Review: Sioris Time Is Running Out Mist

This is another one of those mist products from Korean skin care that I have been really enjoying. Mist products are especially nice to use in this hotter weather. It makes it so easy to apply and it's great to refresh your makeup during the day. Plus this one has some beneficial ingredients for your skin.


It comes in a plastic transparent bottle with spray pump. Through the bottle you see duo phase product as the bottom is transparent and on top is orange colored oil. Spray produces fine mist that doesn't splatter all over the face.

In it is 100 ml of product and it costs 18.70$ on Jolse.


Sioris Time Is Running Out Mist is 3-in-1 formula. It can be used as toner, serum or mist. It has 78% organic fruit water. Main star here is citrus juno fruit water also known as yuzu in Japan. Sioris uses fresh organic seasonal fruit from South Korea and I found that there can be two formulations, depending on when fruit was harvested. So you can get either springtime or autumn production. Mine seems to be autumn

In addition to fruit water you'll also find three oils in it - macadamia, jojoba and sunflower oil. There is also glycerin and allantoin among one of main ingredients in it.

This formula contains no parabens, artificial fragrance, additives or harmful ingredients and it's cruelty-free.

It has slightly acidic pH of 5.31.

Mist should be used up within 6 months of opening. 

It gives skin refreshing boost of hydration, nourishment and it brightens it up. Fruit water is packed with nutrients and minerals that give your skin immediate hydration and brightness. Oils give you long lasting nourishment and moisture. It is especially recommended for those with dry and dehydrated skin.

As far as the formula goes this is liquid and oil. You mix it up first and then apply about three spritzes on your face. It gives your face that immediate sheen from oils. On the skin it feels lightweight like a mist, but it has a bit of stickiness and nourishment from oils. Glycerin gives your that hydrating feel.

It has fresh citrus scent that makes it so nice to use. It feels refreshing.


I have been using this as a mist after cleansing or as the last step of my evening skin care routine to apply over moisturizer for additional hydration. It also works lovely as makeup setting spray, because it melts your powders together and gives you that hydrating layer. Most of those setting sprays are glycerin based anyway. 

This is great lightweight hydrating and nourishing mist that can be used as toner on dry and dehydrated skin. You can use it as serum on more oily skin which doesn't need anything heavier. This on its own could be enough of a moisturizer for my combination skin in the summer. I also loved using it as makeup setting spray, because it sets makeup so well, gives it a bit of sheen and contains skin care benefits. I didn't see any noticeable difference in my skin being brighter though.

Left: freshly washed, Right: mist applied

If you have sensitive skin, citrus might be a problem for you. I can sometimes get a bit of tingle on my skin. Keep that in mind, if you decided to buy it.

I am starting to really like mist products. I always thought those were just another layer of water, too thin and not much more to work with. But this one with mix of fruit water and oils actually feels more nourishing on the skin. It gives that immediate hydration, moisture and healthy glow to the skin. It's also multi-purpose product that can be used at any stage of skin care, depending on how much you need. Refreshing citrus scent makes it even nicer to use. Price is the only thing that I am not that fond of. Because it's so enjoyable, I use more than 3 spritzes and I'll run out of it fast. I would definitely need to repurchase it after about two months. 

*Product was sent to me.

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