Review: Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods Fine Fragrance Mist

I was first intrigued by this fragrance when I saw it in Mateja's blog post and then she sent me tester of it. Description and notes seem like something after my own taste and I was right. This is by far the best cozy fall scent I have tried in a while (apart from Avon Mesmerize Black, which I sadly used up).


It comes in a huge plastic transparent bottle with silver details. Design is sort of mystically dark and warm. New bottle is pale blue and I don't like it as much. I think those rich tones represent fall better and I associate this scent with fall.

In it is a huge amount of 236 ml of product and the price was  7.79€ (it was on sale). I am not sure, if you can still get this old version, but some online shops may still have some old stock. I got it just in time before it was discontinued on Notino.


It was launched back in 2009 and I can see why this has stayed so popular for so long. It's one of those cozy scents that you can't get enough of.  I believe Bath & Body Works has updated this fragrance - at least the packaging is new, but I can't say, if they've changed fragrance as well. They used to describe it as hypnotic blend to instantly evoke the mystery and beauty of enchanted woods. It's supposed to be a blend of bright flowers, surprising spices and creamy woods - layers upon layers of youthful luxury with an elegant touch of cashmere, captures the singular pleasure of twilight stroll. They said it's a scent to make you feel cozy, comforted and relaxed. 

Top notes: juicy berry, sparkling mandarin and hint of coconut
Middle notes: creamy frangipani, soft mimosa, wet honeysuckle, wild freesia and apricot nectar
Base notes: oud wood, musk, orris, vanilla milk and warm woods

At first spritz all I can smell is something fruity, but with a creamy base, which must be creamy frangipani kicking in, if I think logically. It's a very soft and gentle creamy sweet fruity scent. Then as it starts to develop and those base notes kick in, it dries down to a stronger, still kind of sweet, but more musky creamy and almost oriental powdery woody scent.

I would describe it as woody sweet creamy scent. This would be categorized as an evening fragrance, because it's quite strong and more suited for colder months, but I use it through the day as well. If you are sensitive to strong scents, this might not be for you. It can give you headache.


It's a body mist, which means it's not going to be as strong as eau de parfum. It's strong in that it smells very potent in the beginning, but it will fade and wear off faster. Still, it lasts better than some cheaper perfumes. You might need to reapply it though, to get it last through the day, but the bottle is so huge that you have more than enough product to do that. 

I am smitten by this scent and I wore it all through colder months an have started to wear it again, a couple of weeks ago. It's just that perfect autumnal scent that feels cozy, a bit sexy and gives you almost that creamy powdery feel. For some reason this just has one of the best unique blends of notes that smells like nothing I had before. I love it and if you find this version anywhere and you're a fan of woody sweet scents, definitely check it out. 


  1. Moj najljubši <3 Res je nekaj posebnega. Topel brez da bi bil presladek ali spicy. Imam enega v rezervi :)

    1. Če ne bi bilo tebe, se verjetno še zdaj ne bi odločila za nakup. Res je nekaj oisebnega in končno bo čas, da ga bom lahko spet vsak dan nosila :) <3