Review: Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks - Pillow Talk, Supermodel, Walk of No Shame

Charlotte Tilbury is a makeup brand created by makeup artist. Charlotte is a very well known makeup artist and her brand represents her and the kind of looks she likes to creates, which are very chic and flattering. It's sort of natural or classic colors that emphasize each eye color and shape. It's obviously a high end marked brand, but I've seen so much of her products being loved by other fellow makeup artists that I wanted to try it as well. 


I purchased Iconic Mini Lip Trio which is amazing to try out, if you are just curious about the formula. It has what I would say two classic nudes for light to deep skin tone and one very wearable red. These actually look like full sized, even the bullet shape and the packaging.

Lipsticks come in rose gold packaging with CT engraved on the top. Mini size is super cute. In each is 1.5 grams of product. The kit costs 30€ (for professional makeup artists they have pro artist discounts, which are nice).

Full size lipsticks have 3.5 grams of product and they cost 35€ each.

If you look at it from how much product you get perspective, than you technically get more product for less money, if you buy the mini set. So, if you're someone that has a lot of lipsticks and know you won't use up one full size, than I guess this is worth checking out.

The bullet has that square cut. It fits well into the curve of the lip and makes it easy to apply lipstick even without the lip liner or lip brush


Charlotte has many different shades and finishes. These are all from the matte range. Formula is nicely creamy and it has that silicon smooth feel to it. They have good pigmentation. The color can be built up to look intense or just apply it in a sheer coat as a natural stain. It gives you matte finish, but it's a very natural velvet matte finish, not drying at all. 

Lipsticks have classy sweet sort of vanilla scent to them. 


Pillow Talk - light brownish pink (nude-pink)

Supermodel - medium mauvish brown (muted nude-rose)

Walk of No Shame - medium brick red (berry-rose)

Pillow Talk looked a bit too light for me, when I still had my summer tan, but now with my winter complexion it's that perfect nude for fair to light skin tones. It has more of a pink feel, but in a muted sort of muddy brownish way.

Supermodel is for me more of that 90s brownish lip, but with a mauve tone to it. It would be a nice nude for medium to deep skin tones.

Walk of No Shame is a really interesting red. It's one of those reds that someone that doesn't like red would want to wear. It has that muted almost brownish brick tone to it, but isn't particularly warm nor cool. Charlotte describes it berry-rose, but I would say this is red on me, just more of that muted brownish red. 


These lipsticks have very comfortable formula that can be built up to look intense and opaque, but you can also apply them in a sheer way. Formula feels very lightweight on the lips and not drying at all. It lasts very well, especially if you have more drier lips. I also love that it doesn't emphasize dry patches on the lips and obviously doesn't settle into fine lines, but you would expect that from a high end lipstick anyway. 

Obviously, I knew this would be a lovely formula and it is just that. A very easy to wear and comfortable matte lipstick with nice choice of colors. The shades are all very wearable. High end brands know how to make good nude shades and these definitely are that. I love minis, because it means I can actually finish a lipstick myself. I very rarely finish any lipsticks, because I have so many, so minis are the best choice for me. If you want to invest in your next lipstick than this is a lovely formula for sure. If you just want it for the shades, then I am sure you can find similar shades in drugstore range as well. 

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