New In (22)

It has been a while since my last new in post. There is a lot of material for another one as well. But here is first half of the product that I ordered before Christmas and some of the product that I got as PR packages. It's mostly just makeup.

Colourpop Lux Lipstick Quickie

I always loved peachy nudes, but couldn't really find the one that would fit me perfectly. So I decided to finally give a try and bought one of Colourpop Lux Lipsticks. Quickie looked like a perfect nude for warm skin tone and it is, just more of a medium tone. I have light skin tone, so it looks a bit too peachy and less nude on me. I think I will like it more for the summer when I have some color. Now I mix it with a darker lip pencil as a base. Again, I have the same problem with Colourpop lipsticks, they just seem too pigmented. I know this sound weird, but that's how I feel. Too much color in one swipe. But the formula is creamy and comfortable. Packaging also looks stunning.

I already have a full review of it here. It's one of the most comfortable and glossy looking lip gloss formula. I love that it contains small multi colored shimmer and the base is fairly transparent, so it can work with any color. I adore it. 

Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow - Hear Me Out, Wake Up Call, Made To Last, Paper Tiger and Let's Do It

I also decided to get some more of the individual powder eyeshadows from Colourpop. I like their formula and usually the pigmentation is great. I got a basic beige to set my eyeshadow primer, a light warm brown, brownish mauve, mustard yellow and basic black. All are mattes. So far I love the most Paper Tiger, because it's such a unique shade. The others are fairly basics, but I love using them as a nice matte base for in the crease. Formula is well pigmented. 

BH Cosmetics 10 Color Blush Palette Nude Blush

I've heard only rave reviews of this blush palette. When Beauty Bay had Black Friday offers, they had a lot of products much cheaper than usual and among some other products, I also got this palette. I still haven't tried all the shades, but the ones I did, impressed me. I think this is a very basic blush palette. You have a bit of everything, something very pale to medium as well as more pink to proper orange. They are all very pigmented, a bit too much for my taste, but it just means you have to apply it with a light hand. I also find these to last on the skin really well. 

Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray Oil Control

I had my eye on this for a while, but I totally missed the fact that it said primer. However, I have seen Nikkie Tutorials use it as a setting spray and I tried it like that too. It works great as a setting spray as well as primer. I'm not sure how many of you know, but Skindinavia also makes Urban Decay spray, so I assume this is the exact same thing as Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray. It has that same weird scent as Urban Decay. Spray works fine. This is definitely better for oil control than Urban Decay All-Nighter. It keeps my face matte for longer and prolongs the wear of makeup in general. I am very satisfied with it.

Ardell Wispies Demi Wispies False Eyelashes 

These are my favorite drugstore full strip lashes and these are just my backups. They have just enough drama for the eyes and transparent band which makes applying them so much easier.

House of Lashes Lash Adhesive

A while back everyone raved about this eyelash glue and since I always have problems with wearing lashes on my eyes, I decided to invest in another glue. Usually I use Duo. I only wore it once with fairly large eyelashes and it disappointed. I had the same problem with the sides not staying glued on. I guess I have some more investigating to do with what the problem might be. One thing I like about this glue, it doesn't smell as bad as Duo. I hate the scent of Duo.

BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Brush 13 Angled Liner/Spooly

I wanted a slanted, but thin brush for my brows. This one is so nice for applying powdery brow products onto brows. Or even using it with a pomade. It just thin enough and not too wide. The spooly is also lovely to brush through the brows. 

Catrice #peeloff Glam Effect Nail Polish 03 When in Doubt, Just Add Glitter*

I had this on my wishlist, because I already have one of these peel off glitter nail polishes from Essence. That one is more of a taupe rose gold. This one is more of a proper gold glitter and it's a bit bigger than the glitter in Essence. I already wore it once in the holiday season in December and loved it. It's fairly easy to apply and gives you that proper glitter effect, but removes by just peeling it off. Great invention and lovely shade. 

Catrice Dewy-ful Lips Conditioning Lip Butter 040 DEW You Care?*

I already have a review of 020 Let's DEW This!. It's one of my favorite lip formulas. It's like a lip gloss, lip balm and liquid lipstick mix. The other shade is more peachy and I also had this more brown shade on my wishlist. Catrice PR team was nice enough to send it to me. This is the perfect warm nude brown. It feels so comfortable on the lips, gives you nice sheen as well as a lot of color. It's my go to in these winter days for when I want something neutral that goes with every makeup look. Applicator is also lovely, fluffy and flat enough to create that perfect edge. 

