February 2023 Favorites

Skin 1004 Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil

I have quite a collection of Asian skin care that I have loved using and am planning on doing a post about it. This will be in it as well. I love this cleansing oil. It's sort of lightweight and does a good job of removing even long lasting and waterproof makeup. It has great packaging and soothing scent. You don't need a lot to remove makeup. With water it turns into milk and washes off, leaving your skin velvet, but without any greasy layer. I am on my second bottle now and I'm sure I'll buy more in the future.

Pyunkang Yul Low pH Pore Deep Cleansing Foam

I am always hesitant to invest into cleansing products, because you wash them off and I never felt like investing in them. Cheaper drugstore brands did it for me. But oh boy, do I like this one. It's a very firm cream, which surprisingly comes out of the tube easily and you need literally just a pea size for your whole face and neck. Then I get some water on it and rub my hands to create a foam. It feels so lovely on the face, sort of velvet and it leaves my skin soft and smooth after I wash it off. It does a really good job of cleaning the pores and keeping skin smooth. It's gentle and I never had any irritations with it. Apparently it contains some natural AHAs and it really helps with keeping skin clear. I also love centella asiatica and hyalrunoci acid in the formula. It has very mild scent, but it's not scented. 

Another Asian skin care that I have loved for a couple of months already. I have full review already. It's basically vegan alternative to snail mucin and it's light gel like serum with plenty of amazing ingredients to moisturize and nourish the skin. I've had my best skin day whenever I used this in combination with Tea Tree Gel. And I absolutely love that it's fragrance free. 

This is the perfect gel moisturizer for anyone that hates heavy creams, has oily skin or tend to have oily t-zone. I am sort of saving it for summer now, because I know it will be the best moisturizer for hot weather. It has tea tree as well as centella asiatica and is just great for keeping the pores clean and controlling sebum. It also wear lovely under makeup and again no scent, which I love.


I am currently testing another FOREO device and I am enjoying the routine I have with it now. It's what they describe as facial fitness. It is medical microcurrent device with anti-shock system and T-sonic pulsation. I gives you anti-aging treatment because it firms and removes wrinkles by energizing and firming facial and neck muscles. I also have their hyaluronic serum that is lovely to use with, because it provides for a moisturized and smooth surface for Bear to glide on. Device can be app controlled and you can use preprogrammed treatments or create your own. I have to say the first use was hilarious. I felt a little tingle everywhere, but on my forehead especially I felt my nerves twitch all the way back to my brain. I realized I have highly sensitive nerves on certain places. You can use 10 levels of microcurrent. I've only come up to level 3 so far. I am most looking forward to seeing the contours of my face to firm up. One side of my face is naturally lower and more sagging and I tend to treat it with Bear longer than the other side. After the use you see immediate difference, but I plan on using it for at least a month or two and then I will show you results. So far, it's very fun. 

Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil 36 O-live You and 02 Hot Chocolate

I still haven't seen the new product from Essence in my drugstore, but I did see the discontinued one and shade 36 is apparently. I got it, because I loved deeper olive shade and it's so nice. Formula on these is creamy and nicely pigmented. They can be smudges, but after a while they set and don't move. There is a bit of transfer, if you have very oily lids or hooded eyes. I love to use them as a pop of color for eyeliner or even as a base for eyeshadows on the outer corner and really smudge it out like a smoky eyes. Brown shade is deeper chocolate brown and it looks much more subtle than a harsh black. I believe it's still sold. It's a nice formula and a very affordable one.

Avon Cream Legend Lipstick Adore

You already know I love Avon lipstick formulas, well most of at least. This is another great creamy formula with good pigmentation and a nice sheen. I have it in shade Iconic already, but Adore is much more paler brown nude. It feels almost a bit more cool toned in a way. It can be too pale for when I have a tan, but now in winter it's perfect for that neutral nude look. I love to pair it with darker lip liners and this in the center for that super nude lip. 

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