Review: Avon K-Beauty (Cica Sheet Mask, Jelly Lip Mask and Golden Mushroom Sleep Mask)

In February Avon came out with a whole new range called K-Beauty. It's actually made in Korea, so I had really high hopes. As you may have noticed, I already use a lot of Korean skin care in my routine and there are many products that have become my staple. Asian skin care has become really popular outside of Asia as well and many western companies are adding to their range. Avon also being one of those. I had the chance to try out three products from this range.

Avon K-Beauty line is being made in Korea by cosmetic company Bonne. Bonne makes products for companies like Pixi, Watsons, Kiehl's, Patchology, Peter Thomas Roth and many more. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that Avon actually came out with Korean made products. It shows them taking this K-Beauty trend seriously and I hope we'll see the range expand in the future. 

Avon Cica Facial Sheet Mask to Soothe and Restore Glow


It comes in a cute green air balloon design. It doesn't say how much product is in it, but you'll usually be able to get it for 3.90€. It's made in Korea.

Sheet mask is one of those cotton type materials. It's one of the thinnest I have tried so far and it sticks to the skin really well. The fit is a bit off for my face. It's very wide, even too wide for my big face, especially on the cheeks. The nose part could be longer for my big nose. Eye holes are bigger than the usual Asian versions and the mouth hole is upward and similar to other brands. 

It comes folded onto a white plastic sheet, so it doesn't stick all together and you can unfold it easily. 

It's well saturated with essence and there is some leftover, but not as much as with some other sheet masks I have tried so far.


Cica is nickname for centella asiatica which is leafy green herb widely used in Korean skin care. It's also known as tiger grass, because tigers in Asia rub this plant on their wounds to help their skin regenerate. Cica is known for its soothing and repairing properties. That's why it makes it great for soothing sensitive and irritated skin or even pimples and acne. It also helps to produce collagen, is packed with antioxidants, which give skin antimicrobial boost and provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

Avon says that this is easy to use sheet mask with cica extract for soothing and regenerating treatment. It's ideal for sensitive and dry skin.

It contains ingredients like glycerin (hydrating), glycols, dimethicone (silicon), allantoin (soothing), betaine (hydrating) and a lot of extracts like aloe vera, centella asiatica, rose water, propolis and many more.

Essence is transparent and slightly viscose. It has very herbal and sort of soil like scent. I checked and there is no added fragrance.


As soon as I applied it on, it felt very soothing and hydrating. There is absolutely no irritation with this sheet mask, so I assume it's great for sensitive skin. It leaves a bit of sticky layer behind. It's definitely very soothing. I had a few irritated breakouts while using this and it made them look less inflamed. In general my whole skin looked more even toned and there was less redness than usual. It's very hydrating and nourishing as well. It feels rich on the skin and not just moisturizing like a lot of other sheet masks.

Avon Jelly Kiss Lip Mask


It comes in a red plastic bag. There is one lip mask in it that you can use once. 

You'll usually get one lip mask for 3.90€

This is jelly mask, which means it's one of those hydrogels that feels cooling and is fairly elastic. It comes stuck to transparent plastic on one side and on the other it's white plastic sheet. Mask in salmon colored with lots of small silver and pink shimmer, which will stay on your lips. There is also a small cut for your lips, so you can talk a bit and drink. Mask is quite wide and long, so it goes over your lips and around them as well. It sticks well to the skin, because it's well saturated with product.


Essence is transparent and feels lightweight, not thick at all. It sticks well to your lips. There is a good amount of leftover essence which I stored in a small pot and used it as lip treatment in the morning and evening.

It's supposed to be softening and smoothing. It contains manuka honey. You're suppose to leave it on for 10 minutes, then remove and massage the rest of it in the lips. 

Scent is fruity, sort of apricots mixed with something more artificial.


It's definitely hydrating, but not as much as I expected it to be. They were a bit softer and smoother, but nothing really impressive. I would need something heavier and more nourishing for my really dry lips. On average lips this may work just fine, but mine are almost always very dry. Keep in mind that this mask will leave behind tones of that shimmer, which I find unnecessary. It's just there for visual effect, nothing else.

Avon Golden Mushroom Sleep Mask


Apart from the sheet mask, I was most excited to try this sleep mask. I haven't really had one before, if I exclude Korean testers. This comes in a white plastic pot. Sticker has orange and blue design on it.

In it is 50 grams of product and you usually get it for 12.90€


It's a thicker nude colored cream that spreads on the skin well. It's more of an occlusive products, but doesn't feel too heavy on the skin. Because it's a sleep mask, it's supposed to be that last thicker layer that holds in all your previously applied treatments and seals them in so they can work their magic through the night.

In the ingredients you'll find high up moisturizing ingredients as well as sunflower seed oil. There are also anti-oxidant plant extracts, like three types of mushrooms - matsutake, shiitake and chaga.

It has fairly strong powdery and almost soothing creamy scent, which I actually really like, even though scents are definitely not needed in skin care. 


I use this as the last step in my night time routine. Depending on the season, I will use several lighter products underneath it. I didn't use this in summer time, because it would feel too heavy for my combination skin. But on colder months, this works lovely at keeping that last layer on your skin sealed in. I find that it helps my products underneath stay on the skin longer and therefore work longer. My skin in the morning always looked moisturized, plump and nourished. I experienced no clogged pores or irritation with it. It's definitely meant to be used as the last layer and you need to use hydrating products underneath it, if you want your skin to look its best. It works lovely as a sleep mask.

I was positively surprised by this range of products and the fact that Avon even decided to make them. Sheet mask is a winner in my book. It was thin and felt very soothing on the skin. The price is higher than most Korean sheet masks, but it all depends on where you buy these as well. In Europe they are usually more expensive. Jelly lip mask I wouldn't repurchase, because it's not nourishing enough for my really dry lips. I'd rather slather my lips in Bepanthen and work its magic through the night. Results would be more effective. Mushroom sleep mask is another winner for me personally. I loved texture and the fact that it sealed in my previous layer well, but didn't feel too heavy. Its creamy powdery scent is so lovely, although totally unnecessary, but it makes for a really nice experience. It's not something that you need in your routine, but I personally like it for layering, especially in colder months. 

*Products were sent to me.

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