I already reviewed all of the products. Glow drops are super subtle, a bit too subtle for my taste. I use them more as a glowy primer. Lash primer is great. I really like using it, because it gives thickness to my lashes in one swipe. Loose eyeshadow is gorgeous in the shade, but works best applied wet as it gives the lids almost foiled effect. Lip gloss is another hit in my eyes. It's thicker and well pigmented formula. Color is the perfect pinky brown nude. 

Rimmel Wonder'Swipe 2-in-1 Liner To Shadow*

I love the color of this liner. It doesn't have a name on the packaging. It's a liquid type of liner with grey base and silver purple shimmer/glitter. It looks so lovely. I usually apply it over the black liner or I even use it as an eyeshadow topper. It gives it shimmer and amazing duo chrome shine. 

Deborah Milano Keith Haring Trio Blush Palette*

I believe this was a limited edition. I love the fact that you get three shades in this. There's a basic coral, peach and mauve. So there is literally every color I might need in one. It's a great product to travel with. Packaging is lovely. The formula is really well pigmented and it lasts on my skin above average. I am not sure however, if you can still get this in our stores.

Max Factor Radiant Lift Long Lasting Radiance Foundation - 79 Honey Beige*

I was really worried about using this foundation. Because I saw small gold shimmer in the bottle. Thankfully, it's not visible or looks shimmery on the actual skin. 

It has medium thickness, but it's very spreadable as a formula. It seems lightweight in texture. At first it's slightly sticky. It has luminous or radiant finish. Skin has healthy looking sheen. Coverage is lighter medium. It doesn't sit in the pores and looks fairly natural. Not cakey at all. It also didn't grab on dry patches. This formula is definitely not transfer proof, because it didn't set down completely. 

One thing that shocked me with this foundation was the fact that it didn't sit in my smile liner. Because almost all foundations enhance those lines on my face. This one didn't. The feeling was moisturizing on the face and my t zone was slightly oily through the day, but less than with some other foundation I have tried so far. 

Keep in mind this is my impression based on mixing it with The Body Shop Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops. I got shade 79 Honey Beige which I think it's the darkest shade in drugstores and of course way too dark for me. It's a medium shade with more of a pink undertone.

Max Factor Color Elixir Lipgloss 25 Enchanting Coral*

This is lighter lip gloss formula than I am used to. It applies like a dream. Gives you a nice amount of sheen as well as color. It just gives your lips a nice tint of pinky coral. It's not sticky at all. But because it's so lightweight, it won't stick and hold on your lips for as long as some other lip glosses. It also has somewhat of a powder sweet scent.

Avon Senses Caribbean Colada Coconut & Papaya Shower Gel

I already had this one before and it's a creamy refreshing tropical shower gel.

Nivea Nourishing Honey Mask

I haven't tried this mask yet, but apparently it's for dry skin, so I might use it when my skin will feel more dehydrated and dry. 

Catrice ICONails Gel Lacquer 26 Queen of Sandcastle

I'm not sure, if this shade is still in the stores. I believe it's been discontinued. But it's a sheer light taupe. It's not too warm, but also not too cool toned. Just the perfect sand shade. Formula is more on the liquid side and it's a lot sheerer than most Catrice nail polishes. It need at least two to three coats and it still won't cover your nail. I kind of like it's sheer look on the nails. My problem was only that it didn't last well on my last. Above average so, two to three days. 

Avon Justine Tissue Oil Gold*

Apparently this is a cult product in Africa. It's an oil blend enriched with vitamin C and sweet almond oil. It also contains SPF 25. It's a multi-pupose oils, so you can use ti for everything. Apparently it's really good for making scars and stretch marks look better. It should firm the skin as well as even out skin tone. I have tried it on the face and it's good for that too. It doesn't feel too greasy. I prefer it for the body. It's fairly thick in formula, but surprisingly feels more like a dry oil as soon as you massage it it. It has strong sort of fruity powdery sweet scent, which almost feels a bit soothing and I really like it. As far as the effects goes, I haven't seen any major changes. I like how nourishing it is. Especially now in winter months.

