Review: Catrice Eyeconista Mascara - Regular And Waterproof

As soon as I saw Catrice came out with their regular version of Eyeconista Lash Millionizer Volume Mascara, it immediately reminded me of Maybelline Lash Sensational - because of the packaging as well as the wand. I heard people raving about it, but I was skeptical, until I finally gave in and bought it. Since then I also received waterproof version, so here is comparison of the two. 


These come in a bulky plastic mascara packaging. Regular version is rose gold with silver details and waterproof version is light blue with rose gold details. 

Wand reminds me a lot of Maybelline Lash Sensational wand. It's silicon, curved and a much smaller version of Maybelline one. It also has shorter bristles on one side, then longer in the middle and again shorter on the other side while bristles on Maybelline wand go from shorter to longer. I like small wand, because it works nice on my smaller eyes, although those of your that prefer thick bushy regular wands, you're not going to like this one at all.

In each is 11 ml of product and it costs 5.39€.

L: Catrice Eyeconista wand L: Maybelline Lash Sensational wand


Both of these have quite wet formula. I have regular version longer and that one already dried up a bit and I prefer it now. So I assume waterproof version will become drier in time too. Usually, waterproof mascaras have drier formula - like with Essence, but this one is surprisingly wet. 


I believe both of these come in only one color. Regular version is named 010 The Best Or Nothing and waterproof version is named 010 Eye Want It All. They are both black


Wetness may affect your curl and drop it a bit, if you have stubborn lashes that don't want to hold the curl. I noticed that happening to me too, but just a bit. When it became drier, it was fine. 

Because of the curved and small wand, you can get into every little corner of your lash line and it coats every lash. One coat gives you mostly length and definition. The second coat adds more volume and thickness to the lashes. This is also due to bristles being sparse and you can quickly add too much product in the beginning, when it's still very wet. It can look clumpy, if you overdo it.

Regular version

Waterproof version

As the regular version dried up, it gave me more definition than waterproof version. I would describe this mascara as a mix between Maybelline Lash Sensational and L'Oreal Paradise Extatic. It gives you that definition and length that Maybelline gives, but it also makes the lashes look thicker and voluminous as L'Oreal one does.

I wore regular version on one eye and waterproof on the other to test them side by side. It confirmed my weird observations, that regular version wore better than waterproof one. Both of these did transfer a bit on my upper lid, because I have hooded eyes, but as regular version dried up a bit, the transferring was gone too. But the weird thing is that waterproof version smudged and crumbled more than regular version. It might be due to the formula being wetter in the beginning too. But nevertheless, waterproof version is definitely not waterproof. I applied water to my lashes and it smudged just like the regular version, so that is a big downside, if you're buying it for waterproof claim.

As for the longevity, these both lasted good on my eyes, apart from a few crumbles at the end of the day and some transferring on my upper lid, while the formula was still very wet. They also both removed very easily.

For the price you really can't go wrong with these two mascaras, if you want volume and length. I find regular version better, because it performs the same as waterproof one and the waterproof one is definitely not waterproof. It might also be the fact that I had it for longer and it has dried up a bit and that's why it's performing better. This gives a bit of everything - length, definition, volume and thickness, which is all the things I love about mascara. Just keep in mind that it is quite wet and may not hold your curl and can transfer on your upper lid, if you have hooded eyes. It's definitely not for those of you that want something waterproof. But if you have pretty good lashes and you like Essence mascaras in general, you will like this one as well.

*Waterproof version was sent to me. Regular version I bought myself.


  1. I hate this violet mascara from Maybelline.

    1. Hm..then you probably won't like this one by Catrice either.

  2. Mene regular ni prepričala... Sem sprva mislila, da mi bo všeč zaradi same krtačke - mi je zgledala okej, ko pa sem jo nanesla pa sem zgledala ko pajek. Mi je še vedno moja favoritka od Catrice, tista ta vijolčna. xx

    1. Na začetku je meni tudi zelo zlepljala trepalnice. Ko se je pa malo posušila, pa več ne. Jaz pa skoraj nikoli ne uporabljam Catrice maskar. Nekako me ne prepričajo. Ta mi je do zdaj še nekako najbolj všeč se mi zdi.