Review: CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Face Mask

CurrentBody has a huge selection of every possible beauty device you may ever need. They are based in UK, but ship pretty much everywhere. They specialize in at-home treatments from LED to microcurrent, laser and many more. The range of brands they offer is huge, some that are very well known to me are FOREO (I also have some devices from), NuFace and Dermaflash. 

CurrentBody also has its own brand of beauty devices and I was testing their LED Light Therapy Face Mask.


The mask comes in a beautiful box that contains LED mask, strap which helps you put it on, controller so you can turn it off and on, comfort goggles to protect the eyes, USB-C charging cable, user manual and storage bag.

I love the fact you can store mask in a soft fabric string bag, so it's protected and you can put it away plus you don't loose anything. Comfort goggles are to be put on your eyes while you are using it, but they are plastic and not that comfortable so I just close my eyes and don't use goggles.

Controller has an off/on button and a small light indicator showing you how charged it is and when you need to charge it soon. I will say that was the only thing that bothered me. Controller is basically a "power bank", but it takes very long to fully charge (I leave it charging all through the night, though they say it takes from 6 to 8 hours). So a stronger battery would be nicer, but this one can give you about 7 uses before you need to recharge it. Controller is light enough so it doesn't bother you or the design itself. You can charge it with any USB-C charger that you may have from your phone. 

LED Mask is made of flexible silicon that moves well, but is still thick enough so you are not scared to harm it. On one side you have CurrentBody design and on the other side there is 132 LED bulbs emitting red and infrared spectrum of light. You can use strap to secure the mask around your head so it stays in place.


It's the number one selling LED mask and 31% more powerful than any other LED mask. It's FDA-cleared and clinically proven to reduce wrinkles in just 4 weeks. It uses its trademarked PillowTechnology to diffuse light and ensure maximum skin coverage.

If the mask looks familiar to you, you might have seen in it in Emily in Paris where Emily uses it in one of the episodes. It's a brand also used by celebrities and their skin experts to prep them for major event - Kourtney Kardashian being just one of them.

CurrentBody LED Mask uses only clinically proven wavelengths to reach up to 4cm of skin tissue to stimulate the cells from within. It basically delivers the same results as professional salon machines. It's safe an pain free to use and you are not at risk of overexposing your skin. 

From 132 LED bulbs, 66 give red light (633 nm) and 66 give near-infrared light (830 nm). Visible light is usually defined as having wavelengths of 400 to 700 nanometers - by which light is being measured. 

Red light waves accelerate the production of new collagen, calms redness while creating an even skin tone. Near-infrared waves work beneath the skin's surface to boost blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the cells. 

PillowTechnology is their trademarked technology that delivers complete skin coverage. Regular LED devices have poof light distribution, but PillowTechnology provides and even coverage on the skin's surface, leaving no gaps. This means skin cells can effectively absorb the maximum amount of beneficial light energy for the best results possible. 

Good LED light should cover 4 factors for optimal result: power (how much light comes into the skin), precision (optimal wavelength to activate cells to rejuvenate), coverage (optimal coverage on the skin throughout the treatment) and duration (calculated based on power, precision and coverage to be effective and safe).

They have optimized treatment duration so that it lasts 10 minutes and after 10 minutes LED mask turns off itself. You can use it 3 to 5 times a week. CurrentBody LED Face Mask is proven to be at least 31% more powerful and effective than any other at-home red and near-infrared LED mask on the market. 


It's best to be used on skin that doesn't have any product on, because skincare or makeup can block light coming through. I usually use it in the morning after washing my face or in the evening when I take my makeup off and before I put my evening skincare on. 

You can use it 3 to 5 times a week. I tried to use it 5 times a week so I memorized the days when I use it - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Once you turn it on LED bulbs turn red and you can lay down or sit and enjoy the treatment. I have to say this was the most peaceful time in my day these moths. I usually used it for a quick meditation and breathing exercises. After 10 minutes the mask turns itself off and you can remove it. They don't recommend using it for more than 10 minutes, because there won't be any additional benefits. 

You can wipe the mask off with something water-based. I usually just use damp towel. This will keep the mask clean and help the LEDs to shine bright.

The mask itself is pretty comfortable to wear. The only part that bothered me a little was the nose part. I have a huge nose, so that might be why and when I lay down the mask puts a lot of pressure on my nose. By sitting up this isn't a problem. 

I will admit I also used it on palms where I have eczema. Story time. I came across LED light therapy many years ago when I was researching treatments for eczema and red light therapy was very recommended and even clinically proven. Some doctors offered these treatments in their clinics and saw great results. So I dove into research and was so happy to finally try it now as well on my hands. CurrentBody actually has Skin LED Hand Perfector which is designed especially for your hands. They also have a really interesting red light therapy device for hair regrowth, as well as for neck, around the eyes and even for lips.


