel it's more wearable. But these could easily be dupes. I also swatched next to it Catrice LE Treasure Trove Golden Powder in C01 Golden Grace which is a more pink toned variation, lighter in color and even more shimmery. It also has more of a golden shimmer in it. Terra Naturi Shimmer Powder Body & Face in 01 Golden Highlight is about the same darkness as Paese, but it a golden highlighter with even more peachy base to it. The sheen here is very gold. 

On the bottom photo you can see how it gives me a bronze peachy color to the cheeks, but where it hits the light it reflects a soft silver sheen. 

Paese Blacker Than Black Volume And Care Mascara

It comes in a shiny black plastic packaging.

In it is 13 ml of product and the price is 17.90€.

The wand has those natural bristles which seem to be the same length down the wand, but they get slightly shorter on the end of it and roundly cut. The wand is quite big, but still easy enough to work with and you can get really close to the roots of lashes. 

It has a lot of product on the wand and I would advise you to take most of it off, before applying. The formula is just fine, not too wet nor too dry

One coat gives you mostly length and good separation. Second coat will give you more volume, but also length. It doesn't make them look too clumpy, so you can apply a few coats and not loose a lot of definition. In my opinion this is more of a lengthening mascara than a volumizing and fairly separating. Right after application the curl drops a little, like with most mascaras, but then it stays curled for the whole day. It looks even better on lower lashes as it gives them nice definition and length. It didn't smudge or flake off.

I like that it's not clumpy looking, but I just wish it had more volume.

Paese Lip Pencil - 11

It comes in a white pencil form with a transparent cap. The range features 6 different shades.

It doesn't say how much product is in it, but the price is 8€

The texture is very creamy, almost like lipstick. It has good pigmentation and applies with ease. It also looks even on the lips and lasts very well without feeling dry on the lips. It wears very comfortable

Shade 11 is a medium pink mauve shade. It's essentially pink with a slight purple tint to it. 

Paese Silky Matt Lipstick - 707

It comes in a plastic transparent packaging with a matte black top. In the range you can choose among 10 shades. I believe I saw that they've recently added another 4 new shades to the range. 

In it is 6 ml of product and the price is 11.99€.

It has a fluffy sponge applicator that is flat and fairly long. But I like applying the lipstick with it and it works great for that. It applies product really quickly and you can get precise edges. 

Shade 707 is a muddy medium mauve shade (mix of pink and purple). It's that perfect wearable fall shade that might look like my-lips-but-better shade on more medium to dark skin tones. 

It has a very pigmented creamy texture, that doesn't feel too thick or heavy. It applies with ease. This formula needs a very long time to dry down to a matte finish (depends on how thick it the layer, up to 1 hour - you can blot it down for an instant matte finish), but it does dry to a proper matte finish that isn't drying. That's what I like the most about it, it starts of as a shiny liquid lipstick and slowly becomes matte. Similar to Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor. Revlon formula is a bit sheerer and feels just a bit more comfortable creamy or even emollient than Paese. Just slightly more comfortable to wear, but Paese formula is also very nice to wear even on my dry lips. It's also long lasting.

It has an unpleasant artificial scent, but thankfully it doesn't linger on the lips.

On the bottom you can see how shiny it is right after application and then it becomes more matte. It can become even matter, depending on how long you wear it and how dry your lips are. 

Swatches of both, lip pencil and liquid lipstick. These two could be used together, because of a similar shade. 

The only shade of pencil that looked similar to Paese is Avon Ultra Glimmerstick Lip Liner in Pink Bouquet which is actually more vibrant pink and doesn't have that purple tint to it.

I swatched Make Up Factory Mat Lip Fluid in 61 Velvet Rosewood next to it. Before it dries down, it looks very similar to Paese. It's that same mauve shade, but it's slightly more brown toned. It dries down to a darker shade that looks more peachy brown mauve. But freshly swatched, these two are very similar. I also swatched Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipstick in Berry Blast which is darker and more of a plum shade. Avon Mark Plump It lipstick in Divine Wine is similar in color, but cooler and slightly more purple toned. Catrice Supreme Fusion Lipcolor + Care in 070 Remarry Berry is a sheerer and more light purple plum shade. 

I tried this lipstick when I was still about NC 15 skin tone which is the photo with my brown hair and then you can see how it looks like on my tan skin tone on the photo with blonde highlights. 

Paese Nail Polish - 102

It comes in a transparent bottle with black plastic top. The range has 24 different shades. 

In it is 9 ml of product and the price is 7€

Shade 102 is a true chalk white shade. It needs at least two coats to look even. It applies nicely and has regular thin straight cut brush. The pigmentation is actually impressive for a proper white nail polish. It lasts average for about two to three days on my weak nails. So I wasn't impressed by that. They promise you a high shine and it is shiny, but nothing like my shiny top coats. But the shade itself is actually really pretty. 

Out of all the products I was most impressed with liquid matte lipstick and rice powder. Those two are a winners for me. Lip pencil was also really nice and I loved the creamy comfortable wear. Nail polish, mascara and primer were all fine, but didn't really impress me that much. I really like the color of the nail polish (could be more long lasting), the fact that mascara doesn't look clumpy (but could give more volume) and the smoothness of primer (but most of silicon primers feel the same). The shimmer pressed powder looks really lovely with that sheen, but it's just too dark for me to use as a highlighter. I also wouldn't use it for a bronzer on everyday basis. I'm just a bit confused by it and don't know really what to use it for, but quality wise this is a great product. Foundation was a total disappointment. I don't like that it has such a light coverage, looks really greasy on my skin after a few hours and oxidizes like crazy. It's a definite no for me.

In general I think this is a fairly good brand. Some products impressed me more than others. I think it's like with most brands, some products are worth the price and some you can get at a lot more affordable prices from drugstore. I would love to try some other Silky Matt shades as well as maybe some of their powder formulas- like highlighter Blaze Cheek Illuminator and Bamboo Powder. Those are the categorizes that I was impressed by the most. In terms of pricing it's in this range of brands like Kiko, which also has great packaging and good quality products. 

You can buy their product on Paese website or in Orhideja Salon in Lipa 49 3320 Velenje. I asked and they told me that a physical Paese Store is coming our way, but it's still in the process. So I don't know where the location for it will be. Paese is sold in over 30 countries: Poland, Canary Islands, Romania, Cyprus, Ireland, Russia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Seychelles, Finland, Latvia, Slovakia, France, Lithuania, France, Spain, Germany, Moldova, Sweden, Greece, Netherlands, UK, Hungary, Norway, Ukraine, Iceland, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Canada and Belarus.

Some of these product are newest launches and may not already be available in the shop, but they assured me these products are coming to the shop in fall.

*I got the products on a beauty blogger event.


  1. Never heard of the brand before. The lip pencil looks amazing though! xx

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    1. Me neither, before I got it :). Lip pencil is so nice. The formula is really lovely and creamy. :)

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    1. Tega sem vedela, da ti bo všeč. Je ful podoben Velvet Rosewood :D

  3. I love it! It's one of my favourite brand that i use to use in dubai

    1. I'm glad I was introduced to the brand, because they have some really nice products.