December 2019 Favorites

My last monthly favorites before I gather all my favorite newly found products from 2019 in one post. My December was eventful - lots of birthdays, baking cakes and even moving to our own place. I am in that phase of wanting to use up some products, but I also got some new ones to try out and some were love at first try. 

I know, I would have hated this in the summer, but for right now, it's great. It's a thicker cream that has a lot of white cast, but gives the skin nice glow and nourishment. I love using it under foundation, because it makes foundation glide on better and stick to the face well. It has no scent, but contains SPF 25. I already used up half of it.

This has to be one of the best products by Te Mana that I have tried. It's a liquid type of essence that has that nourishing smooth texture which gives your skin such a good healthy looking sheen. I love this essence for that particular sheen, because it makes my skin look so good even when I don't wear any makeup. I almost used it up as well and I know I'll miss it in my routine. 

Revlon Photoready Candid Foundation 150 Creme Brulee

I have this foundation in 120 Buff, but I bought another shade since 120 wasn't available in Tuš drogerija. 150 is a bit more yellow warm and 120 is slightly peachier, so 150 suits me better. It is however a bit darker. I like to mix it with Missha BB cream anyway. It's a good medium coverage foundation that has that semi-matte finish with some reflection to the skin. It sets really quickly, but feels quite lightweight for the coverage that it has. 

RCMA No-Color Powder

It's a loose, finely milled powder in white color, which is actually transparent as you apply it on the skin. I wouldn't say this is anything revolutionary, but it's a good powder for setting makeup, not so much sebum control. You also get a huge amount of it which comes very cheap per gram. It's most makeup artist's staple, because it's a good setting powder and doesn't sit into pores or looks drying on the face. I started using it, because I finished all my previous powders and for some reason I prefer loose formulas over compact ones right now. 

This is one of those highlighters that I always go back to when I want something that makes an impact, yet still looks tasteful, meaning the shimmer is fine enough. It's a classic champagne shade that will fit most light to medium skin tones. Shimmer in it is super fine, but the pigmentation is great and you really don't need much for a proper sheen and glow on the skin. I love using it for special occasion, not daily, because it's quite expensive. You can see, I've used up quite a lot of it already, which says a lot knowing how big my highlighter collection is.

I believe this would be crowned as my favorite blush this year. Or at least my most used. It's one of those wearable dirty mauve shades that looks good with pretty much any makeup. This one also has that slightly cooler sheen to the skin in a form of fine shimmer which makes your skin look so healthy. I love how it wears as well, because it stays on for the whole day. This is truly one of the best blush formulas. 

Ebelin LE Winter Romance Powder Brush

I'm not sure, if this is called powder brush, I just assume it is, but it was part of Ebelin's limited edition called Winter Romance. I've had a few Ebelin brushes with that same tapered shape and loved them all, so I got another one. Their bristles are always so soft and pick up product well. I love the shape, because it allows me to build up bronzer slowly and blends it as I go along. This silver and gold metallic handle is gorgeous as well.

NYX Lip Liner Nude Beige

I bought this pencil purely because of the shade. Nude Beige is one of those grey nudes that is perfect for outlining your lip line, if you want to achieve that shadow effect and make your lips look larger. This shade is actually fairly light, so it looks good even on my light skin tone. I love pairing it with nude lipsticks as it gives me more definition and structure to the lips. It was also pretty cheap, but I can't find this shade online. I bought it in Bipa in Graz.

Catrice LE Kaviar Gauche Mini Lipstick Set C01 Les Petits Bisous

This was sent to me as PR from Dominur. It was part of limited edition, so you can't get it anymore. Set includes four mini lipsticks, which are just the cutest. I fell in love with two nudes. One is a more mauve pinky nude and the other one is warm peachy nude. Pinky one seems to be very sheeny and the formula is super soft, so I already broke it a bit. But it feels so good on the lips. Peachy one has that same creme finish as well, but isn't as soft. I can't remember Catrice having such nice lipstick formulas, but  then again, I haven't tried much of their lipsticks in a while. I love that these are minis, because they are perfect to throw in the bag and take with me. 

Molash Eyelash Serum

I've had Dermalux lash serum in the past and loved the results. Molash is another brand of eyelash serum that some Slovenian bloggers were raving about and since it's much cheaper, I decided to try it out. It's a runny liquid formula that applies with a liquid liner like applicator. It doesn't seem to be running in my eyes and I didn't notice as much stinging as I did with Dermaluxlash in the beginning. I use it in the evening. It's been something around two months since I started using it and I already notice my eyelashes being longer, so it works. I'll report back in a separate review. 