I am 34 years old and I definitely see my fine lines around the eyes becoming more prominent. I have two horizontal wrinkles on my forehead which have become a lot more prominent in the last couple of years and I have also notices my smile lines becoming deeper. 

I have combination skin which means my skin is very oily in the summer, but can get dehydrated in the winter. I have larger pores around my nose. Around my mouth I have some sallow skin which looks darker and more yellow toned. I have occasional breakouts and in general have sensitive skin as well though not any visible redness or flakiness. I have to regularly cleanse, because I wear a lot of makeup and because of my oiliness can get clogged pores.

I have been using this face mask for 3 months now and I have used it at least 3 times a week mostly 5 times a week. I haven't been using any retinol product in the meantime and I've also stopped using Vitamin C products just to really observe what this mask did to my skin.

I started using it as soon as I came home from my short trip to the sea and whenever I come from vacation, I usually get a lot of breakouts, because of the heavy SPF application, sweat and salty water. This time was no different. So I immediately got to see the benefits of this LED mask. The breakouts were less inflamed, they took quicker to heal and blemish marks needed less time to be completely gone. 

From left to right: Before using LED mask, after a month of use, after three months of use

Upper photo: Forehead lines before using LED and bottom photo after 3 months of using it

I wish I had taken better before and after photos, but I can tell my two forehead lines are less deep and look to be shorter. The same happened with my smile lines. I was observing that they are a lot less visible especially when I wear makeup and some day they don't look like they are there at all. Now those smile lines on the bottom of my eyes are still deep, but the side fine lines have gone much less visible and you can see the one in the bottom got shorter as well

Upper photo is before using LED mask and bottom is after 3 months of use

I have noticed that my skin in general looks more even toned, though my sallow skin around the mouth is till there, but definitely there is less contrast between it and the rest of the skin. I found that this sallow skin can only be helped with Vitamin C serum so far. 

I also noticed that my red patch between my brows vanished. This was one of those things that always bothered me and I always put concealer on it. But lately I don't even have to, because it's not visible. 

The biggest difference is definitely in the way my skin feels. It's probably the softest it has been so far. Even my boyfriend commented on how soft my skin feels these days. It feels and looks plumped and well hydrated even when I don't have my skincare on. Since using this mask I never had a problem with any texture and even my hormonal breakouts were much more manageable, especially because the blemishes weren't as deep as they used to be and surprisingly not as inflamed and angry at me. I also haven't had any redness or irritation on my skin since using it. And let me say I used bare minimum of skin care in July and August, because it was so hot. 

I feel like my skin tone finally looks more even and balanced, is soft, plump and looks hydrated so I don't have to use a ton of skincare and I can finally manage my blemishes quicker and more efficiently these days. 

Btw all photos are completely unedited. Hence the different lighting and tone of my face. I really wanted to post them as they are so you can see the difference in texture as well. 

Difference in how my makeup looks through the 3 months of LED mask use

There are several clinically proven studies on LED light therapy and how well it works, but it's like with everything, you just have to try it for yourself to see. I feel like CurrentBody LED Face Mask definitely gives your skin that extra, that at-home professional treatment benefits that you can use at home on your own terms. And 10 minutes a day is nothing, that's the perfect amount of time to take some breather. 

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Face Mask costs 352€, but with my code ADJUSTINGBEAUTY you can get 15% off, which means the price for you will be 299.20€. I think that is a good saving and worth considering, if you were ever trying to buy this type of device than I definitely recommend you to try this one. You can also go on their page to see more amazing results from other users.

CurrentBody Skin Hydrogel Face Mask

CurrentBody also makes skin care and I was sent their Hydrogel Face Masks. It's that gel type of mask that is quite delicate to use. It comes in two halves, one for the upper part of the face and one for the lower. There is a lot of essence in it and it does feel plumping, but still sort of light in a way. My skin sometimes felt a bit stingy after I used it. I'm not sure, if one of the ingredients didn't agree with me or what else. 

The fit of the mask is nice and I love the hydrogel that clings to the skin so you can do other things while wearing it. But in general, it's quite basic. It didn't felt super nourishing. I guess what I am trying to say, I've tried better sheet masks.

You can buy all CurrentBody products on their online store. And with the discount code ADJUSTINGBEAUTY you get 15% off on all CurrentBody devices, not just the LED Mask. And they have some really nice selection of devices anything from LED for every part of your body to radio frequency tightening device.

*Product was sent to me. 

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