Review: The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer - 01 Clear Beige

I've seen this concealer on Mateja's blog and I already read some great reviews of it when I was researching out about Korean makeup. It seems to be cult favorite in Korea and after I've tried it out, I can see why. 


It comes in a small transparent packaging tube with sponge tip applicator. I must have gotten a faulty packaging, because the product is gathering around the closing and whenever I close it, the product comes out on the sides. It drives me crazy, because I'm wasting product. But apparently, others didn't have that problem, so I assume I just got the wrong one. 

The packaging is smaller than the usual drugstore concealers, but it holds 6.8 grams of product. Price is different depending on where you buy it, I got it on sale on Jolse for 5.58$. It's definitely very affordably priced. 

Sponge doe foot applicator works fine. You can control how much product you want on the face and I always prefer these kind of applicators because they're less messy. 


Most Korean brands offer very limited shade range, but if you find yourself in the more lighter spectrum of skin tones, you'll definitely find something for you. The Saem concealer comes in three shades and there are also two shades supposedly for brightening and contouring. I have the lightest shade 01 Clear Beige. 

01 Clear Beige is light warm beige shade. It has a bit of yellow undertone, but it's not too warm. This shade is currently light enough for my NC15 skin tone. But, if I apply it very thick, it can oxidize just a little. Just keep that in mind. 


The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer 01 Clear Beige - light warm beige shade. It has a bit of yellow undertone, but it's not too warm. 
Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer 1 Fair - light peachy to pink toned shade. It's not all the way cool toned, but not warm toned either. This one seems lighter than The Saem, but it oxidizes a little.
Look by Bipa Matte Camouflage Concealer 010 Light - light neutral shade. It's almost the most perfect neutral tone not leaning on any side. It's also light enough for me and seems a tiny bit lighter than The Seam.
Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer 005 Light Natural - light very warm yellow toned shade. This one is the most yellow toned shade out of all of these. It's also light enough for my skin tone and similar to The Saem.
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NC15 - light warm shade. It has a bit of yellow tone to it, but it's subtle and seems to be the lightest shade out of all of these.


It's a creamy, but thicker formula that has that smooth slide to it which reminds me of Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealers. But it dries really quickly to that perfect matte finish which is more similar to Look by Bipa and Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. It seems to be the thickest in formulation. It also contains SPF 28 PA++.

That's why the pigmentation is amazing. With just one swipe you can cover almost everything. If you have some heavier discoloration like blue under eyes, you might need to go over it with the second coat. It covers pimples as well with just a tiny dot. This is probably the highest coverage concealer I have tried so far and it's definitely buildable to a high coverage. You'll also use it up very slowly, because you really don't need a lot to get that coverage. 


It dries really fast and you can't really move it after it dries down, so I suggest blending it fairly quickly. It oxidizes on my hand like most concealers, but I don't notice it while blending it out on my face, only if the layer is thicker

Even after it sets, it feels just a tiny bit sticky which means it's not drying on the skin. It doesn't crease under the eyes nor settle into fine lines, but keep in mind it's not super hydrating for those that have really dry skin. I always set it with a bit of loose powder anyway, because I do that with most concealers.

It lasts well on the skin and the coverage is pretty much the same at the end of the day. It just wears off a bit on my oilier parts, like around the nose and on the chin. But in general it's very long lasting formula.

Obviously, it's my new favorite concealer, because it has such a high coverage. I don't always go for super high coverage foundations, although I like a good coverage, but for concealers I want that. Because I want concealer to cover anything I need covering in just one coat and this one does that. I literally use only small dots, that's how pigmented it is. It has matte finish, is long lasting, doesn't gather in fine lines and isn't drying. Shade range could be better, but 01 Clear Beige seems good enough for my skin tone. It can oxidize a little, if you apply thicker layer. Affordable price tag is another plus for this concealer. If you're looking for something higher coverage and matte, I highly recommend this one. 


  1. Sva našli druga drugi najljubši korektor :D Ti meni Look, jaz tebi Saem. Tale je res en biser in tako ugoden. Boljše prekrivnosti tudi jaz nisem še imela, pa sem včasih imela v zbirki Estee Lauder Maximum Cover puder. Jaz sem opazila sploh na slikah kakšna je razlika, ker popolnoma skrije podočnjake. Zame je malo pregost, pa tudi odtenek mi je za malo pretemen, zato imam raje Look, ampak tale je tudi izjemen. Čudno, da ni večjega hypa, ker je boljši od tako cenjenih Collection in Catrice.

    1. Hehe pa še prav imaš :D. Prekrivnost je res odlična. Me čudi, da ni bolj opevan. Mogoče zato, ker je azijska kozmetika, pa v Evropi veliko ne slišim o njihovih izdelkih. Saj ravno za podočnjake je odličen. ker res ni treba nakladat tone korektorja kot je to včasih potrebno z drugimi. Odtenek bo zame, ko bom najbolj bleda tudi rahlo pretemen, ampak zaenkrat mi ustreza. Look je prav tako super in imaš prav, ne vem zakaj ga ne vidim na večih blogih. Jaz sem sicer vedno bila skeptik glede njihove znamke, ampak me je res pozitivno presenetil. :)