2018 Favorite Makeup

Another beauty year is behind us. I have gathered my favorite makeup products from 2018. As per usual, I only feature products that I have discovered in 2018. I have a full series of all time favorite posts anyway, so this is just new discoveries from 2018. 

This is one of those primers that feels like a skin care product. It's a lightweight white colored cream that has really smooth feel due to the silicons in it. It also feels like a burst of water on your skin, so this will definitely help make your skin look moisturized. I love this for whenever my skin feels a bit dehydrated or I can just use it on its own without needing to apply moisturizer. It's good smooth and moisturizing base for under the makeup.

I love using this on its own just as a glowy sheen when I don't wear any makeup. It also acts well under foundation to give you that extra glow and sheen. Usually I use it on the high parts of the face as I would use a highlighter, but if you have dry skin, you can use it all over. It's a bit thicker creamy product, but it has good glide to it. Shade is also so universally flattering, somewhat of a peachy base with pearl cool sheen. 

I tried this in the wrong shade and wasn't that impressed until I finally tried lighter shade. 01 is still not my perfect match, because it's more neutral to cool toned, but it's doable. It surprised me how well this wore. It's a thicker foundation with good medium coverage. It dries down to a semi matte finish which is impressive, because my T zone doesn't get as oily looking as with most foundations. It also wears lovely without any noticeable fading. This is a nice foundation, if you want good coverage and matte finish. 

I was really excited to have found this concealer. It's such an affordable option. Formula is creamy and it spreads with ease. Finish is matte, but doesn't look too drying. It also has good medium coverage and stays on the skin pretty well. There are unfortunately only two shades available and 010 is one of the most neutral toned shades I have tried so far. This is a really nice drugstore concealer that I recommend to everyone, if any of the two shades fit you.

Award to one of my favorite concealers has to go to this one by The Saem. For one good reason - coverage. It has the thickest formula I have tried in a concealer and it dries down really fast, so you have to work quickly. Finish is matte and this stays on the skin really well. Coverage is buildable to a full which I love. This really covers without the need to put on two or three coats like I do with some other concealers. Shade range is again very limited - only three shades. But if you find one for you and you like a good coverage, I recommend. 

It doesn't take much to impress me when it comes to highlighters. I just love anything shiny. But I have to say, this formula surprised me. Most of these shades really give you that amazing glow and sheen on the skin, but the shimmer is so fine that it doesn't look glittery or too shimmery. Most of the shades have a more wetter formula and the pigmentation is great. Shade selection is also nice, some warmer tones as well as some cooler and there is something for everybody. My absolute favorite shades are Glad You Came, Fine Line and On Tempo. 

On the opposite spectrum of In-Nude-Endo you'll find this powder by L.O.V.  It could be used as a powder, if that's your thing, but for me this is highlighter. It has baked drier formula, but it looks gorgeous on the skin. This also has such fine shimmer and it gives you almost that glassy glow which is really subtle and so elegant. Much more sophisticated subdued glow than most highlighters give. The undertone is warm and somewhat yellow, so it fits my skin tone well. This is the perfect sunlight highlighter, because it still looks natural, but gives you the shine. 

Usually, I prefer powder highlighter, but every now and then I love a creamier formula. Especially when I want something that looks more skin like. This is not very liquid, it has some viscose texture to it, but feels almost a bit oily under the fingers. I usually blend it on the skin with brush or makeup sponge. It's got a bit more noticeable shimmer, but the finish is so lovely. You can apply it sheerer or build it up to a proper metallic finish. Base is somewhat bronzy, but the sheen is almost a bit cooler. It looks lovely on the skin, especially with a bit of tan. 

This is easily one of my favorite highlighters of all time. It's more suitable for fair to light skin tones, because this is a really stark highlighter with cooler sheen. It's one of those rare creamy to mousse formulas that acts as powder once it's on the skin. Shimmer in it is super fine and it gives your skin an insane amount of shine. It gives you that glass like skin effect. It also lasts all day. I adore it and have already bought a backup. 

Another product that I have hit the pan on. It only shows how much I love it. This is my favorite bronzer for colder months. Formula is somewhat wetter and it gives you that nice natural matte finish. I mostly adore it because of the color. 01 Light Matte is perfect for fair and light skin tones. It also has a hint of red in it, which makes it looks so natural. It's also very light in color and you can't really overdo it, which can happen with a lot of other bronzers. But this one looks so natural on the skin. 

Past year I also tried out my first Colourpop eyeshadow palettes and I love both. I just love their formula. Most of the shimmery metallic shades are really creamy and very pigmented. Mattes are also really pigmented, but some darker shades need to be build up and can be harder to blend. But their color selection is nice and I just love how well they wear on the eyes. Yes, Please! is my first palette from them. It's a typical warm toned neutral with pops of color. I have to say I prefer mattes in this shade, although shimmery ones are nice as well. You can create very warm looks with it and these all look more vibrant than you may think.

