Review: Coloured Raine Eyeshadows - Gingerbread, Moments, Chocolate, Who, Me?, Glamour

I stumbled upon Coloured Raine eyeshadows while browsing through Beauty Bay. They had them on sale and I really wanted to try them out, so I ordered a handful. Turns out, Coloured Raine has some very good eyeshadow formula. All of their products are also cruelty-free. 


Their singles come in a pan. They are packed in a transparent plastic with paper box. I store them in my Colourpop empty magnetic palette, but you can buy separate empty magnetic Coloured Raine palettes as well. 

In each is 1.7 grams of product and it costs 8€. I got them on Beauty Bay when they were on sale for 4.80€, except Gingerbread, which was 6€ at the time. 


All of these shades have that buttery wet formula, which also means they have really good pigmentation. One swipe gives you intense color. Metallic shades feel the wettest and creamiest to the touch. Mattes are a bit less creamy, but still so buttery to the touch. 

If I compare this formula to my other eyeshadows, I notice that metallics are similar to some Zoeva metallics which are also super creamy to the touch. Colourpop matte eyeshadows have a lot more kick-up and fallout than these from Coloured Raine and when it comes to blending, nothing compares to Coloured Raine. I feel like these perform the best out of all my other eyeshadows.


They have a wide range of shades to choose from, although on Beauty Bay you won't find their full range. I got three mattes and two metallics, all very wearable everyday shades that I use a lot. 

Gingerbread is warm medium matte yellow brown. I absolutely love it in the crease and all over my lid for that matte monochromatic look. Put this in the crease and it will warm up any look.

Moments is warm medium matte mauve. This is the closest I have come to a proper mauve shade that leans on the warm side, but is actually quite neutral. It's not too dark either. I love this as an all over shade for monochromatic look or in the crease. 

Chocolate is cool dark chocolate brown. This one tends to change color depending on with which colors you wear it. It can sometimes look more purple and other times more taupe. This is my deepening the crease and eyeliner shade. Apply a bit of this at the lash line and it grounds the look. 

Who, Me? is warm metallic medium rose copper. It has almost more of a rose gold feel to it rather than copper, but then at times it seems like a mix of both. It's very metallic and shimmer in it is super fine. If you spray it with setting spray, it will look foiled. It looks great all over the lid. 

Glamour is neutral metallic light silver gold. It resembles white gold, because the base seems silver, while sheen on top of it is like a pale neutral gold. It has such a lovely dimension. This one also has super fine shimmer which gives it metallic and foiled look. I love to use it in the inner corners or on the lid. 


These eyeshadows blend suprisingly easily - even mattes. The quality is one of the best I have tried so far, because they have great pigmentation, but also blend well. The only shade that is a bit harder to blend is Chocolate. But that is quite normal for dark mattes, or so I have noticed with most eyeshadows. They are very long lasting. With eyeshadow primer these stay on my eyes for the entire day and I don't notice any fading or loss of vibrancy

Crease: Moments
Outer v: Chocolate
Lid: Who, Me?
Eyeliner: Chocolate
Inner corner: Glamour

Lips: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Cannes

Lid: Gingerbread
Inner corner: Glamour

Lip: Paese Silky Matt Lipstick 707

Lid: Moments
Inner corner: Glamour

Lips: Essence Stay 8h Lipliner 03 so default

Crease: Gingerbread
Lid: Glamour
Outer V: Chocolate
Eyeliner: Chocolate

Lips: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Cannes

I have to say Coloured Raine eyeshadow formula has quickly become one of my favorites. I knew these weren't going to be bad, but the formula blends with such ease and the pigmentation is definitely there. Shade selection is descent and I am already looking at their palettes thinking I should get one. If the formula is the same as with their singles, I'll definitely get some in the future. All the shades that I chose are right up my alley and I have almost exclusivly wore these and forgot about my other eyeshadow palettes since I got the,. It's the best shade selection for a basic everyday eye makeup. 

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