Balea Duschöl (shower oil) and Balea Med Duschgel Mit Allantoin (shower gel)

This is my go to winter shower routine. I mix a bit of Balea Med shower gel with Balea shower oil to get something that actually cleans skin and coats it in a nourishing layer. It doesn't feel as stripping as regular shower gels. It's also much more sensitive for my skin, since I do get some atopic dermatitis on my back in the winter and am trying to control my hand eczema.   

Joico K-Pak Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray

Joico K-Pak is my favorite hair care range at a more expensive price. It's the best range for damaged and colored hair. This is milky spray that coats your hair with a moisturizing and nourishing layer. My hair always feels super smooth, silky and shiny after I use it. Plus I can't get over the smell of it. It has that typical sort of oriental hair salon scent which lingers on your hair. 

Moving to our own place

We finally moved to our own place which is one of those life goals that was on my list for a while. I call it a micro apartment, but it's actually a small part of an old house that was renovated. We plan on renovating the whole house, but all in right time. For now, we have our own nest and that is all I can ask for and a huge backyard that I plan on taking advantage of when good weather comes along.

Baking cakes

I always avoided backing cakes, because I was just never good at it. I loved backing muffins, cupcakes, cookies and other sweets, but never cakes. So I sort of made it my mission to bake cakes more and maybe get got at it. I reached a level of decency. My hat goes off to all the cake bakers, because this is an art in its own. I baked white chocolate and raspberry cake for my mom, red velvet cake for my niece and chocolate caramel cake for my dad. As a visual creator, I obviously enjoy decorating the most, not actually baking, although I want flavors to work as well. There was a lot of trial and errors, but I made some prettier than others. 


  1. Prvo, torte izgledajo čudovito in najbrž so bile tudi zelo dobre. Drugo, kje kupiš RCMA puder? Sicer nisem navdušena nad 'loose' formulami, ker sem štor in posipam vsepovsod a če je res tako dober bi ga želela preizkusiti (mogoče v kakšni SI fizični ali spletni trgovini?) ali preprosto naročiš preko Amazona/e-baya? Tretje, sprašujem glede mini Catrice šminkic (res so kjut, so tudi meni poslali en set pa se še odločam ali bi jih obdržala ali cel set podarila nekomu, ki bi jih porabil). A sta oba nude odtenka kremasta? Naj bi bila dva odtenka matte pa me zanima ali sta potem oranžen in rdeč odtenek matte? Hvala in srečno novo leto

    1. Hvala. <3 Smo jih hitro pojedli, tako da je to zame znak, da si verjetno bile dobre :D.
      RCMA kupim pa na Pošiljajo tudi v Slovenijo. Pred kratkim je bil celo znižan na 11€, mogoče je še vedno. Ne bi rekla, da ga moraš imet. Mislim, je dober, ni pa ne vem kako poseben. Po mojem tudi kakšen Essnece in Catrice loose verzija enako dobro učinkuje. :)
      Ja, pri Catrice sta oba nude odtenka kremna, rdeč in oranžen sta pa mat. Pa ja, boljše da veš, preden jih preizkusiš in ti odtenki ne ustrezajo. So res cute te mini zadeve in jih bo kdo drug zagotovo vesel.
      Tudi tebi srečno novo leto!

  2. Te Kaviar Gauche mini šminke so tako kjut in še uporabne :D Jaz pa mešam to Balejino olje z milom za roke, sploh zdaj pozimi pride prav :)

    Torte izgledajo čudovito <3 Jaz sem imela enkrat vmes fazo, ko sem se odločila, da bom probala narediti eno lepo torto, ampak nikoli ni ravno uspelo haha

    In pa čestitke za stanovanje <3

    1. Res je. Pa super, ker je več odtenkov in so majhni, da jih dejansko porabim :D. Jaz to tudi delam z oljem :D. Ampak se mi včasih ne zmeša. Moram potem dobro pretrest pred uporabo, drugače mi olje na vrhu ostaja.

      Hvala :) <3 Vse je v vaji. Ne moremo bit mojstri, če ravno 2 torti na leto spečemo, hehe. Bo treba več vaje, tudi zame. Ampak drugače tort ne pečem, ker jih niti ne jem. To je pač rezervirano samo za rojstne dneve :).

      Hvala :) <3