This was LE palette, but they brought it back. I got it, because I really wanted something more mauve toned and it turns out, it's really wearable. Yes, all the tones are in that mauve pink and purple spectrum, but they all combine so well. Formula is superb. Shimmery shades are so buttery and mattes are well pigmented. If you like those rosy tones, this is a great options. You can always smoke it up or make it more vibrant by using those pops of mattes. 

Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadow 01 zinc about you, 02 ironic

One of the biggest drugstore surprises have to be these metallic eyeshadows from Essence. I was so impressed with these. It's such a mousse like creamy formula that reminds me of Colourpop Super Shock Shadows and the pigmentation is insane. These are very metallic and very bright. I usually use them on the lid as a pop of shine or you can even create great cut crease with them. It's one of the easiest fool proof metallic eyeshadows that you just swipe on with a finger and you're good to go. 

Unfortunately, this is not available anymore. Colourpop does a birthday edition eyeshadow every birthday and this one was from 2017. Colourpop Super Shock Shadow is like a mousse cream and it sets into a powder once you apply it on the skin. I find the shades very long lasting. Depending from the finish, some can be more pigmented than others. This is that perfect neutral beige with lots of glitter in it that just worked with so many makeup looks. I love how glittery it looks and how easy it is to apply with fingers. Put some neutral mattes in the crease and this on the lid and you get that almost glossy looking finish. I haven't found similar tone of the shade among their other selection, which is a bummer, because I really like this shade. 

Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow 143

143 is in this selection purely because of its shade. It's the most perfect warm toned purple that I have ever tried. It's a matte formula and you need to build it up to get completely even application, but the shade is so vibrant and pigmentation is good for purple. Purples can be notoriously hard to formulate. I just love this shade so much. It's more of a pop of color that I don't wear that often, but I still love it.

I don't like putting pencils on my waterline, because they usually don't feel comfortable. This is one of the rare formulas that actually feels comfortable on me. It's also the perfect beige warm that makes your eyes appear brighter and bigger. It's super soft, so there is no tugging or poking in the eye and it lasts on me the whole day. But then again, I have quite dry eyes, so I don't have problems with watery eyes. I also love the fact that you get so much product in it, it's longer pencil than the most in drugstore. 

Back to those purples that I like. This is again one of those lovely warmer purples with metallic sheen. It's a more liquid formula with sponge applicator, but once it dries it lasts well. I don't usually wear colored eyeliners, but this one has nice wearable brown base and is so easy to work with. I love the shade and the applicator. It's a nice change from the usual brown or black. 

This is the best matte lipstick formula in drugstore. It's a bit more expensive, but worth it in my opinion. I have some other shades which have actually started to dry out, so be careful which one you choose in the store. Flaming'rose is the most perfect muted pink and this is coming from someone that doesn't even like pinks. It's just such a wearable pink. Formula applies like butter, but dries to a complete matte finish. It's not the best for dry lips, but also doesn't feel too drying. It has really good staying power. 

Avon always comes out with great lipstick formulas and this is again one of those. It's a classic creamy formula which actually feels very lightweight on the lips and glides on super smooth due to the build in primer. Pigmentation is great and the color selection finally offers some more crazy colored choices. I chose one of the most neutral toned, because I wear it the most. Rosy Outlook is that perfect brown based pink nude. It will suit so many skin tones and I love how effortless this formula feels on the lips, so it's my usual choice for those nude makeup looks. 

Colourpop makes one of my favorite lip gloss formulas. It's thicker and sticks well on the lips, but doesn't feel sticky and it lasts very well. I had some before and I ordered some new ones as well. They came out with these shimmery versions that had more of a transparent base and the finish was just so glossy and glass like. I adore that finish. I chose shade On Board which is a warmer caramel bronze base with lots of multi colored shimmer. It makes my lips look so juicy, plus it smells like caramel or fudge. 

Catrice Dewy-ful Lips Conditioning Lip Butter 020 Let's DEW This!, 040 DEW You Dare?

Another one of my absolute favorite lip formulas. This is like a lip balm, lip gloss and liquid lipstick all in one. It's extremely comfortable formula that feels creamy and gives you that glossy shine, but also packs a punch with the color base. It feels so soothing on the lips and my lips almost feel better after I take it off, so it's a caring product as well. I have a more peachy shade and I also got a more brownish color. They are both so wearable and I love them. 

This brush came in a set with a fan brush for highlighting. It has very soft bristles with bamboo handle. Bristles have a tapered shade and the size is just perfect, not too big, not too small. I love it for applying powder. Because of the tapered shape it fits into those under eye corners. Ecotools makes some good quality brushes. 

Before I got this brush, I didn't know I would use something in that size for a highlighter. It looks more like a blending eye brush. Bristles are soft and rounded, but also very fluffy looking. It's small enough that you can apply highlighter in very precise manner. I love that. It's great for that precise application as well as getting into those smaller areas, like center of the nose and on top of the brows. Because it's fluffy, it also blends the product well. Handle was holographic, but the design rubs off really quickly.

