Review: Colourpop Yes, Please! Shadow Palette

When I was ordering from Colourpop, I knew I wanted to get my hands on one of their best selling eyeshadow palettes - Yes, Please! Pressed Powder Shadow Palette. It is full of warm tones that I love and a mix of shimmers and mattes. It's no wonder that this is one of their best selling products, since the quality did not disappoint.


It comes in a bright yellow box sleeve. The actual palette has that cardboard packaging with magnetic closing and light grey shade. I have to say mine already looks so dirty. Opting for something darker would be much more practical. It closes securely and the magnet is powerful.

In it is 12 x 0.85 grams of product, so 10.20 grams in total, and it costs 16$. You can buy it at Colourpop.


In the palette you get 12 colors. They are mostly in the warm toned family. 8 of them are matte and 4 are metallic. They are mostly neutral warm browns, peaches and reds paired with some shimmery pops of gold, orange and reds. 


Full Zip - matte pale warm beige / wet / good pigmentation
Big Cocktails - matte medium warm vibrant orange / drier / good pigmentation
Champs - matte light warm salmon (peachy pink) / wet / good pigmentation
Bling - metallic medium warm cranberry rusty red / really creamy / extremely pigmented
Louie - metallic medium warm grapefruit red (duo chrome - red base and orange gold sheen) / creamy / really pigmented
Butter Cake - metallic warm light yellow gold / creamy / really pigmented
Spoiled - matte medium warm red / wet / really pigmented
GNO - matte medium warm rusty orange brown / drier / good pigmentation
Mischief - matte light warm vibrant yellow / drier / good pigmentation
Note to Self - matte medium warm caramel brown / wet / really pigmented
Chauffeur - metallic light warm yellow orange (duo chrome - orange base and yellow gold sheen) / drier / good pigmentation
French Kiss - matte dark warm chocolate brown / wet / really pigmented

Full Zip is that perfect transition shade for setting eyeshadow primer. Champs is great transition shade for light skin tone. 

Big Cocktails, GNO and Note to Self are those perfect warm matte shades to put in the crease or just all over the lid. If you want to make it more red, Spoiled would be your next more colorful matte shade. Mischief is the perfect transition shade that you can apply over any other shade, if you want to make your makeup seem even warmer. Apply this in the crease to warm up the whole look. French Kiss is the darkest shade to darken up the outer corners or use it as an eyeliner close to the lash line. 

Bling and Louie are those perfect warm redish orange based metallic shades that you can apply all over the lid. They pair so well with the mattes. Chauffeur is a lighter and much brighter orange version for the lid. If you want something with even more metallic feel to it and brighter, go for Butter Cake which is also great inner corner highlight. 

My absolute favorite shades are Note to Self (my favorite crease shade or all over matte shade), Champs (great transition shade for the crease), Full Zip (perfect and always needed matte shade to set the eyeshadow primer), Full Zip (just so creamy and great for all over the lid), Louie (the most amazing blend of colors for on the lid and so unique) and Butter Cake (great as a highlight in the center of the lid or in the inner corners). This palette has it all. Mattes and metallics, light and dark shades and in general good warm toned family.


Formula is a bit different from shade to shade, but in general they feel more wet than drier, although there are some exceptions that feel a bit drier, but still have good pigmentation. Most matte shades have wetter formula which also gives them great pigmentation with just a slight touch. Some metallic shades feel straight up like a cream and have amazing pigmentation, while some other feel a bit drier, but the pigmentation is still there. You just need to build it up. I wrote formula and pigmentation next to each shade.

Pigmentation in general is amazing. Most of these shades just need the slightest touch of a brush and it deposits all the color you want. I am shocked by the pigment in Colourpop eyeshadow palettes, especially considering the price. Matte shades have kick-up, so you need to tap the brush before you apply it on the eyes or you'll have some fallout. I don't notice that with shimmery shades. But the kick-up usually happens with strong amount of pigments that the shadows contain which is a plus point on the pigmentation side.


I can wear these shadows on my eyes for the whole day and they don't move, crease or noticeably fade - but I always use eyeshadow primer underneath. They are definitely long lasting. The intensity of some colors in insane and I don't notice them getting any less intense as the day goes on.

They also blend with ease. The only shade that gives me some problems is French Kiss, which might be because of the darker pigment in it.

Now let's go onto some of the makeup looks that I created with this palette. I have product list next to each look, so you know exactly which shades I used.


All over: Full Zip
Crease: Champs, Note to Self
Lid: Bling
Inner Corner: Butter Cake

Eyeliner: Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner
Mascara: Beyu Beauty Queen Volume Mascara

Lips: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Berlin

Matte Peach

All over: Full Zip
Crease: Champs, GNO
Lid: Big Cocktails
Inner Corner: Butter Cake

Eyeliner: Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner
Mascara: Beyu Beauty Queen Volume Mascara

Lips: Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip - Screenshots

Copper Brown

All over: Full Zip
Crease: Champs, GNO
Lid: GNO
Inner lid: Louie
Outer corner: French Kiss
Inner corner: Catrice LE Kaviar Gauche Highlighter

Eyeliner: Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner
Mascara: Beyu Beauty Queen Volume Mascara + Kiko Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara

Lips: Makeup Revolution Lipstick - Wishful 


All over: Full Zip
Crease: Champs, Mischief
Lid: Spoiled
Center lid: Chauffeur + Butter Cake
Inner corner: Butter Cake

Eyeliner: Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner
Mascara: Beyu Beauty Queen Volume Mascara 

Lips: Avon True Supreme Nourishing Lipstick - Nurturing Nude + Silky Peach

Matte Brown

All over: Full Zip
Crease: Champs
Lid: Note to Self
Inner corner: theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

Eyeliner: Beyu Soft Liner For Eyes And More - 700 Deep Black
Mascara: Beyu Beauty Queen Volume Mascara + L.O.V. LASHseduction Instant Volume Mascara

Lips: Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip - Screenshot

I am very positively surprised, if not shocked, by how pigmented Colourpop eyeshadow palettes are. I think they are definitely one of the best palettes in their price range and worth the money. Yes, Please! is that very bright, yet sort of still neutral palette for those that love warm tones. Some shades look very bright on my light skin tone. Pigmentation is amazing, they last all day and don't crease, if you use eyeshadow primer. Formula is mostly on the wetter side and some colors have a lot of kick-up so you need to tap the brush before you apply it on the lid. If you can get past that, you will love the palette. Highly recommend you getting any of their palettes, because the pigmentation is there. I will definitely buy some more in the future. Currently on my wishlist are - Give It To Me Straight, All I See Is Magic and Take Me Home. 

I also wanted to update you that Colourpop Fem Rosa She Palette will be in stock for the last time on 22nd November at 10AM PST (today, if you're reading it when I posted it), so if you like that one, here's your last chance to get it. I have review of it here


  1. Čudovita je <3 Sem jo že parkrat gledala, barve so mi zelo všeč, ampak nisem 100%, da bi nosila takšne odtenke. Čakam spet na free shipping ali neki dober deal, da končno naročim kakšno njihovo paletko :D

    1. Saj večina odtenkov je kar nosljivih. Samo rdeči in bolj oranžni so malo bolj močni. Lahko pa itak vse naneseš tudi bolj narahlo :). Jaz tudi čakam, če bo kaj iz free shipping. Mislim, da so lani okrog marca imeli. Si želim naročit še kakšno paleto :).