Review: Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter - Liquid Champagne

I've had this Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Liquid Champagne on my wishlist and my lovely friend got it for me for my birthday. I've seen these being compared to Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops and if you know Makeup Revoluton, they are always bringing out new products based on cult favorites. I can't say how much they are alike, because I don't own any by Cover FX.


It comes in transparent bottle that has metallic sticker over it and it should represent the shade that is inside the bottle. It has rose gold top and a rubber dropper

In it is 18 ml of product and it costs 8.99€ on Lič and 7.99€ on Makeup Revolution site

The dropper lets you control amount of drops you want. Sometimes I just wipe off around the dropper and don't even squeeze out the whole drop, if I want very little of it. 


Formula is runny, but also a bit viscose like. It doesn't drip down immediately, but it's on the runny side. It has good slip to it and feels like it has oily base, when you spread it with fingers. You can sheer it out by spreading it widely or tap it in one place and build up the intensity. It has metallic finish that is slightly transparent and gives you almost that wet look

I would say it's a wearable highlight, but you can actually build it up to a very metallic opaque look. In general it's more transparent and the shimmer is not undetectable, but the glow looks very dewy and natural. It reminds me of Colourpop Flexitarian, because it lets skin be seen through, but it's not as in your face glow. 


Makeup Revolution first had 7 shades of this highlighter from pale silvers to rose golds and golds and now they've added 5 new shades. I've chosen Liquid Champagne, because it was the lighters warm toned gold based shade, at least it looked like so on the photos. 

Liquid Champagne has a peach almost bronze base to it and tiny shimmer that gives off bright sheen. The sheen looks like it has a mix of silver and light gold which gives it that champagne sheen. Mix of cool and warm shimmer makes it neutral toned. Shimmer is small, but can be seen especially under the sun

Dark base shocked me at first, but when you blend it onto the skin, it's more of a light champagne shade and you can't see that base, unless you really build it up intensely. It may look just slightly too dark for me now that I am at my palest. If you're lighter than NC15, this would probably be too dark for you. 


You get a good amount of play time to spread it the way you want and then it dries down and doesn't move as much. I find that working with fingers sometimes made it dry quicker and I had a definite line, if I didn't blend it well. So I prefer using a makeup sponge that does the blending for me. You could also use a fluffier brush. 

Once it dries down, it's fairly long lasting and doesn't move on its own. But it has a bit of stickiness to it, which doesn't bother me and shouldn't affect you in any way.


Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette Equinox - has the same peach base to it, but the sheen on top is much more silver and cool. It also looks slightly more pink toned.
Paese Shimmer Pressed Powder 02 Natural - it's a bit more bronze based and the sheen is almost unnoticeable. Also darker.
theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer - I've put it in for comparison, although it's nothing similar to Makeup Revolution. It's the most golden with a slight peach tint to it.
Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter Liquid Champagne - peach base that almost leans towards bronze and it has silver light gold sheen to it. 

L to R: just foundation, with highlighter on top

Lips: Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip Screenshot

I have to say that I've gotten quite used to those extra metallic glowy highlighters, so this one is more for when I want something just slightly more understated. It can be applied very sheer for a wash of light champagne shimmer or build up to an intense metallic sheen. It's more on the transparent side and it actually looks very natural and dewy, despite the shimmer that is not undetectable. I use it only as a highlighter, because shimmers might look weird mixed with foundation. It lasts well, but not as good as long as powder highlighters. I am probably going to rock this in the summer, when I prefer something quicker to put and on those more dewy natural days. 

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