L'Oreal Infaillible Longwear Shaping Stick 100 Ivory

I hate this. Let's start with the color which is surprisingly light. It has more of a peachy undertone, shocker I know. All L'Oreal foundations seem to have peach or orange undertone on me. It applies ultra smooth and sort of has that greasy glide to it. It also looks more sheeny on the skin than I would have expected. It has more of a lighter to medium coverage. I hated how this wore. It looked ok in the beginning and then it just got worse. It looked cakey, greasy as well as just not part of the skin. I believe my combination skin with oily t zone was to blame here. This would probably look much better on dry skin, although I'm not sure about dry patches. It might be a horrific combo. I am always disappointed with stick or creamy foundations. They juts don't work with my skin type. 

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner Intense Black

I have missed gel eyeliner ever since Catrice discontinued theirs. Why did they do that?! It was such a good drugstore gel liner. Btw finding gel liner in a drugstore in 2019 seems impossible. It's not "on trend" anymore. Maybelline was the only one that I found online. It's a good formula. Slightly less smooth than I expected, but you can still apply it fairly easily. It sets to a proper matte finish and the color is black. It stays on the lid really well and doesn't smudge which I love. I only miss a bit more glide to the formula. I expect this might dry out too fast.

The Body Shop Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops

This is quite expensive, but I only hear great things about it and since my NYX white mixing foundation is on its end, I decided to try these instead. I only tried them once so far. It's more of a light pink white, not a proper white. However it doesn't seem to affect the shade as much. It's a much more liquid and spreadable formula than the one from NYX. It's also got less coverage, but it lightens the foundation fairly well. I have to test it some more. 

I already reviewed it and I love it. Before I bought shade C1 which is really light and recently I also got C2 which is more of my shade. I like this concealer, because it's slightly thicker and it has great coverage, so I don't have to pile it on. Plus the pale shade surprised me. It's nice to see a wide range of drugstore concealer shades. 

Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush

I already have 110 brush which is like a smaller version of this one and because that one is more useful for liquid highlighter, creamy contour and cream blush, I decided to get 102 for foundation. And it's great for that. Most of these tapered buffing foundation brushes left stripes on my face, but this one blend foundation in well. It's just big enough to spread it quickly or blend it out to a thinner coat. I really like it. The bristles are soft and just dense enough.

Zoeva 221 Luxe Soft Crease Brush

Another eye brush for my collection. This one is similar to 228, but 228 is more tapered and rounded, while 221 is more of a straight cut brush and slightly shorter. It also seems to be fluffier. I'm not liking it as much as 228. It's nice for a very subtle blend in the crease or for a light wash of color all over. I prefer more tapered shapes for the crease. 

Bdellium 762 Small Angle Brush

I was really missing these angled liner brushes in my collection and this is a cheap, but a good one. It's really small, which I wanted, and the bristles are dense enough as well as soft, but the shape is firm. I really like this for applying gel liner or line with powder eyeshadows. It's precise and picks up product well.

RCMA No-Color Powder

A staple among makeup artist. This is a basic very finely milled transparent powder. It has white color in the packaging, but actually looks like nothing on the skin. It's not particularly mattifying, but it sets cream and liquid products well. It doesn't look cakey either. Packaging is very basic and the holes on top are huge. I just depot it into my other loose powder pots with a sifter that you can close. This is definitely best priced loose powder, because you get a huge amount of product - 85 grams for 14€.

Revolution Pro Pore Primer*

This is a basic silicon primer, but it's a in a more liquid form. It applies with ease and you can really spread it due to a more liquid formula. There is no color to it. It provides you with a smooth base for makeup. I don't find it to make my pores particularly smaller and it doesn't hold back sebum all that well either. But it's a great base for a smooth application of foundation.

Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment Visionary*

This is a thicker creamy lipsticks that has a lot of pigment to it. It needs a long time to dry down to matte finish which I like, because it means it's very comfortable on the lips. It can get a bit sticky while it's drying. The shade is perfect nude, a mix of pink and brown, but also on the warmer side.

Revolution Pro 4K Highlighter Palette Rose Gold*

I love this palette. It has four shades which are sort of for all skin tones. I actually like just one shade - the champagne gold one, but others are nice too. It's a very pigmented and very shiny formula. But it's not too shimmery looking. I'll have a full review on the blog soon.

I also reviewed this already, so I won't go into details. A softer formula that has really nice pigmentation and color selection. 

