March 2023 Favorites


Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing 

I have tried a few cleansing oils by now and since I use them up so fast, because I wear makeup daily, I decided to try a bit cheaper one this time. Kose cleansing oil is slightly thicker than for example Skin1004 or Hada Labo one, but it removes long lasting makeup and emulsifies into a milk. I always continue with the second foam or gel cleanser, so I like this oil. It does what it's suppose to.

I am on the last drops of this. This was such a nice hydrating and soothing almost essence type of product. Very light and great to use right after cleansing to rebalance the skin and give it back moisture. I love that it's unscented and has so many good ingredients for skin barrier. 

Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV SPF50+ PA++++

This is currently my favorite SPF for when the weather gets warmer and my skin starts to get more oily. It's very lightweight cream that soaks into the skin fast and doesn't make my skin look or feel greasy. It's a nice base under the makeup and it doesn't leave any white cast, as most Asian SPFs.

I have been using combination of both for my daily makeup routine. There's just something about BB creams...they always sit so well on the skin, because they combine skincare and makeup in one. My base never looks cakey or overdone, but it covers well and combination of both gives me perfect color, because Missha is more grey and Paese is more yellow warm. Both have great coverage and natural finish.

Etude House primer is my replacement for Urban Decay Primer Potion eyeshadow primer. It has that same transparent silicon base, but it's a tad more liquid, so it doesn't stick as well as Urban Decay one. I just wait for it to set a bit before applying eyeshadows and it helps to prolong the wear of them for sure. Plus they apply smooth on the lid.

A very liquid sort of matte lipstick, but it almost feels a bit like a stain, because the formula is thinner. It still feels a bit like matte liquid lipstick, but it's just a tad more wearable. However, it's not as long lasting. I have been using it this month as a liquid blush, because shade 23 is that perfect muddy muted mauve pink that just works with any makeup look. Plus it's a bit sheerer to it looks more natural on the cheeks.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Pillow Talk

At first I thought this was kind of light on me - but that was when I still had a lot of summer than. Now that I am back to my winter complexion this is a very nice light pink nude shade on me. It has that muted sort of brownish tone to it, but it's definitely more pink, a very wearable one. It goes with pretty much anything and this kind of matte formula is comfortable to wear.

My hair has grown quite a bit in the past few months. Usually I keep it around long bob length, but it's was past it. And as soon as my hair gets longer it also gets more tangled and damaged. That's when I start to use Joico K-Pak Liquid Reconstructor after every wash. It makes my hair very easy to detangle and brush, it makes them feel super soft, hydrated and they look more healthy. I love K-Pak range in general.

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