June 2023 Favorites


Vegreen Intensive Vitamin C Ampoule

I've already tried a few of Vegreen products and I loved those. Vitamin C is one of the skincare ingredients I never cared for. Partially, because I don't have problems with hyperpigmentation and because I haven't found a Vitamin C products that I would like. They were either too oily or smelled like toiler cleaner. Vitamin C is brightening ingredient and great antioxidant. Pretty much perfect for summer. Vitamin C can also be very unstable, so most are formulated with some sort of oil and not water. This one has tea plant oil and 20% of vitamin C of which 14% is ascorbic acid and 6% is ethyl ascorbyl ether. There is also centella asiatica in the formula. It has like a light oil formula which almost feels like dry oil. I use one pump mixed with Vegreen Tea Tree Gel Cream which is the perfect combination for summer. So far I have to say I loved including it in my routine, because it didn't make my skin oily, it wears surprisingly well under makeup, I sense no scent and I've noticed my complexion looking more even in general. I do have some sort of sallowness around my mouth which is the only discoloration that really bothers me and I noticed it looks less visible now. It's probably the only vitamin C products so far that I actually use in the morning and my skin doesn't break out or get too oily through the day.

Eucerin Sun Protection Oil Control Dry Touch Sun Gel-Cream SPF 50+

I am a huge fan of Garnier fluid and it's probably my favorite SPF from our drugstores. I used to use a lot of the La Roche-Posay fluid, but they reformulated it and that one had such a strong alcohol in it that it sometimes irritated me. Garnier is my best choice, but there is little product in it and I try to venture out and try something new each year. This one from Eucerin came highly recommended by my fellow bloggers and I gave it a go. So far I like it. It's a cream, not liquid, but it feels fairly light once you spread it. I don't sense any scent nor alcohol. It leaves sort of a natural matte finish on the skin and it doesn't get greasy through the day. I also like that it isn't too matte, because such finish can sometimes be hard to apply makeup over and since I have combination skin it can look a bit off sometimes. There is no white cast, because it's chemical SPF. So far I haven't noticed any blocked pores, but it will go through proper test once I am on my holiday. I'll do a proper review then. 

This is my new favorite base combination for my everyday makeup. I have the old Catrice formulation (they've since changed it) which is such a nice lightweight liquid foundation with matte finish and descent medium coverage. Filorga is a it more liquid and lighter in coverage, but it adds some warmth with the shade as well as a touch of sheen. Combination of the two makes for the perfect base for my combination skin. My skin looks velvet matte with some of the natural shine, it doesn't get oily and it makes my pores look good. I just love this combination for hot weather that we've been having lately.

Lethal Cosmetics Pressed Eyeshadows - Limbo, Arcade, Parsec, Aurora

I've had Lethal Cosmetics on my radar for a while. It's European indy brand that has become popular with their eyeshadows palettes and eyeshadows with multichrome finishes. They have some amazing colors to choose from. I placed an order for a few that I needed in my kit and some that I just found so interesting. Limbo is a proper neutral champagne shade, Arcade is peachy rose shade with a golden sheen, Parsec is one of those multichrome shades with amazing pink, gold, turquoise, lilac flip and Aurora is another amazing multichrome with blue, pink and green shift. Those multichromes give your eyes so much dimension. All of these have some fallout as you apply them, so fingers work best, if you want minimal clean up from those metallic shades, but they have amazing pigmentation and are so easy to apply. The pans are nice size as well.

Viseart Petites Mattes Neutral

I've already depotted this one to another palette where I already have two Viseart palettes (Warm Edit and Paris Edit). I've had this on my list to buy for a while. It's the base to all eye makeups, if you do makeup on others. All matte neutral to cool to warm browns, beiges, whites and greys. It's the perfect base for any eye makeup and the quality of their eyeshadows is always amazing. I love petite format, because it means I can use it up and they are so easy to depot into another empty palette. They blend like a dream, are pigmented and last well. Viseart is one of my favorite eyeshadow brands. 

Essence The Blush 90 Bedazzling

I'll finish this post with an affordable drugstore product. This is such a nice drugstore find. It's soft powder blush with matte finish that is easy to apply and it lasts fairly well. I love the shade, because it's like a light rusty peach. It pairs so well with very neutral and natural makeup looks. It's not too warm and also not too bright, almost a bit muted. I love it. 

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