Review: Beyu Purple Makeup Picks

You probably know that Ultra Violet is the color of the year 2018 according to Pantone. I am a huge fan of purple in makeup. Purple eyeshadows and eyeliners are one of those colors that go really well with my dark brown eyes. It adds a pop of color in a good way. I also like purple lipsticks, but more for the fall. Beyu has decided to sent me an array of their picks for purple makeup. I have tested it all out and here are my thoughts.

Beyu Color Kajal - 106 Provence

Kajals have black pen packaging with colored plastic tops. It's a regular need to sharp pen. In it is 1.1 gram of product and it costs 4.99€.

Formula is very soft as it's used to for kajals. It has good pigmentation with just one swipe, but is lightweight in a way and almost sheerer. It applies with ease and it doesn't tug on the skin at all, which I love. This would be great for smudging when doing a smoky eye. 

Because it's so creamy, it can transfer on the top of the lid, if you have oily lids. Setting it with powder eyeshadow would make it much more long lasting, but it still has fairly good staying power.

106 Provence is a matte warm medium purple. I love these kind warm purple shades for around the eyes.

Beyu Be Outstanding Eyeshadow Palette 1 Purple Me On (All over: Marvel, center: Lavender Glow + Vibrant Chic, inner corner: Essence Be My Highlight Eyeshadow
Beyu Color Kajal 106 Provence, Beyu Colorplay Lash Tip Mascara 09 Lilac Poison

Lips: Colourpop Lippie Stix Toy + Avon Mark Epic Lip Street Style + Catrice Lip Glaze 010 Enchanted Gold

Beyu Soft Liner For Eyes And More - 615 Dark Purple

Soft Liners have a colorful packaging that should indicate the color of pencil. In each is 1.2 grams of product and it costs 6.99€

Formula is creamy, but much harder and waxier than for example their Soft Liners For Lips And More. I feel like you need to warm them up in order to glide over the lids nicely. It's still a movable formula, but I would prefer it to be as soft as lip version. Pigmentation is good, but you have to build it up to an opaque look.

Sometimes it can look a bit patchy or grab onto dry patches, which I'm not a fan of. It's due to the creamy and sheerer formula. But it's very long lasting and once it's on the lids, it doesn't move or transfer

615 Dark Purple is matte cool medium purple shade. It has noticeable cooler undertone. 

Eyes: Beyu Be Outstanding Eyeshadow Palette 1 Purple Me On (crease: Marvel, lid: Royal Purple, inner corner: Colourpop Flexitarian)
Beyu Soft Liner For Eyes And More 615 Dark Purple
Beyu Beauty Queen Volume Mascara

Lips: Avon Mark Epic Lip Rosy Outlook

Beyu Dip Eyeliner - 03 Certain Charm

It comes in a plastic packaging in the color of the product with black plastic top. In it is 2.5 ml of product and it costs 10.99€Mateja also reviewed this shade as part of one of their limited editions.

It has sponge tip applicator that is very precise and comes to a thin tip. I find it really easy to work with. Tip is always saturated and it's easy to slide it along the lash line.

Formula is more liquid, but still easy to work with as long as you wait a few seconds for it to dry down.

Pigmentation is great, if you shake it well before you use it, as it says on the packaging. However, sometimes I do go over the same line twice, but I do that with most liners to perfect the line anyway.

Once it sets it's long lasting and I wore it the whole day without a problem. If you have oily lids, it might transfer a bit, but you just need to apply powder on them.

03 Certain Charm is warm purple shade that has a bit of brown base to it. I adore this shade. Purple liners look great with my eye color and the brown warmth in it is perfect. It has tiny shimmer in it which gives it lovely sheen that is not metallic yet, but just looks more dimensional.

Beyu Colorplay Lash Tip Mascara - 09 Lilac Poison

I have always wanted to try out colored mascaras and I love purple, so I was really excited to try this out. As far as I know, this is meant to be used on the tips of lashes for added color, but I also tried it all over the lashes.

It comes in a smaller plastic packaging. It's smaller than you're usual mascaras. In it is 7 ml of product and I didn't find it in our store, so I don't know the price of it. Their mascaras usually cost from 8-14€.

