Review: Paese Makeup and Skin Care

I have already tried a good amount of Paese products in the past. You can find reviews here and here. Some actually really impressed me, like their Silky Matt lipsticks and Rice Powder. I have a few more products to talk about that I have been trying out lately.

Paese & Collagen Moisturizing Foundation - 300 W and 301 W

This is more of a first impression, because I got two testers of this foundation. Full size comes with 30 ml of product and it costs 19.90€. Foundation has liquid formula that isn't too runny. It's very spreadable and has very light coverage. It feels more like a tinted moisturizer. It also leaves your skin looking dewy and glowy. As you know, I have combination skin and prefer at least a good medium coverage, so this didn't work for me.

This is suitable for those that want barely there coverage, something to just even out the skin tone and give a sheer layer of color. It's also better suited for dry skin. Combination or oily skin will hate it. Because it's so sheer and glowy, it's obviously not the most long lasting.

I used shade 300 W


I got two shade of this foundation with warm undertone, which is fine, but the shades itself were both too dark for me.

Paese & Collagen Moisturizing Foundation 300 W - light warm yellow toned shade.
Paese & Collagen Moisturizing Foundation 301 W - lighter medium warm orange toned shade.
Revlon Colorstay Combination/Oily Foundation 150 Buff - light neutral to warm shade.
Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation 010 Light Beige - light warm shade.

Paese Foil Eyeshadow - 307 Antique


It comes in black plastic pot with You have to unscrew it to open. In it is 3 grams of product and it costs 12€.


This is basically cream eyeshadow that looks like foiled powder on the lids. Texture sort of reminds me of Colourpop Super Shock Shadows, but without the moussy feel. It has insane pigmentation. I was shocked at how pigmented this is with just a light touch of a finger. You really can't apply this sheer. The more you press in the pan, the darker the color it will come out.


You can choose among 16 different shades. I got 307 Antique which is medium warm bronze brown shade. It's that perfect shade for summer and I love these kind of shades for my eyes. It has proper foiled finish which gives it intense metallic sheen with no visible shimmer. 


Because it's so creamy, you will need to use eyeshadow primer, if you're lids get oily and even with it, there is no guarantee that it won't crease after a long day. If you have normal lids, you won't have any problem with this. 

It can be a bit harder to blend out, because it sticks to the skin so well and is so creamy, but you can work with it. Obviously it doesn't loose intensity, but it might migrate as the day goes on. 

Paese Linea Automatic Eyeliner - Black Glam


It's plastic black pencil with creamy formula that doesn't need to be sharpened. That being said, it has one of those plastic sharpeners on one side, with which you can actually sharpen it into a fine point. It also has small sponge which is good for smudging and creating smoky looks

It doesn't say how much product is in it, but it costs 11€.


It's very creamy formula that glides on the skin with no pressure. You can blend it out and create smoky eye or use it as a base for eyeshadows. Pigmentation is very nice. One swipe is enough for intense color. 


I believe it comes in more shades, but I can't find it online. Black Glam is black with grey undertone and silver shimmer in it. The more you blend it out, the more shimmery it looks. 


It needs a bit of time to properly set, but once it does, it stays on the skin well. If you have hooded eyes, you still might get some transfer on the upper lid. I put powdery eyeshadows over it and ti works fine. 

Paese Silky Matt Lipstick - 700


These lipsticks come in plastic transparent square tube. Applicator is fluffy, flat and wide. I find this shape to be nice for applying lipstick, as you can create some precise lines with it. 

In it is 6 ml of product and it costs 11.99€.


It has creamy, slightly thicker formula that applies with ease. Pigmentation is good and you don't need to keep applying it on. 

Scent is artificial and unpleasant


There is 18 shades available and a lot of those are nudes. I already have three of them, but they're all in the pink nude spectrum. 

700 is that light warm pink nude shade that will suit many light skin tones. I find it to be very wearable shade. Finish is creamy at first, but then it dries down to a comfortable matte


714 - light neutral lavender pink. This one is a bit darker than 700 and has more of that cool almost lavender undertone to it, but it's still ore of a neutral tone.  
707 - medium warm mauve pink. The darkest and with that dirty mauve undertone that will also suit most skin tones.
700 - light warm pink. This one is the lightest and probably most wearable for different light skin tones.


This is one of those rare matte liquid lipstick formulas that feels lightweight on the lips and needs a long time to dry down to a matte finish, which I like, because it means it's comfortable. It doesn't feel drying on the lips. 

