My Favorite - Red Lipsticks

I love a good red lipstick. Usually, warm tones are my kind of deal. But I love a good classic cool red lipstick just as well. It's especially nice for making your teeth look whiter. You'll see more matte formulas among these, because darker shades just tend to wear better matte. Plus there's less maintenance and checking in the mirror.

Matte lacquers have a creamy whipped mousse like texture, similar to NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, but thicker in consistency and much more pigmented. You need to apply these lightly to give you the most even application. They are not budge proof, but last well on the lips. You will also like this formula, if you prefer something that is not drying. Finish is matte.

Orange You Happy is one of my favorite colors, because I love orange reds and this is one of those. It's the most red out of all my orange reds that I mention in this post. 

I find matte formula by MAC a bit drying. It applies lovely and has great pigmentation, but can feel a bit drying on the lips as you wear it. It lasts really well on the lips and has matte finish. It's not too drying, but also not the most comfortable either. 

Lady Danger was love at first try. This is that kind of a proper orange red. It's the brightest warm orange red in my selection. Obviously these warm reds look best on warm skin tones, either fair or dark. It will look darker on fair skin and brighter on dark skin.

Avon's matte formula is one of those that I can bare to wear. Meaning, it's good for drier lips as well. It has slightly thicker formula and great pigmentation. It also lasts well on the lips, but isn't too uncomfortable. I like that their formula has almost a bit of velvet feel to it, so it's not too heavy.

Coral Fever is the most coral option from those orange reds, but it's definitely still red. It's just a bit lighter in shade and and doesn't have as strong orange tone to it, it's more coral. This would be a better option for those with more neutral skin tone, because it's not that yellow based. 

Red Supreme is classic cool toned medium red. I reach for it when I want that classic red shade that goes with everything and I don't necessarily want something warm. This is classic red that will look good on all skin tones. 

Irresistable is another classic red. This one seems to have a hint of pink in it, a bit less cool toned than Red Supreme. It looks very much classic on me as well and goes with many different makeup looks. It's another medium toned red. 

I included Brunette among my reds, because I consider it a red version, even though it's much more brown than anything else. It's one of those darker fall shades. Brunette is redish based brown that almost looks like a chestnut. I like this one for those darker more edgy looks. It's the most matte formula in a lipstick form, which means it's also very pigmented and long lasting. It also doesn't transfer, but can be drying on dry lips. This is dark enough that it's already medium toned on me and will be more of a nude on dark skin tone. 

I would love to get some more classic reds in a liquid matte format. Maybe something like theBalm Meet Matte Hughes in Loyal. For some reason I have been drawn to MAC Ruby Woo too, which is also a classic red that many enjoy. 


  1. I love reds! I tend to gravitate towards neutral or pinker ones myself though. I really love Ruby Woo but I'm not sure it's worth the almost 20€ it costs, it's very drying and it doesn't fade gracefully (or maybe mine's getting old and it doesn't perform the same).

    1. I have some nice pinkier reds from Avon too, although I wear those more in the spring time for some reason :). I agree, I have Lady Danger and its definitely not the most comfortable formula. I guess I'm attracted to Ruby Woo purely because of the cult status. I'm sure I can find similar shade in many other brands.

  2. I love MAC Ruby Woo. It's my absolute favourite lipstick for that special occasion. Lady Danger really does lean orange on me!

    1. I love it for that too. It's also my perfect summer red :).