October 2023 Favorites


The more skincare devices I try, the more I grow to love them. This LED mask was a game-changer for my skincare routine. It takes me only 10 minutes 3 to 5 days a week, but I've seen a massive difference in three months of using it. Some of my finer lines have gone less deep and shorter looking, my skin feels soft and looks overall more even toned and I've had much easier time dealing with breakouts, because they healed faster. I've even been using it on my eczema on palms and it turned out to helped with healing there as well. 

Nø Cosmetics Liquid Balancer 18% Pre- & Postbiotics

I've had 120H Liquid Hydrator from this brand and it was one of the best essence/toners I have had. SO hydrating and soothing. They came out with a new version with pre and postbiotics. It's again one of those super lightweight almost liquid texture that looks like toner, but feels like a hydrating and nourishing essence. It has lots of those healthy sugars to help with your skin's barrier and it does feel just so soothing on the skin. I love that it's lightweight, yet it still gives you that nourishing layer and you can still layer products on top. My skin has been loving it. 

This is probably currently my favorite concealer. I've had a shade darker for summer and I've repurchased this lighter shade 01 for my winter complexion. It's just such a lovely concealer where it gives me lots of coverage, but doesn't look cakey, doesn't cling to dry patches, stays in place and wears all day without fading or smudging. Asian skin care has one of the best base makeup products and I feel that this concealer is among one of the best plus it's so affordable. Shade 01 is light neutral to warm shade without any weird undertone. 

L'Oreal Infaillible 32H Fresh Wear Foundation - 100 Linen

I've had a hate relationship with L'Oreal products ever since I tried one of their foundations and it just looks peachy orange on me. But I've since heard from multiple beauty sources how great their foundations are and once I've used up most of my drugstore favorites, I've finally decided to venture out and try something new. Well I'm glad I did. I actually bought shade 100 Linen only based on online swatches and it turns out it's the perfect light to medium warm tones shade. Thankfully there is no orange undertone. It fits my current skin tone well. Foundation itself is fairly liquid and it gives you good medium coverage. It has vitamin C in it and they say is transfer proof and waterproof. It's definitely long wearing and I feel that it sits well over my skin. It feels very lightweight, but gives good coverage. I don't think it would look good over very dry and texture skin, because it can cling on my dry patches. But overall, I am surprised at how nice this foundations wears. I'll definitely be trying out more drugstore makeup in the future as well. 

Look by Bipa Delicate Compact Bronzer - 020 sunny beach

I believe I've feature this in my favorites already, but I had to include it, since you may see I already made a substantial dent in it. It's one of the best shades that looks like a contour, but can pass as a bronzer as well. Plus it's very affordable. Formula is nice and smooth, though you need soft and fluffy brush to apply it or it can look a bit patchy. I just love the tone of it and I sometimes mix it with warmer bronzer to give me definition as well as bronzed look.

Maybelline Superstay Vinly Ink Lipstick - 15 Peachy

Liquid lipstick that is shiny and stays shiny, but becomes transfer proof once it sets and feels fairly lightweight as well as doesn't look all crusty and dry like matte liquid lipsticks. Maybelline sure know how to make long wearing, highly pigmented lipsticks. I got the shade 15 Peachy which is a peachy brown nude that actually goes with a lot of neutral makeup looks. I tend to apply it in a lighter layer to avoid stickiness. But this one last so long and I love that it looks a bit shiny through the day, because it feel much more comfortable on dry lips as well. 

Essence Juicy Bomb Shiny Lipgloss - 12 I'm Allergic To Color

Shiny lip glosses are back and so are all those juicy tubes. Essence has its own version as well. I believe this black color is Limited Edition. It just looked so fun and it is. It has transparent more of a blackberry color so it gives your lips that slightly darkish purple black hue. It also has pink shimmer in it. If you reapply it several times, it will give your lips like a berry stain once the gloss dries off. The formula is just so comforting and soothing. It smells fruity sweet and it even tasters good. I have had it in my bag and applied it whenever my lips felt a little dry. It's the perfect autumn lip that is comfortable and looks apart. 

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