Paese & Serum Triple Hyaluronic Acid 1,5%

I also got a small tester of Paese hyaluronic acid serum. Hyaluronic acid has become one of the most popular skin care ingredients lately. It claims to contain three types of hyaluronic acid - super low, low and high molecular weight which should in return help to hydrate all layers of skin. In general hyaluronic acid attracts moisture and therefore keeps your skin hydrated.

Full size contains 30 ml of product and it costs 22€.

This is a very lightweight transparent serum that is quite liquid, but has a bit of that comfortable slip to it. It glides on the skin lovely and sinks in fast. It doesn't feel greasy or heavy at all. I find it to be lighter and less obvious on the skin than for example The Ordinary's version. It makes the skin look plump and gives it a bit of sheen. There is no artificially added scent, but the scent itself is somewhat herbal. I actually like it. It felt nice on the skin and I loved it now in warmer months, because it was so lightweight. This might be better for those with slightly combo or oily skin, because if you have dry skin, you'll definitely need to add something heavier on top. It doesn't add that comforting moisturizing layer on the skin.

Paese & Serum Vitamin C 10% Brightening


It comes in matte yellow coated glass bottle with white rubber dropper top. Dropper allows you to control the amount you want. I always hear how vitamin C products should be in air tight packaging to remain stable for as long as possible, but they might be using a more stable form of vitamin C, which I don't know.


It's an oil based formulation of vitamin C. This formula combines different oils with different vitamin Cs - predominantly ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate (vitamin C derivative) and also ascorbyl palmitate as well as ascorbic acid. It also contains squalane. 

It claims to brighten discolorations, lift, smooth wrinkles, reduce redness, moisturize, elestacize and prevent acne

I have been using it for only a few weeks, because I had previously used some other skin care and my skin was acting up in between, so this is more of a first impression. I might update you with a separate review or on my IG stories, after I have used this for a while. So far, it's a lightweight oil formula that doesn't feel heavy on the skin. It still gives you that oily shine, but it sinks into the skin well and doesn't feel all that greasy on the actual skin.

There is some added fragrance which to me smells like citrus freshener for the toilet, which I don't like. It's such an artificial scent. 


They say it's for all skin types, but I would say it's not for sensitive skin. I felt some stinging with this product on days when my skin felt a bit sensitized. But in general, it didn't irritate my skin. It also felt moisturizing enough for my combination skin on its own. I didn't see any major brightening results yet, but I feel like overall complexion is a bit more evened out. Obviously, I would have to use it longer to see some visible results.

You can buy Paese products online or in their BTC Ljubljana store

I was most surprised by Foil Eyeshadow, because it has such intense pigmentation. I wonder if their eyeshadow palettes have the same formulas. They have some nice color selections of those too. I also like their Silky Matt lipstick formulas. They are one of those more comfortable matte formulas and if you like nudes, there is a a good shade selection. Eyeliner was nice as well. It's great for smudging out and pigmentation is good to, but I would prefer it without the shimmer.

I was let down by their Collagen foundation, but that's my personal preference. I don't like such sheer and glowy foundations. Hyaluronic acid serum was fine for summer days. I feel like it wouldn't be moisturizing enough for colder months. Vitamin C serum is also nice. I like oil based formulation, because it feels more comfortable on the skin, being that vitamin C can often times feel irritating in higher percentages. I was surprised that it didn't irritate my skin and there were no clogged pores. But the scent, I hate it. It always reminds me of toilette. 

There are some gems in Paese range. So far, I would recommend their primers, powder products, eye makeup and silky matt lipsticks. Some of their makeup products seem quite expensive, but some are really nice quality, so it all depends on your budget. Skin care is worth checking out too, if you like their ingredients list.


  1. Senčka izgleda odlično :) Vitamin C serum sem pa upala, da ima več askorbinske kisline. Sicer ne vem kako učinkovit je ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate razen, da se menda hitreje vpije, ampak za zdaj raje zaupam bolj raziskani ascorbic acid, itak nimam problemov z draženjem.

    1. Me je res presenetila pigmentacija. Odtenek je pa tudi čisto tak nosljiv :),
      Jaz sem dokaj nova z C vitaminom, ampak meni se je že ta zdel kar močan. Sicer pa imam jaz itak občutljivo kožo, ti pa vem da ne. :)