Review: Essence LE Sun. Sand. & Golden Rainbows. Matt Bronzing Powder - 02 beach days

I can't seem to get my beloved Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in Slovenia anymore and because I had bad experience with iHerb delivery, I opted to find a cheap solution in drugstore. I saw Essence LE called Sun, Sand & Golden Rainbows Matt Bronzing Powder and decided to try it out. It's actually pretty descent and there is so much product in it, that I can easily use it on the body as well.


This packaging reminds me of Essence 2017 LE Cubanita. Their giant highlighter had the same packaging. It's that typical plastic black packaging with transparent lid. I wouldn't travel with this, because it may break. It also has tropical leaves embossed design.

In it is 15 grams of product (a lot!) and I got it for 3.75€ in Austria. In Slovenia it's probably a bit more expensive. Still a steal for the price and the amount of product you get.


It's got that slightly wet formula which applies smooth on the skin and blends well. Pigmentation is good, I don't need to build it up a lot to get the right amount of color for my skin tone. Finish is matte.

It has sort of a nutty burnt scent to it, which probably should be coconut, but it's more earthy and not as strong as with Physicians Formula for example. 


It comes in two shades, one for lighter skin and one for darker. I got the one for darker, because I already have paler bronzers in my collection and I wanted something darker for the summer.

02 beach days is that typical yellow toned almost orange bronze shade. I know many don't like these shades for bronzers, but I think it works well on warm slightly darker skin tone. If you put red or pink toned bronzer on warm skin tone, it can look off. The same goes for really grey bronzers, those are more for contour not necessarily for giving you that sun kissed tan. 

Despite my light skin tone this looks nice on me. I apply it lighter than I usually would and it gives me that warm bronze tone that looks fairly natural for my skin tone. 

Even though this is supposedly for darker skin, I think it's more suitable for light to medium skin


The Body Shop 01 Light Matte - pale bronze shade with slight pinkish red undertone.
Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer - light warm bronze shade with yellow undertone and slight grey muddiness to it. This is the only one that has tiny shimmers in it which give it that sheen.
Essence 02 beach days - lighter medium bronze shade with yellow orange undertone. 


I have been wearing it a lot this past month, because it's just so cheap and works well. Even in this hot weather that we have in Slovenia currently, it wore well. I still had it on at the end of the day, but the intensity was a bit gone as with most bronzers. It says it's waterproof. I haven't tested that on the face, but I ran my hand under water and it didn't fade or move. 

I don't regret buying this. It's not the most unique shade, because it's that typical warm orange tone, but I find that the formula applies evenly, it blends out well, stays on and there is so much product in it for very affordable price that I don't mind using it daily even on my neck and decolletage. It's one of those cheap and cheerful products that won't break your bank, but it will work just fine. It's just the matter of whether or not you like this shade. 

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