Review: Essence Hololighter Brush

Essence Hololighter Brush is one of my favorite brushes in my current makeup collection, so it was about time I did a review of it. It's in Essence standard makeup range, but if you know Essence, they can quickly decide to discontinue products, so get it while you can.


You can spot this brush on the stand, because it's different from the rest of the Essence range. It has that colorful unicorn vibe to it. Holder has holographic layer over it, but it rubbed off so quickly. Underneath it is a regular grey plastic holder. Shame. It's actually quite a short handle and brush in general. That might be weird for storing, especially, if you have a lot of brushes with longer holders, like I do. 

It costs 3.79€.

Bristles are super soft, of medium length and rounded or slightly tapered. They have dark color, but the tips are white. I'm assuming hair is synthetic. It's a very fluffy brush that sort of reminds me of a bigger eye blending brush. 


Size is perfect for applying highlighter more precisely on smaller areas of the face. Because of the shape, you can apply it on a more narrow way, but it also blends it nicely, so you don't have any weird edges. It fits just perfectly on top of the cheeks, over the top lip and on top of the brow arch. 

If I want a very narrow application of highlighter on the nose, I just pinch the bristles with my fingers and I get a much more narrow brush. This allows you to apply that thin line down the nose.

Here you can see how well it applies highlighter only on that top of the cheek instead of getting highlighter all over your face. Depending on how much product you have on the brush, that's how strong it will look on the skin. 

If you love a good highlight and you want a brush that will apply it more precisely than those other slightly bigger face brushes. then you'll love this brush. It's also very affordable. I love everything about it, except the holo overlay that rubs off immediately and the fact that the holder is shorter. I would prefer it to be the size of my Zoeva eye brushes, so I could find it in my brush holder quicker. But the bristles are super soft and it applies highlighter so nicely and much more precise than other brushes. It's one of my favorite drugstore finds. 


  1. That brush looks gorgeous! And your photos are stunning!

    Katie |

    1. Thank you <3 It's a really nice brush. Plus it's so inexspensive.