August 2023 Favorites


This is still one of my favorite drugstore concealers that I also always recommend to others. The color range is nice for light to medium skin tones. It has about medium coverage, it blends well and stays on the skin, but doesn't emphasize dry patches or fine lines. It's in my rotation and I love it for when I have some tan as 020 matches me so well. 

Foundation Brush

I got a random foundation brush from Shein and I've grown to love it so much I actually ordered one more. It's a synthetic brush with wooden handle. I love the shape of it. It's medium sized and has dense bristles which from the side create slanted angle perfect for applying your liquid foundation. It covers enough area to make to make it quick and easy to apply your foundation all over the face. It doesn't leave any weird streaks and it applies foundation evenly. I've cleaned it a lot of times already and it never shed, so I am impressed. 

Catrice Melted Sun Cream Bronzer - 020 Beach Babe

Catrice has their seasonal revamp of their stand again and I went and checked out some of the new products, but only got this cream bronzer. It's go a really nice creamy formula which turns to powder once you apply it on the skin. It almost reminds me of Colourpop Super Shock Cheek blushes, but more creamy in the pan. It can be applied over powders as well, which is great and it gives just tad of luminous sheen, but the color itself is matte with no shimmer. I got it in shade 020 which is a nice medium brown, not orange just the perfect warm bronze shade. This is a really nice product from Catrice. 

Rephr 37 Brush

I love to apply that cream bronzer with this 37 brush, because it's small enough, has slightly rounded shape and it allows me to stipple and push the product onto my cheeks while blending it so there are no harsh lines. Rephr brushes will sometimes shed a bristle or two. May be due to the fact it's natural bristles, but I find they apply cream products in a sheer way and blend them out so well.

Kiko Sculpting Touch Creamy Stick Contour - 201 Chocolate

I have Kiko highlighter stick which I like. Their contour sticks are quite popular as well, so I got it in the second darkest shade. It's the darkest contour shade, but it can be blended out and applied sheerer. Formula is creamy, but doesn't glide as much as highlighter. Contour feels more matte and it stays more in place which makes sense. I apply it with a brush and it blends out well, but you do need to go over it a few times to make it look saturated and even. It has a nice medium cool brown shade which could be almost used as a bronzer shade as well. It's not too grey which is perfect. I am not totally in love with how it looks so far, but I like it for a quick definition of the cheeks and I still have to test it more. 

Essence Stay & Play Gel Eyeliner - 02 But First Espresso

I think someone on YouTube mentioned this product being good and I was so confused, because I couldn't remember even seeing it in my drugstore. Turns out it is there. I ordered it online and boy is this nice and it costs less than coffee. It's that gel formula that glides on the skin like butter, but gives you opaque matte chocolate brown color that can be blended out. I was most surprised with the staying power. It stayed on so well and most importantly, didn't smudge or transfer on my upper lid and I didn't even set it with no powder products on top. You can get such good makeup at drugstore these days and this is definitely one of it. 

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

As far as I know, this is the most popular Essence mascara that everyone seems to like it. I just tried it and not to say it's in my favorites category of mascaras, but it's not bad and worth a try. The formula gives you instant volume and it makes your lashes look thick and seen. It doesn't feel clumpy or too wet, but it can look a bit thick on the lashes after some time. I've been using it for about a month and as it's drying it's becoming thicker and looks a bit messy on the lashes. I prefer something with more refined definition, but for the price this is definitely worth trying if you like volume and thicker lashes. 

Redken Volume Injection Shampoo

It's shampoo formulated for fine, flat or processed hair and it has Redken's filloxane formulation to give the hair instant volume. I've come across it on YouTube as it's apparently perfect for fine hair like mine and the fact that it doesn't when it down. Some shampoos for damaged hair can be too nourishing for my fine hair and as much as I love the smooth and polished look to my hair it usually results in greasy hair the second day. So I gave this one a go and so far I really like it. It definitely cleans my hair well, but after I blow dry it, it still has volume and feels lightweight. I almost notice it not getting greasy as quick as with other shampoos. It has a lovely almost sweet musky scent to it which stays on the hair. 

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