Formula of this nail polish is creamy and slightly thicker. It has nice rounded brush that gives you perfect edges. I love that it has some nourishing properties in it, because it feels like it stays on the nails better. It's one of the perfect beige nudes that has a hint of warm peachiness to it. It fits so well my warm skin tone and it's one of my favorite nudes ever. 

Essence and Catrice both came out with new formula for glitter nail polishes. You apply it and there is no fuss with removing it. It just peels off in one layer. I absolutely adore that. This is the perfect party formula. You can apply it before going to an event and remove it the next day with no problem. I have this taupe gold shade that almost looks a bit pink. Shimmer in it is small and it looks so glittery. I also received one from Catrice, which has much larger glitter particles. But they both look gorgeous. It's not long lasting, on me it lasts about a day and a half, but I don't mind that at all. It's worth it.

Now let's talk about some limited edition products that you can't get anymore, but you can appreciate them still. This is one of those amazing drugstore priced highlighters. It's a drier baked formula that will last you ages. Shimmer in it is tiny, but delivers amazing metallic sheen. It's a peachy base with cooler silver sheen. This is so glowy and very long lasting. I adore it. Essence LE highlighters can be amazing. 

This is one of those products that I got purely because of the packaging and I don't usually do that. The transparent handle with candy cane and silver glitter in the water makes it so cute. It was part of the Christmas edition and I even bought it for some of my friends. The bristles are synthetic and also really soft. It works better with drier highlighter formulas and I love the tapered shape. It makes it easy to apply highlighter all over in a quick way and it blends it out well.

This is another super soft brush with nice gold metallic design. It's a tapered shape and the size is perfect for applying powder or bronzer. You could even use it for blush. I love how fluffy this brush is. For me, it's perfect for bronzer, because it applies it in a light way and blends it out so easily. It's another great LE brush that was very affordable and I haven't seen this shape in drugstores before. 


  1. I definitely need to grab that essence glow primer and highlighter now! I also love the Makeup Revolution highlighter drops - so gorgeous on the skin. Great picks!

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

    1. Both of these are so good. MR highlighter was a nice surprise. I didn't expect it to be so metallic looking. :) Thank you <3

  2. Bipa korektor je res dobro odkritje leta :) Sicer sem še vedno večji fan bolj "naravnega" Bourjoisovega Radiance Reveal, ampak Bipa je odličen za takrat ko rabim več prekrivnosti.

    Colourpop Flexitarian je tudi super highlighter z verjetno najlepšim sijajem kar sem ga našla, ampak formula bi lahko bila malenkost bolj kremna, ker zdaj je preveč vmes med suhim in kremnim. Me je pa čisto minila želja po več Coloupop stvareh od zadnjega nakupa in me tudi paletke ne mikajo več tako.

    Catrice Dewy-ful so tudi meni krasni, ampak ga zaradi odtenka precej manj nosim kot Max Factor glose, ki so tudi odlični.

    Essenge glitter laki imajo manjši šimer? Zdaj me pa mika kakšen odtenek.

    Odlična objava kot vedno <3

    1. Bipin korektor je fantastičen. Samo upam, da ga ne odstranijo prehitro. To se rado zgodi pri teh drogerijskih znamkah. Naraven resda ni :D. Jaz sem še vedno fan prekrivnih korektorjev. Raje imam bolj lahko podlago, samo da korektor potem prekrije kar je treba :D.

      Flexitarian ima zagotovo enega najboljših sijajev. Meni je noro všeč, čeprav je res kar svetel. Najbolj ga itak nosim pozimi. Tekstura je resda že zelo na meji. Ravno toliko, da ga lahko lepo natapkaš na obraz, potem pa je že suh, če imaš bolj suh tip kože. Jaz imam občutek, da mene Colourpop mami velikokrat ravno zaradi tega, ker je tako nedostopen (poštnina in carine) :D. Sem pa ugotovila, da mi njihove šminke enostavno niso všeč. Skoz zgrešim odtenek in enostavno preveč pigmentirane so mi. Senčila po drugi strani imam pa rada. Sploh pressed shadows zadnje čase bolj.

      Sem videla, da bo Catrice dodal še dva nova odtenka. Mislim, da sta bolj roza. Mogoče ti bo kateri od teh bolj všeč. Je kar pigmentiran, tako da je fajn, da ti tudi odtenek odgovarja.

      Mogoče je tudi odvisno od odtenka. Sicer ni tako zelo opazna razlika v steklenički, na nohtih pa se opazi. Jaz imam od Essence 02 razzle dazzle, primerjala sem ga pa s Catrice 03, ki vem, da ga imaš ti tudi. Essence mi izgleda lepše na nohtu, ker ne deluje tako chunky. Mogoče je tudi odvisno od tega kakšna odtenka imam :).

      Hvala :) <3