It has a natural bristles type of wand. The bristles are a bit far apart from each other, which might be the reason why lashes can look a little clumpy. If the bristles would be denser, it would comb each lash and give you more definition.

Formula is rather normal, not too thick nor watery. It applies nicely, but as I mentioned before, due to the wand, the lashes can look a bit clumpy. If you apply it only on the tips of the lashes, you can avoid that.

But when I applied mascara through the lengths of lashes, it did make them look slightly clumpy. It doesn't give a lot of definition, it's more just for coating the lashes with color. It also makes them a bit longer, but there isn't any noticeable volume. Mascara holds the curl well.

If I use it only on the tips of lashes, the color is not all that visible. It just gives you a purple haze, which is probably how it's meant to be used. Just for a subtle color touch.

09 Lilac Poison is matte dark cool violet

Eyes: crease: Nabla Caramel + Colourpop Note To Self Yes Please!, lid: Chic Colourpop Yes Please!, inner corner: Essence Metal Shock 01 Solar Explosion
Beyu Dip Eyeliner 03 Certain Charm
Beyu Beauty Queen Mascara + Beyu Colorplay Lash Tip Mascara 09 Lilac Poison on the tips

Lips: Beyu Pure Color & Stay Lipstick Matt 167 Plum Secret

Beyu Color Touch Lip Biggie - 41 Pure Passion

It comes in a chubby stick plastic packaging shaped like a pen. In it is 2.8 grams of product and it costs 8.99€.

This is very balmy formula that works almost as a highly tinted lip balm. It's like the most comfortable balmy stain.

Pigmentation is sheerer, but you can layer it to be almost as opaque as a creamy lipstick. If you apply little, you get that perfect like you've been just eating berries stain on the lips. You can apply more layers and get a fairly opaque shiny lip.

Because it's so balmy, it will stick to the dry patches and accentuate them. But the feel on the lips is very comforting and hydrating.

It's not long lasting, but it leaves behind a nice very slight stain. It has a faint fruity scent that is barely noticeable.

41 Pure Passion is a light warm purple berry shade.

Beyu Pure Color & Stay Lipstick Matt - 167 Plum Secret

It comes in heavy black metal packaging and it closes securely. In it is 4 grams of lipstick and costs 13.99€.

Formula is creamy and it applies nicely. Pigmentation is good and you don't need more than two swipes over the lips.

Finish is definitely not matte as it's named, it's more of a creamier formula, but doesn't have that thicker creamy feel. On the lips it leaves a bit of sheen.

It has good lasting power for something with a sheen and it's fairly comfortable to wear. It doesn't feel drying, but is also not ultra lightweight. It will transfer though. It will leave behind a stain like most purple lipsticks do. The scent is a mixture of something artificial and vanilla like sweet.

167 Plum Secret is a warm medium plum berry shade. I actually really like this shade. It's not too purple and has just enough of a pink undertone in it as well as warmth.

You can also see how this shade looks like on a paler and neutral skin tone on Mateja.


Beyu Pure Color & Stay Lipstick Matt 167 - the darkest purple and has the most cool tone to it, although it's in general warm.
Avon True Supreme Nourishing Plum Perfect - the most similar in tone, also slightly cooler, but also lighter shade.
Avon Mark Plump It Berry Cute - warmer more pink purple and lighter.
Avon Mark Epic Lip Sangria Shock - similar ind darkness, but much more warm toned leaning towards more pink base.

I also got some products that I already own, so I didn't do another review of them. You can read reviews separately:
Beyu Be Outstanding Eyeshadow Palette - 1 Purple Me On

My favorite is definitely dip eyeliner, because I love the shade of it, it applies so precisely and it has good lasting power. I also love how playful lash tip mascara is. Not for everyday, but great to add some color for special colorful looks. Lip biggies is such a comfortable formula, but will not work on me when I have dry patches on the lips. This is more of a summer products for me. Lipstick has lovely color, but because it has that sheen, I am afraid to wear it, because I am afraid of smudging. Kajal is great, I just wish it would las more and soft liner could be softer in formula, which would make it easier to apply. Overall, some good products and some that don't really suit my preference. 


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