Review: Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer - C1

It's been a while since I've been impressed with concealer. I was avoiding buying Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define concealer, because there was so much hype around it and for some reason I just didn't trust the quality. But when I saw it on sale and how affordable it was, I threw it in my basket. I haven't regretted it. 


It has transparent plastic packaging that is a bit bulkier than usual. It's also shorter, hence why it's wider. Pink gold metallic design is cute. 

In it you'll get 4 grams of product, which is less than most of my other concealers. Price is around 5€. That must be the reason why I used it up so quickly. 

The good news is they made super sized version which is actually more than three times bigger than the original. It contains 13 ml for around 8€. Unfortunately, I can't get it in Slovenia yet. I would definitely buy it. You can buy this concealer on In physical stores you can find it in Tuš drogerija and DM. 

It has big doe foot fluffy applicator. I suppose it's similar to Tarte's Shape Tape or those applicators that you'll find on foundations. It's nice for larger areas, but you can't really use it for detailed application, like applying a small dot on the blemish.


Makeup Revolution says that this is lightweight yet full coverage concealer that is great for covering blemishes, evening out skin tone and counteracting dark circles. It has matte finish and won't settle in or accentuate fine lines and pores. It's long wearing and can be used to contour with. 

Formula has medium thickness and really smooth spread ability. This glides on the skin effortlessly and you can really spread it out without any tugging. It needs a few moments to set, but once it does, it's got matte finish. I always set it with powder, because I do that with all concealers to prevent transfer. 

Coverage is really nice. I would say medium to high. The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer is still slightly higher coverage, but it's also thicker and doesn't give you a lot of play time, while Makeup Revolution concealer has nicer spread ability and more time to settle in. Because of the higher coverage it will look more obvious than something lighter, but it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. 


It comes in 25 shades and the selection is quite nice. Definitely amazing for drugstore priced concealer. However, not all the shades are available in our drugstores, which is a damn shame.

I bough mine online, so I chose the shade only based on their description and a few swatches. I chose C1 which is described as for fair skin tones with neutral undertone. Some other shades looked too yellow for my fairly neutral winter foundation shades. 

C1 is definitely fair shade. It's the lightest shade in my concealer collection. It has neutral tone, but the undertone leans on warm side. While for example 010 Light by Bipa is also neutral tone, but it leans more on cool side. I was a bit shocked at the lightness of the shade, but now I love it. Especially for under the eyes. It gives my light skin tone more dimension. Usually, concealers are somewhat of the same tone as my foundations, but this is the first one that is actually lighter. 


Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer C1 - fair neutral leaning on warm yellow undertone.
Bipa Matte Camouflage Concealer 010 Light - fair neutral leaning on cool pink undertone.
The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer 01 Light Beige - light warm.
Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer 005 Light Neutral - light warm, but darker than The Saem. 


I would agree that this is long lasting. I can have it on me for the whole day and it looks great under the eyes. The coverage is still there. It will vanish from those parts that I tend to rub off, like my chin and where my skin gets really oily, like around the nose. It doesn't settle into any fine lines not even around the eyes. Because it's matte it may accentuate them though, which happens to me with my smile lines and two lines on my forehead. But that seems to happen with any matte foundation or concealer for me. It doesn't get too cakey looking, but it's more of an obvious concealer. 

This is another great affordable surprise. I was holding back on buying it for a while and I'm glad I finally did. I love creamy texture that spreads so easily. Coverage is another thing that makes me like this. It covers well under the eyes and conceals minor imperfection. I think I'm most impressed with the shade selection and I love how fair C1 is. It's also long lasting. I would say this is concealer for you, if you want something with good coverage, matte finish and something that will last. If you hate obvious looking concealers or matte pigmented face products in general, you will not like it. 

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