L.O.V. Confessioneyes Kohl Pencil 120 Veil of Nude and 110 Mocca Affair

I love these kohls. I already reviewed 120 Veil of Nude. It's one of the most soft formulas of pencil, hence why it's called kohl. It applied like a dream and it's great for smudging out. I bought another nude shade, because it's the most comfortable formula I own. I also got rich chocolate brown shade, because it was on sale and all the other shades were already gone. 

L.O.V. BLUSHment Blurring Blush 30 Beautiful Minds Empower Other

I was eyeing these marble blushes for a while and when they were half off, I finally got one. It's the most wearable nude shade out of all the four. It's actually more of a mauve shade which will suit many skin tones and goes with all different makeup looks. The base of it is more muddy brown. It has a nice very subtle sheen and floral scent. I really like it, because the formula is so smooth and easy to apply. It also lasts fairly well.  

*PR products


  1. Si morda probala kdaj KISS lepilo za trepalnice? Priporočam. Meni je najboljše do zdaj, dejansko mi zdržijo cel dan gor, tudi v kotičkih. DUO pa se mi je vedno zdelo eno najslabših lepil - ne vem, zakaj je tako popularno. Še tisti miniji, ki pridejo ob trepalnicah zraven, so bili ponavadi boljši od njega.

    Zelo me mika tale Skindinavia, sem ga že pred časom gledala, pa se nikoli nisem odločila zanj. UD All-nighter me je ful razočaral, nič od njega, in sem potem izgubila zanimanje. Bi ti ponovila nakup ali bi se za katerega drugega odločila, ko ti tega zmanjka?

    Se ti je zdel RCMA kaj boljši od drugih pudrov, ki si jih sprobala? Sploh glede obstojnosti? Sem ga enkrat že skoraj kupila, ampak sem bila spet neodločena, če se splača, ker jih imam že veliko in noben ni nič posebnega.

    Max Factor glos ti zelo pristoji, ful lepa barva, pa načeloma nisem pristašica glosov. :D

    1. Ne, Kiss pa nisem preizkusila. Kje ga dobim, v dmu? Bom vsekakor še to sprobala. Ne vem, nimam sreče s temi lepili. Ker trepalnice imam večinoma Ardell, ki so itak super mehke. Duo se meni tudi zdi precej tako osnovno lepilo. Očitno ima nek kulten status.

      Če imaš bolj probleme z mastno kožo, potem vsekakor bolj priporočam to Skindinavia oil control verzijo. Predvidevam, da je UD de-slick ista. Saj itak ista znamka dela. All-nighter je pa tudi mene malo razočaral. Nekako sem pričakovala več. Čeprav mi res lepo odstrani ta pudrast videz na koži, pa tudi podaljša obstojnost - ne občutno bolj kot drugi spreji, ampak pri sebumu pa ne pomaga nič. Če bi jaz ponovila nakup, bi zagotovo vzela Skindinavio. Vem, da imajo na uradni strani tudi res dobre akcije, ko dobiš dve za ceno eno, ali nekaj takega. Malo preveri vmes. Se splača cenovno bolj kot UD.

      Ne bi rekla, da je kaj boljši od drugih. Vsaj koliko sem ga do zdaj preizkusila. Jaz sem ga vzela izključno zaradi velike količine in potencialno nizke cene na gram. To je bil edini razlog in da je seveda transparent. Mislim, da imaš zdaj že te v drogerijah prav tako odlične loose setting pudre.

      Hvala :). Jaz sem bolj navajena na kakšne zamolkle nude lip gloss odtenke, ampak ta bo tudi prav prišel bolj v pomladnih dneh ali poletnih. Malo barve ne škodi :). O jaz pa sem zadnje čase skoz na nekih glosih. Meni je občutek na ustnicah tisti, ki zmaga :D.


    2. Jaz sem ga v Mullerju kupila - v BTC imajo prav posebno stojalo s trepalnicami (upam, da je tudi v drugih Mullerjih, ampak res ne vem, ker sem bila samo v tem). Trepalnice imam tudi jaz najraje Ardell, ker se najlepše prilagodijo mojim zahtevnim vekam :P So mi s tem lepilom najboljša kombinacija, pa še lahko se odstrani na koncu dneva.

