Review: Revolution Pro Supreme Eyeshadow - Allure

Makeup Revolution constantly comes out with new products. Just recently they added a new sub-brand called Revolution Pro. I'm assuming this is more of a makeup for professional use, so for makeup artists and such. I received some products from that brand and so far I like them all. Today I'm talking about Revolution Pro Supreme Eyeshadow in shade Allure. 


It's a very basic and sort of flimsy transparent plastic lid with black bottom. There is nothing to rave about, but so far it works fine. Although I would fear dropping this. 

In it is 8 grams of product (1 gram per shade) and it costs 8.99€ (Lič and 6.99€ (Revolution Beauty).


All of these eyeshadows have a really soft formula. Shimmery shades feel wetter, almost cream like. Mattes are drier, but still on the wet side. There is a lot of kick up as well as some fallout, especially with darker matte shades. I don't like that, but they blend out surprisingly easy, so that's a good thing with the formula being so soft. 


This palette has lovely warm neutrals mixed with pops of color. It's mostly neutral brown with a pop of purple which is pretty much my dreamy palette. I love browns and purple is one of my favorite colored eyeshadow shades. 

1 - pale matte warm beige (good pigmentation)
2 - light matte neutral muddy brown (good pigmentation)
3 - light metallic warm beige (amazing pigmentation)
4 - medium shimmery warm orange brown matte base with lime green and gold shimmer (good pigmentation)
5 - medium matte warm purple (poorer pigmentation)
6 - light duochrome lavender with matte lavender base and shimmery blue sheen (sheerer)
7 - medium matte warm chocolate brown (good pigmentation, but can look patchy)
8 - dark matte black (good pigmentation)

Mattes feel very wet to the touch and they all have surprisingly good pigmentation, except for the purple shade 6. That one is the sheerest in pigment. Although they have good pigmentation, you need to build them up.

Metallic shade 3 has amazing pigmentation and looks so gorgeous metallic on the lids. Shade 4 is weird in my opinion, because I dislike those matte based shades with sparse shimmer and that is one of those. It would look better without the sparse shimmer. Pigmentation is good. Duochrome shade 6 is sheerer in pigmentation, because it's meant to be more of a topper. You can wear it on its own for that blue sheen as well.

My favorite is definitely shade 3. It's the most perfect neutral warm beige that goes with any look and gives you that gorgeous metallic sheen. I also really like shade 2 which is that muddy brown that will be perfect crease shade for warm as well as cool makeup. I adore purple shade 5, but it's so poorly pigmented that it's a shame. Shade 6 is another stand out, because I love that duo chrome sheen and it's just a bit different from the rest. 


As I've mentioned before, these blend out surprisingly well. I only find purple and red brown matte to be a bit patchy, so you have to build them up. Shimmery shades look better applied with finger, because they are so creamy and brushes don't always pick up enough color.

Here are some of the makeup looks I created with this palette. 

All over: shade 1
Crease: shade 2
Outer v: shade 7
Lid: shade 3
Liner: shade 8
Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara

Lips: Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment - Visionary

All over: shade 1
Crease: shade 2
Lid: shade 5 and shade 6
Inner corner: shade 3 and shade 6
Clio Kill Black Brush Liner
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

Lips: Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip Weho and On Board

All over: shade 1
Crease: shade 2
Outer v: shade 7
Lid: shade 4
Clio Kill Brown Brush Liner
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

Lips: Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment - Visionary

It's like every new palette that I get from Makeup Revoluton has better quality. Pigmentation is amazing, they just need to work on the formula. I would prefer something more hard pressed and less powdery. This way there would be less product going to waste and less fall out. Surprisingly, they blend out with such ease. I only had problem with some darker mattes, which needed to be build up to look even. Shade selection is right up my alley. Mostly neutrals with a few pops of color to not make it too boring. Packaging could be more inviting. If you're looking for a budget friendly neutral eyeshadow palette that you can also use for some party looks, look no further. I think this is a great option. 

*Product was sent to me.

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