Review: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - 218 Devil Wears Nada

I really like Sally Hansen nail polish formulas. They all have such a nice creamy formula, great shade selection and they usually last on my nails really well. So when I saw one of the nude shades in TK Maxx, I got it. 


It comes in glass bottle with silver top. It has wider and rounded brush. I love these type of brush shapes, because it creates perfect edges around cuticles without any effort.

In it is 14.7 ml of product and it usually costs around 10€, but I got it on sale for 2.99€.


It's a creamy formula that has just the right consistency, not too thick nor too thin. It applies evenlyPigmentation is good and you'll need two coats to completely cover the nail.


There are a lot of colors to choose from. I love that Sally Hansen always has such a nice selection of nudes. There is literally every tone of nude in their ranges.

218 Devil Wear Nada is pale beige nude with a bit of that latte brown undertone. I adore this shade. It's perfect for light warm skin tones. 


All Sally Hansen nail polishes last really well on my nails, longer than most. I can wear them with a top coat for about 5 days without any chipping. Dry time is fairly quick too. 

I knew I will like this one. Sally Hansen nail polish formulas are always so creamy, well pigmented and they apply easily. They also last long on my nails without any visible chipping. This has quickly become my favorite nude nail polish shades. I love that it's so pale and has quite a strong base to it, but the tone fits my skin tone so well. When it comes to nude, there is no better shade range than Sally Hansen. 

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