Review: Colourpop Fem Rosa She Shadow Palette

I've just realized that Colourpop discontinued this palette, what a shame. It was a collaboration between Colourpop and Karrueche Tran called Fem Rosa. Colourpop often times do these sort of collaborations and some of these are limited edition offers, so I don't know, if they'll bring it back. But it's possible. In case they do or you find it on Ebay, you can help to decided, if you need it based on my review.


It comes in a mauve colored box. The design of the actual palette is really pretty with red and purple roses. The writing has metallic gold details. Shade names are on the back of the palette.

In it is 12 x 0.85 gram of product (total of 10.20 grams) and the price was 16$ (but I got it cheaper on sale).


This palette has a mauve pink vibe. In it is total of 12 shades. 8 of them are metallic or satin and 4 of them are matte


Ladylike - metallic pale yellow champagne (wet, great pigmentation)
Babe - satin pale pink (drier, descent pigmentation)
Dainty - metallic light mauve pink (wet, great pigmentation)
Chick - metallic light yellow gold with rose gold duo-chrome (drier, good pigmentation)
Mademoiselle - metallic light red toned mauve (wet - almost creamy, amazing pigmentation)
Gal - metallic medium copper base with pink chunky glitter (wet, the sheerest shade)
Empress - metallic medium purple mauve (drier, good pigmentation)
Filly - metallic medium rusty copper orange (drier, good pigmentation)
Dear - matte medium muddy pink (drier, amazing pigmentation)
Missy - matte dark raspberry red (drier, amazing pigmentation)
Damsel - matte dark eggplant violet (drier, good pigmentation)
Duchess - matte medium brick peach (wetter, amazing pigmentation)

My absolute favorite shades are Ladylike (for inner corners), Chick (for all over the lid), Mademoiselle (on the lid), Dear, Missy and Duchess (all for crease work or all over the lid). 


Formula depends from shade to shade. Mostly they have a wet formula and some even feel creamy. Some are slightly on the direr side, but still not dry by no means. 

In general I was surprised by the pigmentation of these. They are all on the very pigmented side with some exceptions. Babe and Chick are a bit less pigmented than most shimmery shades. Gal swatches the sheerest out of all of them and you mostly just pick up a lot of glittery chunks. Filly is also one of those slightly less pigmented shades, but still a bit more pigmented than Babe and Chick.

Some shades like Mademoiselle have such a creamy formula that it almost feels like a cream and has amazing pigmentation. The same goes for all matte shades. Matte shades actually feel more dense in pigment than shimmery shades. Damsel is the only shade out of mattes that feels just a bit sheerer and slightly harder to blend. 

They feel packed with pigment, especially matte shades which have a lot of kick-up. They are probably the most pigmented matte shades I have ever tried. As long as you tap the brush before you apply eyeshadow on the lid, you shouldn't experience any noticeable fallout. Shimmery shades may have some shimmery fallout, but it all depends on how much you put on the brush. Most of these only need small dip in the pan and you get great payoff. 


Eyeshadows apply in one swipe and they all blend out easily. I don't have problems with transitions either. They don't just all blend together in one shade. Formula is very long lasting. They stay on my lid for the whole day (with eyeshadow primer), they don't crease and don't seem to noticeably fade either. 

Now let's go onto some eye looks that I created with these eyeshadows. I'm sorry for different color temperature in photos. I took these on different days under different weather conditions. I don't want to over retouch them, so that you can see how the shadows actually look like on my skin tone. 


Crease: Dear, Missy
Lid: Mademoiselle
Inner Corner: Babe
Lower Lid: Dear, Missy

Eyeliner: Nabla Velvetliner - Bombay Black
Mascara: Kiko Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara, L.O.V. LASHseduction Instant Volume Mascara

Lips: Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick - Rouged Perfection


Crease: Duchess
Lid: Filly
Lid Center: Gal
Inner Corner: Chick
Lower Lid: Duchess, Missy, Damsel

Eyeliner: Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner
Mascara: Kiko Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara, L.O.V. LASHseduction Instant Volume Mascara

Lips: Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick - Rouged Perfection


Crease: Dear, Damsel
Lid: Empress
Inner Corner: Dainty
Lower Lid: Dear, Damsel

Eyeliner: Clio Kill Black Wateproof Brush Liner
Mascara: Beyu Beauty Queen Volume Mascara

Lips: Avon Mark Plump It Lipstick - Mad For Mauve + Uptown Pink, ItStyle Lipgloss 09, Kiko 3D Hydra Lipgloss - 27 Pearly Lavender


Crease: Duchess, Missy
Lid: Mademoiselle
Inner Corner: Ladylike
Lower Lid: Duchess, Missy

Eyeliner: Beauty People 365 Stay Waterproof Brush Pen Eyeliner - 03 Appeal Brown
Mascara: Maybelline Lash Sensational - Brown

Lips: Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Matte - Flushed

Somehow I deleted eye shots from this next look, but I think you can still see it well enough on my full face photos. I just wanted to do a look with all matte shades on the lid.


Crease: Dear
Lid: Missy
Inner corner: Ladylike

Eyeliner: Clio Kill Brown waterproof Brush Liner
Mascara: Maybelline Lash Sensational - Brown + Beyu Beauty Queen Volume Mascara

Lips: Avon Mark Epic Lip Lipstick - Rosy Outlook

I am impressed with this eyeshadow palette. I've already bought single Colourpop shadows, so I expected nothing but the best and it definitely is. Pigmentation is insane, especially with matte shades. They all seem to blend really well, have in general a wetter formula and the shade selection is perfect for a mauve toned lover. This is a lovely addition to my eyeshadow collection and I'm so sad, they've discontinued it. I have seen it on Ebay, so if you really like it, I'd say get it there. It's definitely worth the price. 


  1. Oh ta paleta <3 Sicer se zavedam, da imam že ogromno takih odtenkov in je res ne rabim, je men kt love at first sight <3 Pakiranje je gorgeous, barve izledajo amazing, tako da sem kar vesela da je bila LE, ker drugače bi me eventually premamila :D :D

    1. Jaz pa sem ravno nekaj takega pogrešala v boljši kvaliteti - te odtenke mislim. Imam samo kakšne mini palete z vijoličnimi in roza odtenki. Drugače so odtenki res čudoviti, če so ti všeč te nianse :). Hehe..zdaj je kar je. Ampak sem mislila, da jo bodo imeli še dlje časa v ponudbi, pa je kar nekako hitro izginila iz ponudbe. Saj bodo spet kakšne nove kombinacije ;)

  2. Super review 😊. Si me čisto navdušila nad paletko. Koliko pa pride carina? Pozdravček, Ksenija

    1. Hvala :) Poštnina na Colourpop je okrog 10$. Pozdrav ;)