      Ja, kožo imam žal še vedno zelo mastno in mi pravzaprav nič do zdaj ni pretirano podaljšalo obstojnosti podlage. Če že nosim tekoči puder, mi vse prehitro nekam izgine. Bom res pogledala tole oil control Skindinavio, še posebej, če so akcije - je treba šparat. :D

      Ok, potem ga bom kar odstranila z wishlista. Sem slišala nekaj navdušenih pohval, da je to najboljši puder ever, ampak glede na sestavo res nisem mogla verjeti, da je toliko boljši od drugih opcij. Se tudi meni zdi, da se zdaj že veliko dobrega pri nas dobi.

      Ja, prav na pomlad me je spomnil, če zdaj pomislim :) Saj ti ful pašejo glosi. Jaz jih pa ravno zaradi občutka na ustnicah ne prenesem! Prav zadušljivi so mi, čeprav imam načeloma suhe ustnice. Pa še svetim se preveč potem po celem obrazu, lol.

    3. Upam, da ga najdem pri nas. Zdaj sem že pripravljena vse preizkusiti :D. Ardell so zagotovo najbolj "udobne" trepalnice po normalni ceni :).

      Jaz imam z maščobo velike probleme poleti. Ko mi tudi nič ne zdrži, pa vse zalne izgledat cakey, ko se začnem mastit. Celo zdaj pozimi imam še vedno kar mastno t cono, ampak je pa manj kot poleti. Ta sprej mi je do zdaj edini res dobro fiksiral, da nisem bila takoj mastna po treh urah. Mogoče ti bo pa odgovarjal, vsaj upam ;).

      Jaz res ne bi rekla, da je kaj posebnega. Pač prozoren puder kot vsi. Avon Magix mi je npr. prav tako dober, za bolj mastno kožo mi je pa bil izjemno všeč Paese Rice powder. Mislim, da ima zdaj že več znamk te rice pudre. Dobro vpijejo maščobo.

      Hvala :). Ja saj zato pa imamo izbiro. Vem, veliko jih ne mara glossov. Jaz sem ravno obratno, obožujem jih. Je pa tudi res, da večina še vedno misli, da so lip glossi lepljivi kot so bili v 90ih :D. Ampak so nekatere formula že lepo prefinjene. Čeprav meni so tisti gosti glossi še vedno všeč hehe.

  2. Ne vem kako ti je uspelo tako posvetlit Max Factorjev puder, ker izgleda dober odtenek na sliki :). Jaz sem bila na moji before/after sliki tako rumeno-oranžna, da sem šla iskat tester najsvetlejšega odtenka v trgovino. Sicer me pa izjemno jezi, da sem dobila dva totalno pretemna odtenka in potem bila še tako neumna, da sem šla delat objavo. Kot da imam časa na pretek in itak nihče ne bere več blogov. Sam puder mi je všeč in tudi sama opažam, da manj leze v gube, ampak se mi pa zdi, da mi maši pore. Itak je tudi najsvetlejši odtenek pri nas precej pretemen zame.

    MF gloss ti izjemno paše :) Kar poživi te :)

    To imaš pa prav, da je očitno gel eyeliner trend mimo. Ni jih več veliko.

    L.O.V. blush je zelo lep :) Zakaj tega ni bilo pri nas takrat ko smo še imeli stojalo.

    1. Z TBS kapljicami, saj jih je bilo skoraj več kot pudra haha :D. Mislim, da sem jaz malo temnejša v osnovi od tebe, pa tudi bolj topla, mogoče zato izgleda solidno na sliki. Jaz ne delam več celih objav o pudrih, ki niso pravega odtenka. Kot praviš se ne splača, itak je tako upadla branost blogov, da včasih sploh ne vem za koga še pišem. Jih vključi v New In pa je to zame tudi ocena. Mene je prav začudilo, da se mi ne usedel v gubo, ker se mi res vsak. Tega pa nisem opazila, ker sem ga itak ravno 2x preizkusila. Imaš prav. Še najsvetlejši odtenek je itak pretemen za obe.

      O hvala :).

      Saj razumem, da ni več trendi, ampak eni ne kupujejo samo to, kar je zdaj trendi. Catrice je imel toliko kultno dobrih izdelkov in jih je žal vse ukinil zaradi lovljenja trendov.

      A ne? Ravno v tem je bila fora. Ko je bil L.O.V. pri nas, ga nisem kaj dosti pogledala, ko pa je šel iz prodaje, so v Avstriji dobili super izdelke. Potem sem se tam zaljubila v njihove izdelke. Ta blush in tisti glow powder sta enkratna. Res dobra formula, zelo enostavna za nanos.