Review: Colourpop Super Shock Cheek - Flexitarian

So far I've mostly just ordered Super Shock Shadows from Colourpop, but I was really curious about the Super Shock Cheek formula, their highlighters in particular. I ordered shade Flexitarian, which is KathleenLights' favorite Colourpop highlighter in this formula and supposedly also one of the most reflective highlighters out there. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.


It comes in the same packaging as Super Shock Shadows, just a bit bigger. Pot is made out of white plastic and it has a transparent lid. Minimalistic. Make sure you really close it well, otherwise the product will dry out.

In it is 4.2 grams of product and it costs 8$. You can buy it at Colourpop.

Mine came shrunken and I didn't know what exactly happened to it. I didn't even know, if these also have an embossed design on them or not. It might have been faulty in the production or it might have shrunken in the midst of transport. I used my fingers and spread it out to fit in the pot and the formula still works fine, thankfully. 


It has that same creamy, almost mousse like formula as their Super Shock Shadows. But once it touches the skin, it turns into a powder. It applies very smooth, glides on the skin like a dream. You can apply it over cream products or over powders and it won't grab or look weird. 

It has really good pigmentation with just one swipe and a light touch of the pot. This is definitely one of the best pigmented creamy, yet powdery highlighters I own. 

Shimmer in it is super fine and almost unnoticeable. It definitely gives you an intense, almost glossy looking metallic finish. But all you see is intense sheen, no visible shimmer. It's currently the most noticeable and reflective highlighter in my collection. I love it so much, because it doesn't have super pigmented base and it seems like you can almost see your natural skin through it.


I got it in the shade Flexitarian which is described as intense white champagne. Description is correct. Base looks very much like a light champagne shade in the pot, but once you apply it on the skin, you see this very intense metallic white sheen to it. White sheen makes it look slightly cool toned, but the base is initially warm. Shade in general is very light and would suit fair as well as light skin tones. On anything darker than that, it would really stand out and be very obvious. 

Colourpop currently has 25 different shades to choose from. They have highlighter for fair to pretty dark skin tones as well as some more colorful purple and blue options. 


I compared it to some of my other highlighters to get you an idea of how it compares.

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer - peachy gold champagne shade. It's darker and a lot warmer.
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Moonstone - yellow gold shade that is also light, but a lot warmer.
Catrice Kaviar Gauche Highlighter - champagne gold shade that is light, but has more of a golden sheen to it.
Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette Equinox - this one is the most similar to it, because it has that cool white sheen to it, but the base is a lot darker and more peachy. 


You can try to apply it lightly and you get a more subtle, transparent sheen. But in general, if you apply just a bit more pressure while applying it on the skin, it will look very intense. I prefer applying it with fingers, because it works best. You pick up the most color and get the most intense look. You can also apply it with a makeup sponge or a brush. Fluffy brushes will give you very natural look. You can also use a small dense brush which picks up a lot more product.

Formula is very long lasting. It looks practically the same at the end of the day as it looked when freshly applied. It doesn't move, sticks well and stays on without fading. 

You can use it as a highlighter on the cheeks as well as on the eyes. It makes a killer inner corner highlight - really opens up your eyes and makes them pop. 

Left: no highlight, Right: very light application of highlight

Heavily applied

Left: no highlight, Right: heavy application of highlight 

Inner corner highlight

Lips: Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick - 02 Flaming'rose

I have to say the quality of Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Flexitarian is well worth the price, even though it's on a more affordable side of pricing. Formula is creamy, but turns powdery once it touches the skin. Pigmentation is amazing without looking too opaque, it stays on the skin all day and gives you almost glossy metallic finish. It's not for those that want a very natural highlight, because this packs a punch, but without looking too artificial. It's great for fair and light skin tone. 

On me it almost looks a bit too light, but that just makes it stand out more. I usually go for warmer shades that are closer to my skin tone, but I can't seem to put it down ever since I first tried it. I definitely recommend you to get it, if you like the sound of it. I have my eye on some other shades that I still want to get - Lunch Money and Wisp


  1. Izgleda gorgeous, ampak je popolnoma too much zame, ki se že tako hitro svetim :) Na tebi pa pride noro lepo <3

    1. Ta je res izredno sijoč. Jaz ga verjetno pozimi tudi ne bom mogla nosit, ker se takrat že dovolj svetim :D. Hvala :) <3

  2. Ga imam na wishlisti odkar si mi ga prvič priporočala :) Ampak ko sem ga videla na tvojih stories na posnetku sem se ga kar malo ustrašila :D Šajni lajk the sun.

    1. Jap for real :D. Ah če nosiš MR Rainbow, potem te ta več ne bo tako hudo presenetil. Je pa res ful pigmentiran in moraš nanašat zelo narahlo, da ni takoj preveč. Za zimo je odličen, poleti pa mi bo odtenek definitivno presvetel.:)

  3. Uuu je lep :D Sem ga že večkrat gledala, ampak mislim, da bi bil preveč za mene :D In malo presvetel mi izgleda. Imam bolj bronze odtenke nagledane :)

    1. Zate bi najverjetneje bil presvetel, ampak imaš še polno izbire med drugimi odtenki :D. Mene zanima še wisp, sploh za poletje. Ker pozimi mi bo ziher pretemen. Imajo res lepe odtenke :).