Review: Essence LE Glow...Baked Metallic Highlighter (02)

I've done it again. Bought yet another highlighter. But to be fair, for the price, this has to be one of the best I've tried. Essence came out with new Limited Edition called simply Glow... It's a whole collection filled with products that will add glow to your face. Glowing powders, highlighters, palettes, liquid highlighters, fixing sprays and such. I chose one of their metallic highlighters, because it looked so metallic and glowy. 


It comes in a transparent packaging. It's a bit flimsy, so I would be careful with it. In it is 5 grams of product and it costs 3.59€


It's a baked formula which means it's hard to the touch and dry. That being said, it has amazing pigmentation. By just lightly touching it, you get amazing color payoff with crazy metallic glow. Shimmer in it is tiny, so the sheen looks uniformed without any shimmer popping out. It looks very metallic and bright. The base is opaque, so it's not one of those more transparent shades. 


You can choose among three different colors. One is very light for fair skin tones, one is slightly more peach toned for light skin tones and one is pure gold for medium skin tones. 

I chose shade you're doing what you love. It has light peach base color with silver champagne metallic sheen. It's that perfect mix of cooler silver sheen mixed with just slight warmth of champagne sheen. Not too cool nor too warm. Perfect for fair to light skin tones. The more you apply it, the stronger peach base you get. Less you apply it, more silver champagne sheen you get. 


After I first tried it on my face, I immediately thought it's similar to Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Flexitarian as far as the intensity of glow goes. The color is actually not similar. More of a warm peachier version, but the bright glow is very similar.

Sleek Highlighting Palette Solstice in Equinox - it's actually the least shiny out of all the three. Metallic glow is much more subtle. Base is peach toned and the sheen is silver, but fairly natural looking. This base is very similar to the Essence base. 
Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Flexitarian - the base is warm champagne and the sheen is metallic silver, but leans warmer because of the base. It also has a bit of that transparency to it where you can still see the skin through. It makes it looks more glossy. Sheen is much cooler than with the essence and glow is even slightly more metallic.
Essence LE Glow... in you're doing what you love - also has a peachy base with pale silver champagne sheen. Intensity of glow is very similar to Flexitarian, although not quite as intense, but the base is peach toned and the sheen is definitely warmer. 

L to R: no highlighter, light application, heavy application


It's very long lasting. The intensity stays almost the same through the whole day. It may fade just a bit as my natural oils and sebum mix with it, but I was surprised how bright and glowing this stayed until the end of the day. 

It looks amazing on the inner corners of the eyes as well. 

This highlighter is exactly what it's described to be - baked and metallic. It's not for the faint of heart. This is a proper definition of metallic highlighter. Shade is very wearable for fair to light skin tones (warm, neutral or cool skin tones). It's not too cool nor too warm. Sheen is lovely without any visible shimmers, it's pigmented and long lasting. This is a no-brainer, of course I recommend it. It's cheap and the quality is just amazing. Essence did it again. I have a lot of their LE highlighters and the quality always surprises me, especially considering the price. 


  1. Po dolgem času, da me je Essence kolekcija tako pritegnila, sem že gledla te highlighterje v press kitu, ampak pri nas v trgovinah jih še nimajo :/ Imam pa na WL tega in pa tistega bolj zlatega :D

    1. Saj še pride k vam tudi :). Res se splača ga najt, če so ti všeč metalik osvetljevalci. Jaz sem bila presenečena kako dobro pigmentiran je. Sicer pa ima Essence v LE večkrat odlične osvetljevalce :).

  2. Now Im even more exited to try mine!! Your pics are georgeous!!!!!

    1. Thank you :). I'm hoping you'll love it just as much. It's gorgeous! :)