Review: Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip - Snow Day

I already own one of those new shimmery Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lips lip glosses and since I loved the formula so much, I wanted to add another shade to my collection. Also because I almost completely used up On Board. I chose a more neutral transparent shade called Snow Day which goes with pretty much every colored base. 


It comes in a regular transparent lip gloss packaging with silver details. My main problem with their packaging is that title rubs off really quickly. So you have to pretty much memorize name of the product. Thankfully, there's name of the shade at the bottom of packaging which stays there. 

Applicator is a brush which is straight cut edge and it's bendable. I find it applies product nicely, but you do need to go in the tube again to make it all look even. Sponge applicators apply product more evenly.

In it is 3 grams of product and it costs 6$ (Colourpop). 3 grams is actually very little amount of product, hence why mine are almost empty. Most of my other lip glosses have more product in them. So this makes it not so affordable in my eyes anymore. 


It's a creamy formula that sticks well to the lips and it's on the thicker side, but doesn't feel sticky once it's on. It gives you a lot of shine and the finish is that ultra glossy almost glass like look. Finish is one of the main reasons why I love this shimmery formula. It makes my lips look so juicy. 

Formula apparently also contains jojoba oil which makes this ultra comforting to wear. 

I love their caramel - fudge scent which makes me hungry whenever I apply it on. 


You can find their lip glosses in many different shades. The new ones have shimmers in them. But you can also find regular non-shimmery formulas. Some look more transparent while others give you quite a color payoff. 

Colourpop says Snow Day is prismatic champagne. I would say that this is transparent pink base with gold, pink and purple shimmer. Shimmer in it just gives you that ultra shine. The base is very sheer.

I also have On Board which has much more pigmented base. It's bronzy and gives lips a bit of color, while Snow Day almost doesn't add any color. 


These lip glosses have one of the most soothing and comfortable formula. It doesn't feel sticky or heavy on the lips, but it stays put. For a lip gloss I find it to be quite long lasting. It also wears off evenly. You can apply it over most lip products and it won't look weird. 

From top to bottom: Ultra Glossy Lip in Weho, On Board and Snow Day

You can see how transparent it looks on the upper photo. On the bottom photo I applied it over a regular pinkish nude lip shade and it looks prettier. Glossy, but with a bit of color for definition. It looks so much more glass like in person. The camera just doesn't do it justice. 

I am more than satisfied with all of my Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lips, but I especially like these new shimmery shades, because they give you an intense shine and make your lips look like glass. So juicy! There should be more product in them for the price, because I use mine up so quickly. I'm to blame for that as well since I love to pile layers on. Why? Because it feels so comfortable and soothing on the lips. It's dream formula for all of you that have problems with dry lips. Not too sticky, but lasts well on the lips and when you take it off, your lips feel nourished and not at all dry. That's all I can ask from a lip gloss. I have been wearing so much of these lip gloss products those past months.

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